CA Application Performance Management Administrator Exam v6.0 (CAT-120)

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You are configuring the Environment Performance Agent (EPA) that came bundled with your Enterprise Manager. Which configuration file do you use?

  • A. EPAgent.pbd
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer : C

A summary alert notification includes: (Choose three)

  • A. Time stamps.
  • B. Transaction traces.
  • C. A summary alert name.
  • D. The current state of the summary alert.
  • E. Details of the user-defined time period for checking the current state of each underlying simple alert.

Answer : B,C,E

An element that is a logical grouping of metrics treated as a single element is known as a:

  • A. Report
  • B. Calculator
  • C. Dashboard
  • D. Metric Grouping

Answer : B

You need to trace all non-private methods that call other methods. You do not need to trace constructors or static initializers. Which directive should you use?

  • A. IdentifyInheritedAs
  • B. TraceAIIMethodsIfFlagged
  • C. TraceComplexMethodsIfFlagged
  • D. TraceOneMethodWithParametersIfFlagged

Answer : C

Which operations do Management module calculators perform? (Choose two)

  • A. Sum
  • B. Count
  • C. Average
  • D. Maximum

Answer : A,C

Which feature provides an easy way to turn off a set of alerts during a known application downtime period, such as system maintenance?

  • A. Alert deferrals
  • B. Alert blackouts
  • C. Alert suspensions
  • D. Alert postponements

Answer : B

Which information can you view using the Summary View tab of the CA Introscope
Transaction Tracer? (Choose three)

  • A. Color codes, which indicate call durations
  • B. The number of times a URL was accessed
  • C. The number of milliseconds to complete the call
  • D. The number of milliseconds required for the fastest call completion
  • E. The number of transaction components affected, shown using a hierarchical format

Answer : B,C,D

CA Introscope holds historical data in multiple tiers. What is a characteristic of data held in
Tier 1?

  • A. Is used in reporting
  • B. Is used for incident analysis
  • C. Is used in capacity planning
  • D. Is older and configured for lower resolutions

Answer : B

The CA Customer Experience Manager (CEM) Export Tool exports data in which file format?

  • A. .txt
  • B. .xls
  • C. .csv
  • D. .html

Answer : C

What is the main advantage of modifying the default metric set of a CA Introscope Agent to monitor fewer classes?

  • A. The Agent can report component activity at a more granular level.
  • B. A modified metric set creates more visibility for the classes monitored.
  • C. Agent performance can be improved by minimizing the Agents system overhead.
  • D. The Agent can report Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) activity at a more granular level.

Answer : C

Which segment of this metric path is referenced by the metric expression of a Metric
H04|WAS_Node|Server 0|5ervlets|SeatServlet: Stall Count

  • A. H04|WAS_Node
  • B. H04|WAS_Node|ServerO
  • C. WAS_Node|Server 0|Servlets
  • D. Servlets|SeatServlet:Stall Count

Answer : D

While viewing Investigator, you notice that metric values are acceptable, but you want to determine whether there are any outlying Servlet Response Times exceeding threshold limits. Which Workstation feature enables you to do this?

  • A. Metric data
  • B. Boundary Blame
  • C. View Historical Data
  • D. Minimum and Maximum Metric values

Answer : D

What is indicated by a simple alert in a yellow state?

  • A. The simple alert is not matching any metrics.
  • B. One or more metrics for this alert are beyond the danger threshold.
  • C. One or more metrics for this alert are beyond the caution threshold.
  • D. One or more metrics for this alert are within the stated threshold for this alert.

Answer : C

Which defect type will be assigned to a transaction when the request for its HTML component results in an HTTP 500 error?

  • A. HTTP
  • B. Server
  • C. Response
  • D. Behavioral

Answer : C

Which task can you perform using the Map tab in the Investigator?

  • A. View AlertMap files.
  • B. Configure application triage map security.
  • C. View a graphical depiction of the components that make up your application.
  • D. View the relationship of the interdependent web services within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment.

Answer : B

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Total 40 questions