CA Service Desk Manager r12 Administrator Exam v6.0 (CAT-200)

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When the status of Incidents is updated, where can you find the status changes?

  • A. Activity log
  • B. Activity history
  • C. Incident versions
  • D. Incident knowledge

Answer : A

For the Level 1 Analyst role, where can you view the details of a selected Scoreboard item?

  • A. List pane
  • B. Knowledge tab
  • C. Quick Profile tab
  • D. Knowledge Documents folder

Answer : A

When correctly defined and well functioning, which CA Service Desk feature can help you manage repetitive change procedures on a Change Order?

  • A. Workflow
  • B. Service orders
  • C. Task notifications
  • D. Configuration Items (CIs)

Answer : A

You need to create new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will provide you with sum, max, and duration metrics. Which type of KPIs provides you with the flexibility to meet this requirement?

  • A. SQL KPIs
  • B. Macro KPIs
  • C. System KPIs
  • D. Stored Query KPIs

Answer : A

Level 3 CA Service Desk Analyst, Indira Chopra, resolves a ticket and returns it immediately to single point of contact (SPOC), Cliff Warner. Cliff needs to verify with the user that the issue is resolved and:

  • A. Ask the end user to close the ticket
  • B. Return the ticket to Indira for closure
  • C. Close the ticket, which sets it to inactive
  • D. Set the ticket to pending in case there are related issues

Answer : C

You are creating and modifying configuration item (CI) support data. One of your external partners manufactures computers. You have defined this partner as a company. Now, for each type of computer they manufacture and that you use, you will define a:

  • A. family
  • B. model
  • C. category
  • D. component

Answer : B

In certain situations, CA Service Desk Manager needs to be able to evaluate the current and previous values of certain fields. For previous assignee notifications, which previous values are available? (Choose three)


Answer : A,D,E

Which access type provides access tailored to users who perform frontline support tasks?

  • A. IT staff
  • B. Administrator
  • C. Service desk staff
  • D. Process management

Answer : C

Which component connects web browsers to the CA Service Desk Object Manager?

  • A. domsrvr
  • B. Web Engine
  • C. Web Screen Painter (WSP)
  • D. WSP Schema Designer

Answer : B

Security access to CA Service Desk objects from command line utilities:

  • A. Is configured in the contact record.
  • B. Is configured in the access type record.
  • C. Is configured in Active Directory group membership.
  • D. Cannot be configured because there is no security on the command line utilities.

Answer : B

What happens when a service type is applied to a ticket? (Choose two)

  • A. A service contract is created.
  • B. The delay time clock is started.
  • C. A configuration item (CI) is created.
  • D. All the events that comprise the service type are attached to the ticket.

Answer : B,D

Your company is increasingly using wireless routers, and you have been asked to incorporate them in the support data for configuration items (CIs). In which records should you store this new category of hardware?

  • A. CI models
  • B. CI classes
  • C. CI families
  • D. CI devices

Answer : B

Which features characterize data partitions? (Choose two)

  • A. There are three types
  • B. They implement role-level security
  • C. They implement record-level security
  • D. They can be assigned to contacts and access types

Answer : C,D

In a data partition rule, the logged in user is represented by:

  • A. $cst
  • B. @root
  • C. $home
  • D. %USERID%

Answer : B

When creating a macro to administer Service Level Agreements (SLAs), what must be associated with the macro?

  • A. Alert
  • B. Alarm
  • C. Event
  • D. Notification

Answer : C

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Total 40 questions