Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist v1.0 (Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist)

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A 15-person management team wants to review test emails in Content Builder prior to live deployment based on content that is personalized for them, but is clearly noted as a test email.
What is the safest, most effective way for a marketer to accomplish this task without compromising the email content?

  • A. Create a Test data extension composed of the management team and Test Send to the Test data extension.
  • B. Create a list composed of the management team, prepend ג€Testג€ to the Subject, and use the Send Flow to send the email to the list.
  • C. Find each individual with Subscriber Preview and Test Send to each individual Recipient.
  • D. Create a data extension composed of the management team, create a User-Initiated Send Definition, select the email, prepend ג€Testג€ to the Subject, select the data extension, and send the email.

Answer : B

A customer wants to automate nightly imports and also have the ability to manually import files via the Import Wizard.
What should be configured in the Marketing Cloud account?

  • A. File Transfer
  • B. Data Loader
  • C. Enhanced SFTP
  • D. Encrypted SFTP

Answer : C

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) launched a new custom Preference Center to allow customers to provide details around their personal information such as age, gender, and outdoor sporting interests.
In which two ways should NTO honor customersג€™ preferences when creating emails? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create dynamic rules based on customersג€™ preferences in order to send specific content.
  • B. Use AMPscript to dynamically pull in content associated with customersג€™ preferences.
  • C. Send customers one email per preference choice to ensure customers receive what they want.
  • D. Create emails to include all preference options so that customers donג€™t miss any content.

Answer : AB

Northern Trail Outfitters sent three different emails as part of a seasonal campaign and would like to compare the open and click-through rates across the emails.
Which feature will enable this?

  • A. Include Measures within a Filter
  • B. Email Comparison Report
  • C. Email Send Report
  • D. Compare Email Sends on the Tracking page

Answer : D

A marketer plans to send a Commercial email.
Which two criteria should be met to ensure compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act? (Choose two.)

  • A. Include a phone number to call.
  • B. Include the mailing address of the sender.
  • C. Ensure an opt-out link is present.
  • D. State why the subscriber is receiving the email.

Answer : BC

A marketing manager wants to provide unique content to each customer in an upcoming email campaign.
Which three features could be used to create individualized content in the email? (Choose three.)

  • A. Einstein content
  • B. Dynamic content
  • C. Specialized content
  • D. Audience segmentation
  • E. Personalization strings

Answer : ABE

The marketing manager of Northern Trail Outfitters is interested in A/B testing emails in order to increase subscriber engagement.
Which two practices should be used? (Choose two.)

  • A. Offer a special discount for opening the email.
  • B. Use a large sample size.
  • C. Wait at least 24 hours before declaring a winner.
  • D. Test multiple variations concurrently.

Answer : BC

An email marketing team is setting up a campaign to message customers who register for an event. The registration data is being gathered in another system and will be passed to Marketing Cloud daily, and updates made to the customersג€™ registration information will be reflected in the same file.
How should the import of event registration data be configured?

  • A. Use the Import Activity to overwrite the records in the data extension.
  • B. Use the Import Wizard to add new records into the data extension.
  • C. Use the Import Wizard to overwrite the records in the data extension.
  • D. Use the Import Activity to add new records into the data extension.

Answer : A

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants its emails to render uniquely between mobile and desktop devices. NTO would like the emails to be responsive.
Which two techniques could be used? (Choose two.)

  • A. Include @media query CSS in the email.
  • B. Include style=ג€display:blockג€ on all images.
  • C. Use a Basic, Empty, or Themed Template in Content Builder.
  • D. Use inline CSS styling on all HTML elements.

Answer : AD

A marketing team wants to create an automation that can take a population, evaluate its subscriber data, and send a series of emails. The emails received may vary based on each subscriberג€™s engagement with previous emails in the automation.
Which tool should a team with no SQL knowledge or support use?

  • A. Predictive Email
  • B. Scheduled Email Sends
  • C. Automation Studio
  • D. Journey Builder

Answer : A

The marketing team at a bank needs to receive a file of all subscribers who were sent payment reminder emails and opened them each week. The file needs to be encrypted and placed on the bankג€™s external SFTP.
How should the scheduled automation be configured to achieve this?

  • A. Filter Activity > File Transfer Activity > Data Extract Activity
  • B. Filter Activity > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity
  • C. SQL Query Activity > Data Extract Activity > File Transfer Activity
  • D. Data Extract Activity > SQL Query Activity > File Transfer Activity

Answer : C

Northern Trail Outfitters uses HTML emails that have headers and footers coded into the email.
What tool can the marketer use to control default headers and footers on email sends?

  • A. AMPscript Lookups
  • B. Dynamic Content
  • C. Sender Profile
  • D. Delivery Profile

Answer : D

A marketing team needs to narrow down a customer population of several million subscribers based on eCommerce order details, and rapidly explore the data to find appropriate segments.
What tool should the marketing team use?

  • A. Profile attributes
  • B. Filters
  • C. Audience Builder
  • D. Data Extract Activity

Answer : C

Which two features can be inserted into the code using a system-defined code snippet when creating a custom HTML Paste Email within Content Builder?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Link Tooltip
  • B. Stored Content Boxes
  • C. Track Email Opens
  • D. Physical Mailing Address

Answer : CD

A retailer has been gathering email addresses in-store by asking customers to enter their email addresses at checkout to receive promotional emails. Upon sending to these addresses, many bounce because they are not valid. The marketing team would like to implement an acquisition strategy to address this.
Which strategy should be used?

  • A. Double Opt-In
  • B. Website Signups
  • C. List Detective
  • D. Single Opt-In

Answer : A

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