Certified Community Cloud Consultant v1.0 (Certified Community Cloud Consultant)

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Universal Containers has a Community for their partners. They would like to add a new partner company and grant their users access to the Community.
What is the first step the Salesforce Admin must complete to set up the partner users?

  • A. Add partner contacts to the Community as members
  • B. Create the account and enable it as a partner account
  • C. Allow partner users to self-register and gain access
  • D. Create a partner profile for the company

Answer : D

Universal Containers needs to build a Partner Community that supports multiple business units by providing the following abilities:
✑ Each business unit can only collaborate with its partner network.
✑ Partners only see Knowledge articles and content specific to their business unit.
✑ Some business units allow partners to raise support cases.
✑ Some partners work with multiple business units.
How should a Salesforce Admin meet these requirements?

  • A. Build one Community and allow the partner profiles to be assigned based on the business unit.
  • B. Build one Community and segment partner visibility by turning off Community User Visibility.
  • C. Build a Community for each business unit and allow partners to have separate login credentials.
  • D. Build a Community for each business unit and assign partners to the relevant Communities.

Answer : D

As part of its recent efforts to improve brand recognition, Universal Containers had upgraded all of its Communities to use Lightning templates. The next step will be to unify the branding across all of these Communities.
What is an efficient way to accomplish this?

  • A. Ensure that all Community managers use the same CSS standards in all pages.
  • B. Create a standard theme that is used in all of the Communities.
  • C. Use a shared Bootstrap CSS file in all of the Communities.
  • D. Ensure that all Communities are only using standard Lightning Components.

Answer : B

Universal Containers (UC) is using Service Cloud to handle Cases coming from chat, phone, and emails. UC created a public self-service Community to offload some customer support questions by enabling Knowledge and Articles. UC wants users to be able to create a Case without logging in to the Community.
Which two features should the Administrator enable to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Web-to-Case
  • B. Email templates
  • C. Question-to-Case
  • D. Guest Access to the Support API

Answer : AD

Universal Containers has been using WordPress to publish product specifications, and using AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) for web assets. The VP of Sales wants to improve the Partner experience by making these resources available to Partners in their Community.
What should the Community Cloud consultant do to meet these requirements?

  • A. Use the native Content Transformation tool to convert the resources into Knowledge articles.
  • B. Create Knowledge articles that link to the relevant documents in both systems.
  • C. Consolidate work into WordPress and use CMS Connect in the Community.
  • D. Use CMS Connect to bring both sets of resources into the Community.

Answer : D

Northern Trail Outfitters launched a Community using the Customer Service template. Community users have requested quick access to the Projects custom object in the Community navigation. The Community user profile has Read access on this object.
Which three actions should a Community Cloud consultant take to fulfill this request? (Choose three.)

  • A. Define an External URL menu item type pointing to the Project list page.
  • B. Add a menu item to the Navigation Menu component.
  • C. Define a Salesforce Object menu item type for the Project object.
  • D. Select the list view that appears on the Project landing page.
  • E. Create a web tab for the Project object through Tabs in Setup.

Answer : ABC

Universal Containers has recently launched a Lightning Community for customers and partners. Internal teams have created Knowledge articles about company products and partner onboarding.
How should the Community Cloud consultant assign Topics so articles can be found easily on the Community?

  • A. Assign Topic categories to articles
  • B. Assign Data categories to Chatter profiles and map to Topics
  • C. Assign articles directly to Navigational Topics
  • D. Assign Data categories to articles and map to Topics

Answer : B

Universal Containers builds a self-service Community. They need to delegate moderation activities (e.g., removing flags) as well as editing and deleting content to certain members.
Which two things should the Salesforce Admin do to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Activate ג€Allow Members to Flagג€ for certain members.
  • B. Assign the ג€Moderate Communities Feedsג€ permission to these members.
  • C. Assign the ג€Moderate Communities Filesג€ permission to these members.
  • D. Activate a moderation rule for certain members.

Answer : AB

Universal Containers uses Customer Community licenses. One of its largest customers wants to run reports.
What license type will allow Universal Containers to meet this requirement?

  • A. Customer Community Plus
  • B. Lightning External Apps
  • C. High Volume Customer Portal
  • D. Portal Manager

Answer : A

Universal Containers (UC) has discovered a niche market of architects and builders using shipping containers to build both residential and commercial structures.
UC has decided to launch a Community with the following objectives:
✑ Encourage collaboration among the architects and builders.
Ensure that members have access to technical expertise about the structural capabilities and limitations of containers.

✑ Facilitate the exchange and discussion of design ideas.
The preliminary research suggests that 10,000 members can be expected in the first year.
Which three actions should the Admin take prior to launch? (Choose three.)

  • A. Set up reputation levels that help users to identify people with greater expertise and incentivize participation.
  • B. Establish moderation rules and processes for addressing flagged content.
  • C. Test the member profile permissions to make sure they are able to find and post relevant information.
  • D. Load test Chatter groups to make sure file and member counts wonג€™t be exceeded.
  • E. Make sure customers are members of only this architect and builder Community.

Answer : ACE

Universal Containers builds their customer Community on Customer Service Templates. They create several recommendations that are visible on the home page, including one for their annual conference event. After the event, the Salesforce Admin needs to remove the event recommendation.
Where should the Salesforce Admin delete the recommendation?

  • A. From the Experience Builder
  • B. From the All Communities setup page
  • C. From the Experience Workspaces
  • D. From the Community site

Answer : C

Universal Containers wants to create a Customer Community for their new product line with the following requirements:
✑ Use the Customer Service template.
✑ Track Community membersג€™ login countries.
✑ Display SharePoint documents for the customer.
✑ Display product documentation from Adobe Experience Manager.
Which three integrations would the Community Cloud consultant need to configure to meet these requirements? (Choose three.)

  • A. CMS Connect
  • B. Google Analytics
  • C. Salesforce Knowledge
  • D. SharePoint Web Services
  • E. Files Connect

Answer : ADE

Universal Containers will be implementing several Communities, and wants to ensure login uniqueness.
Which set of license types will enforce username uniqueness across all Salesforce organizations and Communities?

  • A. Partner Community and Lightning External Apps Plus
  • B. Lightning External Apps Plus and Lightning External Apps
  • C. Customer Community and Partner Community
  • D. Customer Community, Customer Community Plus, and Lightning External Apps

Answer : D

Universal Containers has the following requirements for its Partner Community:
✑ Three levels of role hierarchy for the partner users: Account Executive, Account Manager, and Account Sales Rep.
✑ The Partner Account Executive is able to see all of the Lead records visible to their team.
✑ The Partner Account Sales Rep is unable to see the Lead records owned by other Account Sales Reps, Account Managers, or Account Executives.
✑ Partners want to give some Account Sales Reps access to Lead records owned by other Account Sales Reps for the same partner account.
Which two steps should the Salesforce Administrator take to fulfill these requirements? (Choose two.)

  • A. Enable Super User access in Community Settings.
  • B. Enable Super User access in Community Management.
  • C. Enable Super User access to Contacts for users assigned to the Account Sales Rep role.
  • D. Enable Super User access to Contacts for users assigned to the Account Manager role.

Answer : AC

Universal Containers needs to add a page to their Customer Service Template-based Community. Authors will manually add the content to the page.
What should be the first step to add this page to the site?

  • A. Create a standard page
  • B. Create an object page
  • C. Clone an object page
  • D. Clone a standard page

Answer : A

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