Dell Unity Deploy 2023 v1.0 (D-UN-DY-23)

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What are two prerequisites when creating host configuration for NFS client? (Choose two.)

  • A. Tenant information
  • B. Network Address
  • C. Subnet access
  • D. Hostname

Answer : BC

A storage administrator has a Dell Unity XT 480 system with one pool of flash drives, 192 GB of RAM, and 1.2 TB of FAST Cache.
What is the total cache availability for caching the flash drives?

  • A. 3.2 TB
  • B. 1.39 TB
  • C. 3.58 TB
  • D. 6.0 TB

Answer : A

Which feature can be configured for a Dell Unity XT file system NFS share?

  • A. Access-Based Enumeration
  • B. Protocol Encryption
  • C. Host Access Level
  • D. Distributed File System

Answer : C

Which are two features of the Dell UnityVSA? (Choose two.)

  • A. NVMe Connectivity
  • B. iSCSI Connectivity
  • C. Asynchronous Replication
  • D. FC Connectivity
  • E. Dynamic Pools

Answer : BC

Which firewall ports are required to be open for a successful outbound connection when configuring integrated secure connect gateway?

  • A. 80 and 443
  • B. 9443 and 443
  • C. 443 and 8443
  • D. 80 and 9443

Answer : C

What does the Dell Unity XT system do after a NAS server starts outbound traffic to an external service?

  • A. Uses the active production interface
  • B. Creates an active interface buffer cache in DRAM
  • C. Selects interfaces that are based on advance static routes
  • D. Uses Packet Reflect for outbound communication

Answer : D

What is the purpose of a Proxy NAS server?

  • A. Access snapshot replicas on the destination side of a replicated file resource.
  • B. Increase performance for shared network connections that access NAS servers.
  • C. Increase security of production NAS servers.
  • D. Access snapshots for testing production NAS servers.

Answer : A

An administrator notices that the communications between Unisphere and the storage system get interrupted.
Which service task should the administrator perform to fix the issue with minimal impact?

  • A. Restart Management Software
  • B. Reinitialize
  • C. Enable SSH
  • D. Reboot Storage Processor

Answer : A

A company needs to expand their dynamic pool by 10 TB. The current dynamic pool consists of 63 7.6 TB SSD drives that are configured for RAID 5 (12+1).
What is the minimum number of drives needed for the pool expansion?

  • A. 1
  • B. 15
  • C. 13
  • D. 2

Answer : C

What is the maximum number of drives on a traditional RAID Group?

  • A. 64 drives
  • B. 16 drives
  • C. 8 drives
  • D. 32 drives

Answer : B

Which are two ways to create an asynchronous replication session for a NAS server? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use NAS server properties.
  • B. Create replication connect.
  • C. Use the NAS server wizard.
  • D. Create replication interface.

Answer : AC

Which snapshot option is set automatically when a Pool is configured?

  • A. Total Pool Consumption
  • B. Pool Automatic Deletion Policy
  • C. Snapshot Pool Consumption

Answer : B

A company has an ESXi host installed with FC HBAs that is connected to a Dell Unity XT storage array. A 500 GB LUN is provisioned to this host from the Unity array and is in production. The VMware administrator has configured a new vSwitch with the NICs on the server intended for iSCSI traffic. The storage administrator is asked to configure software iSCSI and provision a new 1 TB LUN from the storage array using iSCSI.
What is a consideration when satisfying this request?

  • A. Two iSCSI target interfaces must be configured with IP addresses from separate subnets.
  • B. Any single host should connect to any single array using one protocol only.
  • C. A connection must be established between the host iSCSI initiators and Unity iSCSI targets before provisioning the new LUN.

Answer : B

What is the maximum time difference allowed between the current system time (UTC) and the NTP server time during the initial configuration of a Dell Unity system?

  • A. 17 min
  • B. 7 min
  • C. 5 min
  • D. 15 min

Answer : A

Which two actions are recommended according to best practices when connecting iSCSI host to a Dell Unity XT system? (Choose two.)

  • A. Manually register host on storage array.
  • B. Use standard NIC for iSCSI.
  • C. Interfaces should be on separate subnets.
  • D. Use private network for iSCSI interfaces.

Answer : CD

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