Certified OmniStudio Developer v1.0 (Certified OmniStudio Developer)

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A developer is building an OmniScript and needs to save data to Salesforce and to an AWS Order Management system.

Which OmniScript element could save all of this data?

  • A. DataRaptor Post Action
  • B. Integration Procedure Action
  • C. HTTP Action
  • D. DataRaptor Load Action

Answer : B

An OmniScript updates data from one Salesforce record, but when it completes, only some of the data is updated in Salesforce. A DataRaptor Load saves the data. What error could cause this behavior? (Choose two.)

  • A. ContextID is misspelled in the merge code that passes the RecordId to the DataRaptor.
  • B. The Input JSON paths in the DataRaptor Load do not match the JSON sent from the OmniScript.
  • C. In the DataRaptor Load, in the preview tab, the RecordId is from the wrong record type.
  • D. The fields that are not updated are read only in Salesforce.

Answer : AB

Refer to the exhibit below. In this Integration Procedure structure, what Send JSON Path would be used to send the output of the Action1 element to a Remote Action?

  • A. Action1:BlockB:BlockA
  • B. BlockA:BlockB:Action1
  • C. Action1.BlockB.BlockA
  • D. BlockA.BlockB.Action1

Answer : C

An OmniScript displays data from an API using an Integration Procedure, but some of the data is missing.

Which two configuration errors could cause this? (Choose two.)

  • A. The missing data is trimmed in the Integration Procedure Action Response JSON Path.
  • B. The JSON sent from the Integration Procedure Action does not match any of the Original Input for the Integration Procedure.
  • C. The element name for the missing data does not match the JSON node key in the Integration Procedure Response.
  • D. The Integration Procedure Preview Input Parameters do not match the JSON sent from the OmniScript.

Answer : AC

A developer needs to build a DataRaptor Transform to send current weather to both an OmniScript and Card Layout. Which of these samples would be valid for the Expected Output JSON?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer : B

Refer to the exhibit below. The card layout uses an Integration Procedure as a data source. The cards use the layout data source.

Which JSON data structure supports this card layout and follows best practices?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer : D

A developer creates an OmniScript to update billing information. After analyzing the different types of customer interactions that occur at the company, the developer determines updating billing information should be included in the majority of customer interactions.

What should the developer use to configure the action that invokes the OmniScript?

  • A. OmniScript Action
  • B. Custom Action
  • C. Lightning Action

Answer : B

Why would a developer clone an Integration Procedure instead of versioning it?

  • A. The new Integration Procedure Is replacing stub data.
  • B. The new Integration Procedure will be used independently.
  • C. The new Integration Procedure uses a Cache Block.
  • D. The new Integration Procedure is Chainable.

Answer : B

Refer to the exhibit below. A developer has configured an Integration Procedure element with SEND/RESPONSE TRANSFORMATIONS as shown.

Alternatively, how could the developer configure Additional Input to send exactly the same data? Assume that the developer checked Send Only Additional Input.

  • A. Key Value
    SecondaryAccount DRExtractAction:Account
  • B. Key Value
    SecondaryAccount %DRExtractAction:Account%
  • C. Key Value
    DRExtractAction:Account SecondaryAccount
  • D. Key Value
    %DRExtractAction:Account% SecondaryAccount

Answer : C

Refer to the following row-versioned decision matrix.

The developer needs to delete the row that contains the Code CA-SF.

If the developer deletes that row in Version 3, what is the result?

  • A. The row is deleted in all versions.
  • B. The row is deleted in Versions 2 and 3 but will remain in Version 1.
  • C. The row is deleted only in Version 3.
  • D. The row is deleted in Version 3 and Version 1.

Answer : C

A developer examines data received from an external data source. The data is nested two levels down in the JSON structure.

Which OmniStudio tool could the developer use to simplify this data?

  • A. A DataRaptor Transform
  • B. An HTTP Action Element
  • C. A guided workflow
  • D. An Integration Procedure

Answer : A

A developer needs to use the COUNTIF function to process data entered by the user in an OmniScript. The output of the function needs to be displayed to the user immediately in the current step.

Based on best practice, what element should the developer use this function in?

  • A. A Set Values element
  • B. A Range element
  • C. A Formula element

Answer : C

A developer configures a FlexCard with a DataRaptor data source that uses the params.id as an input. When the developer clicks View Data on the FlexCard, valid data displays. However, when the developer previews the layout, the FlexCard does not display. What could cause this error? (Choose two.)

  • A. The RecordId in the Test Data Source Settings is for the wrong record type.
  • B. The Attributes haven’t been configured to pass the data to the fields.
  • C. There is no Salesforce record for the FlexCard based on the RecordId in the layout’s Test Data Source Settings.
  • D. The Data Node field for the FlexCard is empty.

Answer : AB

A developer is configuring the API URL in an HTTP Action element within an Integration Procedure.

What is the merge code syntax for passing a Date node from an element named SetValues in the URL?

  • A. %SetValues:Date%
  • B. ['SetValues']['Date']
  • C. %SetValues.Date%
  • D. {{SetValues.Date}}

Answer : C

A developer is building an OmniScript and needs to retrieve data from Salesforce and from an on-premises billing database.

Which two OmniScript elements could retrieve this data? (Choose two.)

  • A. HTTP Action
  • B. Response Action
  • C. Navigate Action
  • D. DataRaptor Extract Action

Answer : AD

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