Certified Experience Cloud Consultant v1.0 (Certified Experience Cloud Consultant)

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By defining roles, permission sets, or profiles, Knowledge article visibility can be controlled by using which functionality?

  • A. Data Category Visibility
  • B. Content Management
  • C. Automatic Topic Assignment
  • D. Org-Wide Defaults

Answer : A

Cloud kicks (CK) wants to organize content on its site so that users can easily search and browse for information.
Which three features should CK use to accomplish this goal? (Choose three.)

  • A. Navigation Tree
  • B. Content Graph
  • C. Navigational Topics
  • D. Content Topics
  • E. Featured Topics

Answer : ADE

Ursa Major Solar created a public knowledge base where both authenticated customers and unauthenticated guest users can view Knowledge articles as a self-service option to troubleshoot issues.
When creating a Knowledge article, which checkbox should be selected so that all users can view the articles?

  • A. Visible to Partner
  • B. Visible to Anyone
  • C. Visible to Customer
  • D. Visible to Public Knowledge Base

Answer : D

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) has business and person accounts in its Salesforce org. UMS has partner portals created for its Silver partners, DreamHouse Realty (DR) and Cloud Kicks (CK).
UMS’s Implementation team is creating users for its partners. DR and CK users do not require access to opportunities, leads, and campaigns.
What are the two considerations for creating partner users and granting access? (Choose two.)

  • A. Only person accounts can be created as partner users.
  • B. Only business accounts can be created as partner users.
  • C. Assign Customer Community Plus license to partner users.
  • D. Assign Partner Community license to partner users.

Answer : CD

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) recently went through a major rebranding effort that resulted in a new company logo along with new brand colors. UMS wants to update brand colors across all of its sites. The sites are built with Experience Cloud site templates.
Which tool should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend to make these changes?

  • A. ExperienceBundle
  • B. Lightning Builder
  • C. Experience Cloud Script Master
  • D. Site Builder

Answer : A

An Experience site is built in an Unlimited org. Some of the pages within the site are exposed to guest users.

How many page views are allowed per month?

  • A. 1 million
  • B. 100,000
  • C. 500,000
  • D. 5 million

Answer : B

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) works with local installation companies. The installers need to collaborate with their co-workers as well as with UMS staff.

Which user visibility setting needs to be enabled at a minimum?

  • A. Community User Visibility
  • B. Guest User Visibility
  • C. Site User Visibility
  • D. Portal User Visibility

Answer : C

The system administrator at Dreamhouse Realty (DR) is giving Experience Builder access to two colleagues who will be responsible for creating and managing new microsites. One contributor needs to create and customize the site, but not publish it. The other colleague is tasked with adding contributors and publishing the final site.

Which Experience Builder roles should the system administrator grant?

  • A. Builder and Experience Admin
  • B. Viewer and Publisher
  • C. Experience Admin and Publisher
  • D. Publisher and Builder

Answer : C

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to use its existing single sign-on (SSO) Identity Provider with its new Experience Cloud site.

CK wants to use the Just-in-Time Provisioning feature for Experience Cloud.

Which value is required in the user type?

  • A. Entity ID
  • B. Standard
  • C. Federation ID
  • D. Username

Answer : C

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) is evaluating Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM) to help improve its current channel sales performance.

In which two ways can Salesforce PRM help UMS accelerate channel sales? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use partner tiering in channel sales hierarchy
  • B. Extend automated quoting capabilities to partners
  • C. Automate partner entitlement assignment in Channel Sales teams
  • D. Enable partner lead routing

Answer : AB

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) has a discussion thread on its Experience Cloud site for customers to provide feedback on the company’s latest product release. To help ensure new members understand what the discussion thread is meant for and to monitor their first posts, UMS would like to approve the first post of any new member who has joined within 7 days or less.

What is needed to configure this?

  • A. Create a Community moderator with Delete permissions.
  • B. Create a Community moderator with Approval permissions.
  • C. Create a moderation rule with the appropriate content criteria.
  • D. Create a moderation rule with the appropriate member criteria.

Answer : D

Get Cloudy Consulting wants to leverage Metadata API for migrating changes between environments.

What are the three key features of Metadata API? (Choose three.)

  • A. Metadata API is ideal for when the changes are complex.
  • B. Metadata API supports migrating all site settings and features.
  • C. Metadata API is ideal when multiple work streams are involved.
  • D. Metadata API can be used programmatically as well as declaratively.
  • E. Metadata API might require manual migration for changes that involve unsupported settings and features.

Answer : ABD

Universal Containers is implementing a customer community.

What sharing mechanism should be used to allow customers to view their own cases even after those cases are assigned to a support agent?

  • A. Sharing Map and custom permission set
  • B. Sharing Set
  • C. Case co-ownership using Super User access
  • D. OWD and Apex Sharing

Answer : B

AW Computing wants to create a site that gives customers access to Knowledge articles and peer-to-peer conversations, with the aim of decreasing the number of calls to its support organization.

What should AW Computing do to accomplish this goal?

  • A. Open its Slack implementation to all customers
  • B. Create a site with the Customer Service template
  • C. Create a site with the Marketing Microsite template
  • D. Give access to its internal orgs using Chatter groups

Answer : B

The Universal Containers Experience Cloud admin needs to move a site from one production org to another production org that it is not directly connected to.

What is the recommended choice for moving the site from one org to the other?

  • A. Deployment via Metadata API
  • B. Lightning Bolt Export and Installation
  • C. Publication via Experience Builder
  • D. Deployment via Change Set

Answer : A

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