Certified Implementation Specialist - IT Service Management v1.0 (CIS-ITSM)

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What module do you use to change the setting for the time between incident Resolution and Closure?

  • A. ITSM Properties
  • B. System Settings
  • C. Incident Settings
  • D. Incident Properties
  • E. Resolution Properties

Answer : D

By default, when using Inbound actions, what happens if an email is received which has an Incident watermark?

  • A. Incident SLA clock is un-paused
  • B. Incident record is updated, per the action's script
  • C. Auto-reply sent to sender, recommending they use Portal chat
  • D. Incident record is re-set to state = attention required

Answer : B

When using the Email Client, what is the difference between an Email Template and a Quick Message?

  • A. Email Templates are like forms that can be sent to the caller for completion; Quick Messages are primarily used by the Chat Bot
  • B. Email Template is defined and automatically applied when the email form launches; Quick Messages are defined and then can be manually applied by the user
  • C. Email Templates are included with ITSM; Quick Messages are new with Machine Learning
  • D. Email templates are defined by users with admin role; Quick Messages are defined by users with quick_message_admin role

Answer : B

Your customer wants incidents to close automatically 7 days after the incident is resolved. How do you meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  • A. Modify the Incident Lifecycle flow to trigger from the Resolved date instead of the Updated date
  • B. Update the incident_close UI action script
  • C. From the Incident Properties application, set Enable auto closure of incidents based on Resolution date to Yes
  • D. Modify the Incident Lifecycle flow to expire after 7 days

Answer : AD

What tools are available to the assignee to help resolve an Incident? (Choose two.)

  • A. Known Errors
  • B. Resolutions from similar incidents
  • C. CI Class Manager
  • D. Incident Overview Dashboard
  • E. Enterprise CMDB Dashboard

Answer : AB

Your customer wants to use the Service Catalog to generate task-based records for end-user inquiries. What Service Catalog capability can you use to generate these records?

  • A. Execution Plans
  • B. Content Items
  • C. Catalog Items
  • D. Record Producers

Answer : D

Which type of catalog item may be found in a Service Catalog?

  • A. Requested Items
  • B. Order guides
  • C. Categories
  • D. Execution Plans

Answer : B

From which table, is the Incident table extended?

  • A. Task [task]
  • B. Task [sn_task]
  • C. Ticket [ticket]
  • D. Work [sn_work]

Answer : A

What optional Incident table is extended from the Task table?

  • A. Child Incident [incident_child]
  • B. Major Incident [major_incident]
  • C. Incident Task [incident task]
  • D. Parent Incident [incident_parent]

Answer : C

Category and Subcategory values can be set manually on the Incident form. What are disadvantages of this approach? (Choose two.)

  • A. Too many options may confuse users and increase mis-categorization
  • B. Choices have no additional metadata to drive process
  • C. It is difficult to implement
  • D. It is not part of the baseline instance

Answer : AB

When using the baseline business rule, Populate Assignment Group based on CI/SO, what behavior would you expect on an Incident form? (Choose two.)

  • A. If selected CI does not have an Owner group, write the Support group from the Service Offering to the Assignment group field
  • B. If selected CI has a Support group, write that group to the Assignment group field
  • C. If selected CI has an Owner group, write that group to the Assignment group field
  • D. If selected CI does not have a Support group, write the Support group from the Service Offering to the Assignment group field

Answer : BD

On an incident record, where are the fields that appear on the caller lookup select box defined?

  • A. The Caller lookup field on the [user] table
  • B. The ref_ac_column attribute from the dictionary entry
  • C. The ref_contributions attribute on the caller lookup form
  • D. The form design of the caller lookup form

Answer : A

Where do you enable the Search as feature for an incident?

  • A. incident.deflection system property
  • B. Incident Properties application
  • C. Related Search Results table configuration
  • D. Incident form design

Answer : D

If the Assignment group is empty on an incident record, what happens when an agent that is a member of a single user groups clicks the Assign to me UI action?

  • A. The agent is prompted to select the Assignment group
  • B. The Assignment group field is populated with agent’s user group
  • C. An error is displayed indicating the Assignment group field must be populated before executing the Assign to me UI action
  • D. The Assignment group field remains empty

Answer : B

A problem record is the Parent to what record?

  • A. Known Error
  • B. Workaround
  • C. Major Incident
  • D. Problem Task
  • E. Related Incidents

Answer : D

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