Certified Implementation Specialist - Customer Service Management v1.0 (CIS-CSM)

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Which feature enables you to quickly identify high-priority tasks based on multiple dimensions, not just by a single field value like priority?

  • A. Case Performance
  • B. Case Analytics
  • C. Case Digest
  • D. Case Spotlight

Answer : D

During which Now Create stage are workshops conducted?

  • A. Execute
  • B. Initiate
  • C. Deliver
  • D. Plan
  • E. Close

Answer : D

Which application must be activated to enable customers to check in on-line for future appointments?

  • A. Business Location
  • B. Walk-Up Experience
  • C. Field Service Management
  • D. Service Organization

Answer : B

What are some of the influencing factors that will help determine the type of customer support desk structure required? (Choose four.)

  • A. Knowledge and skills required for agents
  • B. Geographical location of customer
  • C. Languages spoken by agents
  • D. Number and type of support tools available
  • E. Number of customer service portals used
  • F. Number of agents required

Answer : ACDF

What is the default value in the Channel field when a new case is opened by a customer in the Service Catalog, using the Customer Service Portal?

  • A. Web
  • B. Catalog
  • C. Portal
  • D. Virtual Agent

Answer : A

When activating the Customer Service Management Demo Data plugin, which case type is available besides product case?

  • A. Order
  • B. Contract
  • C. FAQ
  • D. Monitoring
  • E. Request
  • F. Billing

Answer : A

What’s the purpose of the Deactivate Special Handling Notes Scheduled Job?

  • A. Runs at the end of the month and deactivates all Special Handling notes more than 30 days old
  • B. Runs weekly and must have the Active checkbox unchecked in order for Special Handling notes to be deleted by the end of the week
  • C. Runs on demand by the System Admin who must set specific weekly schedules and set only those that are priority 1-critical to be deactivated
  • D. Runs daily at midnight, checks all active alerts and sets the status to Expired for those that have reached their expiration dates

Answer : D

What does the Agent Whisper function do?

  • A. Lets agents and chat supervisors have a conversation without the requester knowing
  • B. Lets the chat supervisors have a conversation with the requester without the agent knowing
  • C. Lets agents have chat conversations with other agents without the requester knowing
  • D. Lets agents and requesters have a conversation without the chat supervisor knowing

Answer : A

Upon self-registration through the Consumer Service Portal, a record is created in: (Choose two.)

  • A. Contact (customer_contact)
  • B. Consumer User (csm_consumer-user)
  • C. Consumer (csm_consumer)
  • D. CSM User (csm_user)

Answer : BC

Who can create a customer service case from a community discussion? (Choose two.)

  • A. Customer service agent (sn_customerservice_agent)
  • B. Proxy case creator (sn_customerservice.proxy_case_creator)
  • C. Partner (sn_customerservice.partner)
  • D. Case Viewer (sn_customerservice.case_viewer)

Answer : AB

The assignment workbench uses configurable matching criteria to evaluate agents in a selected group and provide an overall ranking. What are the different types of criteria available for the assignment workbench? (Choose three.)

  • A. Correlation
  • B. Availability
  • C. Scripted
  • D. Simple Match
  • E. Aggregate

Answer : CDE

Asset classes are defined to allow for logical grouping of assets. There are five asset classes provided to group assets, each Asset class provides unique functionality for that group of Assets in the platform. Which of the following are the asset classes used? (Choose five.)

  • A. Hardware assets
  • B. Facility assets
  • C. Configuration assets
  • D. Software licenses assets
  • E. Enterprise Software assets
  • F. Network assets
  • G. Consumables assets

Answer : ABDEG

Which of the following best describes how the CSM application uses the Asset table?

  • A. CSM uses the Product table instead of the ITSM Asset table
  • B. CSM uses the Product Model table instead of the ITSM Asset table
  • C. ServiceNow uses the same Asset table for both CSM and ITSM, however CSM has a different subset of fields
  • D. Because CSM Assets are managed differently from ITSM Assets ServiceNow uses different Asset Tables for CSM than it does for ITSM

Answer : B

A consumer service agent receives and accepts a case which was created by a consumer. The agent needs and requests more information from the consumer. After receiving the information, the agent proposes a solution that is accepted by the consumer. Given this scenario, what is the chronological order of case states used to manage this case?

  • A. New > Work in Progress > On Hold > Work in Progress > Resolved > Closed
  • B. New > Open > Work in Progress > Solution Proposed > Closed
  • C. Open > Pending > Work in Progress > Resolved > Closed
  • D. New > Open > Awaiting Info > Open > Resolved > Closed

Answer : D

What are the types of matching criteria for Customer Service? (Choose four.)

  • A. Matching Skills
  • B. Last Assigned
  • C. Certifications
  • D. Distance
  • E. Assigned Cases
  • F. Availability Today
  • G. Partner Hours

Answer : ABEF

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