Certified Implementation Specialist - Human Resources v1.0 (CIS-HR)

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Which of the following are predefined Dashboards that are installed with HR Case Management? (Choose three.)

  • A. Manager Dashboard
  • B. Overview
  • C. Workforce Administration Dashboard
  • D. Onboarding Dashboard
  • E. Employee Relations Cases Dashboard
  • F. HR Case Dashboard

Answer : ABD

ServiceNow has identified 3 maturity levels for an HR customer.
What are they?

  • A. Managed Interactions, Self-Reliance, Smart Services
  • B. Managed Interactions, Self-Help, Advanced Services
  • C. No automation, Self-reliance, Smart Services
  • D. Managed Interactions, Self-Reliance, Automated Services

Answer : A

When using the Generate HR Profiles module to create HR Profiles, what field must be completed to ensure the employees are granted the appropriate Client Role?

  • A. Employment type
  • B. Profile type
  • C. Employee type
  • D. User type

Answer : A

What does the employee utilize when submitting a self-service request to the HR Organization?

  • A. HR Catalog
  • B. HR Skills
  • C. HR Template
  • D. HR Profile

Answer : A

What is the primary purpose of HR Topic Categories?

  • A. They group common HR Services.
  • B. They group common HR templates.
  • C. They group common HR employees.
  • D. They group common HR Catalog Items.

Answer : A

What are the benefits of the HR application being scoped? (Choose three.)

  • A. Provides an additional layer of control over HR data.
  • B. Allows HR Admins to configure the HR application.
  • C. HR department has more autonomy to manage all aspects of HRSD.
  • D. Allows the System Administrator complete control.
  • E. HR department has full control of the global application.

Answer : BDE

The HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin] role allows the user to add members to groups.
What additional role is needed for an HR Admin to remove users from groups?

  • A. User Admin [user_admin]
  • B. User Writer [user_writer]
  • C. User Reader [user_reader]
  • D. HR User Admin [hr_user_admin]

Answer : D

On the HR Case form, some HR Services have associated Response templates.
What determines which HR Services have Response Templates?

  • A. The HR Criteria on the HR Service
  • B. The HR Criteria on the Response Template record
  • C. The table and conditions on the Response Template record
  • D. The User Criteria on the HR Service

Answer : C

At what level is User Criteria set to control who can read and edit knowledge articles?

  • A. In either the Knowledge Base or Article.
  • B. In the Knowledge Article only.
  • C. In the User record.
  • D. In the Knowledge Base only.

Answer : A

How many COEs may be associated with an HR Service?

  • A. 5
  • B. 1
  • C. unlimited
  • D. 10

Answer : B

Which module provides a user-friendly interface for creating new HR Skills and assigning HR skills to members of the HR department?

  • A. Skills Routing
  • B. Skills Management
  • C. Manage HR Skills
  • D. Skills Definition

Answer : B

Which table is considered the core table for all HR Case records?

  • A. Skill [cmn_skill]
  • B. Incident [incident]
  • C. HR Task [sn_hr_core.task]
  • D. HR Case [sn_hr_core_case]
  • E. HR Profile [sn_hr_core_profile]

Answer : D

Which HR Role is typically granted to all HR Support staff, at a minimum?

  • A. HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin]
  • B. HR Basic [sn_hr_core.basic]
  • C. HR KB Writer [sn_hr_core.kb_writer]
  • D. Document Management User [document_management_user]

Answer : B

A user with only the HR Admin [sn_hr_core.admin] role can save and modify which copies of existing reports?

  • A. All
  • B. Global
  • C. Group
  • D. Personal

Answer : A

What is the difference between a configuration and a customization?

  • A. Configuration uses complex JavaScript while Customization involves field name changes and new buttons.
  • B. There is no difference between Configuration and Customization.
  • C. Customization uses the built-in tools in the platform while Configuration involves code changes.
  • D. Configuration uses the built-in tools in the platform while Customization involves code changes.

Answer : D

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