CA Clarity PPM v13.x Professional Certification Exam v6.0 (CAT-221)

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You have installed CA Business Intelligence (CABI) and you have used an Oracle database for CA Clarity PPM. Now, you need to import universe and stock report information for CA Clarity PPM.
Which files do you import? (Choose two)

  • A. CA_Clarity_Legacy_Oracle.BIAR
  • B. CA_Clarity_Universes_Oracle.BIAR
  • C. CA_CIarity_SAMPLES_for_Oracle.xml
  • D. Common_Report_3_Universes_opmn.xml

Answer : A,B

In the CA Clarity PPM Process Engines event flow, what is the function of the Wakeup

  • A. Displays detailed Process Engines instance information
  • B. Triggers the Background Engine as soon an event is fired
  • C. Keeps track of all the executing process, controls the event flow, and helps manage the Workflow Execution
  • D. Interacts with the CA Clarity PPM database on a consistent basis to proceed with the workflow steps or instructions

Answer : B

You can use special NSQL constructs to create queries that meet specific security or access requirement, in which clause MUST you place the security statement?

  • A. FROM
  • B. GROUP
  • D. WHERE

Answer : D

Which feature characterizes NSQL multi-dimensional queries?

  • A. The data provider is always an object.
  • B. The related portlets have a Y-axis subpage.
  • C. They enable more complex charts such as Donut charts.
  • D. They always include change_key and merge_key attributes.

Answer : B

The CA Clarity PPM bundle includes CA Business Intelligence (CABI) software. Which features characterize CABI? (Choose three)

  • A. Support for cached content
  • B. Component-based content development
  • C. A built-in INSolve Functional Intelligence QuickStart Pack
  • D. An InfoView Business Relationship Manager (BRM) module for complex report design
  • E. A built-in paging mechanism to help ensure the scalable delivery of large volumes of content

Answer : A,B,E

You want to create a chart portlet to display small changes over time for more than one group and to compare more than one value. Which new CA Clarity PPM v13 chart type should your portlet use?

  • A. Area
  • B. Donut
  • C. Bubble
  • D. Funnel

Answer : A

Portlets can be added to:

  • A. Tabbed pages only
  • B. Unmarked pages only
  • C. Non-tabbed pages only
  • D. Tabbed and non-tabbed pages

Answer : D

You are creating an Oracle database for CA Clarity PPM. Which template contains recommended database parameters?

  • A. db.tmp
  • B. niku.ear
  • C. export.dmp
  • D. Clarity_1xg.dbt

Answer : D

All niku logger messages are routed to the console logs for the server. For IBM
WebSphere, what is the name of the standard log file for any server on which CA Clarity
PPM is deployed?

  • A. app-system.log
  • B. bg-system.log
  • C. systemout.log
  • D. app-niku.log

Answer : C

Which properties do you define for a new custom object?

  • A. Attributes, Links, Views and Audit Trails
  • B. Name, Attributes, Master Object, and Views
  • C. Master Objects, Subobjects, Attributes, Links, and Views
  • D. Name, ID, Partition Model, Description, and Master Object or Subobject

Answer : D

After a successful installation of CA Clarity PPM v13 using Tomcat and the proper deployment of the service, to start the CA Clarity PPM app service, which command should you use?

  • A. Niku start app
  • B. Admin start app
  • C. Start clarity app
  • D. Service start app

Answer : D

What is the main advantage of using an Oracle template to create the CA Clarity PPM database?

  • A. You can use the same template for various versions of UNIX and Windows.
  • B. You can avoid having to specify settings because settings are preconfigured.
  • C. You can avoid having to use the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to create the database.
  • D. You can avail of help from CA Clarity PPM consultants because this is the only approach that CA Technologies supports.

Answer : B

You need to check the NTFS permissions for the folder in which the CA Productivity
Accelerator (CA PA) developer application files are installed. Which permissions should be set for this folder? (Choose three)

  • A. List
  • B. Read
  • C. Delete
  • D. Modify
  • E. Execute

Answer : A,B,E

Out of the box, which object actions can you create in CA Clarity PPM v13? (Choose three)

  • A. Run a stock report
  • B. Link to Google search
  • C. Delete an active service
  • D. Run the Delete Investments job
  • E. Move tasks across or between projects

Answer : A,B,D

Which CA Clarity PPM Connector helps you to integrate with BMC Remedy?

  • A. Service Connect
  • B. Schedule Connect
  • C. Agile Vision Connect
  • D. Product Vision Connect

Answer : A

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