CA eHealth r6 Administrator Exam v7.0 (CAT-040)

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You are planning to update to CA eHealth r6.3. To avoid common upgrade issues, what do you need to do before you begin the upgrade?

  • A. Check that the current installation is polling and running reports without errors.
  • B. Define an upgrade sequence, starting with remote sites and ending with the central site.
  • C. Make sure that you maintain security during the upgrade by checking that anti-virus software is running.
  • D. Plan to restore a backup CA eHealth system, to ensure that no data loss or downtime occurs during the upgrade.

Answer : A

When you are planning an implementation of CA eHealth, which guidelines should you follow? (Choose two)

  • A. Plan a backup strategy.
  • B. Identify firewalls between the location of CA eHealth and the devices to be polled.
  • C. For future growth, make sure that you have twice as many poller licenses as you currently need.
  • D. Choose a low bandwidth area of your network, because CA eHealth requests and responses do not use much bandwidth.

Answer : A,B

To successfully install CA eHealth on the Microsoft Windows platform, the Microsoft
Windows user MUST be a member of which group on the local computer?

  • A. DBA
  • B. Service
  • C. Users and ORA_DBA
  • D. Administrators and ORA_DBA

Answer : D

Recently, you have noticed that CA eHealth reporting seems to be inaccurate or incomplete. Furthermore, performance appears to be poorer than usual. Your colleague believes the issue relates to bad polling and suggests that you review discovery files and the relevant log files. To specifically address polling issues, what do you need to look for?
(Choose three)

  • A. Incorrect Umask settings
  • B. Error messages in the poller log files
  • C. Unexpected characters used in directory naming
  • D. New devices that might need to be manually added to the poller configuration
  • E. Elements that have changed based on change management, replaced hardware, or a new system identity

Answer : B,D,E

What should you use to determine the proportion of scores in a distribution that are equal to or less than a specific score?

  • A. Percentile rank
  • B. Standard deviation
  • C. Coefficient of variation
  • D. Cumulative percentage

Answer : A

Which benefit results from rolling up data?

  • A. Rolled-up data can be retained indefinitely.
  • B. Data is consolidated to reduce database size.
  • C. Occasional spikes and dips in gauge data are retained.
  • D. Averaged rolled-up data values provide a better representation of performance.

Answer : C

When performing a discovery, an element listed in the poller does not respond to the rediscovery.
What could be a cause of this missing element?

  • A. The license manager daemon was not stopped.
  • B. A parent/child element has an identical hostname.
  • C. The message timed out before a response was received.
  • D. The discover key is duplicated in your poller configuration.

Answer : C

How do you add additional licenses to CA eHealth?

  • A. Use the Motif console.
  • B. Edit the license.dat file.
  • C. Run the nhConfig utility.
  • D. Use OneClick for eHealth.

Answer : B

You are planning the self monitoring of CA eHealth and you want to implement comprehensive monitoring of the underlying Oracle database. Which approach should you take?

  • A. Call CA Services to configure Oracle monitoring.
  • B. Configure a CA SystemEDGE agent to monitor the database.
  • C. Do nothing, because CA eHealth monitors the database comprehensively out of the box.
  • D. Download and use one copy of CA Insight Database Performance Monitor for Distributed Databases to monitor the CA eHealth embedded database(s).

Answer : D

Which CA eHealth user interface is typically for end users?

  • A. Web interface
  • B. Command line
  • C. OneClick for eHealth
  • D. X-Window Motif interface

Answer : A

Which statement about the CA eHealth Remote Poller installation type is TRUE?

  • A. The default time for transfers is 15 minutes.
  • B. Unlike a distributed system, Remote Poller data is only stored locally.
  • C. Remote Pollers can only be connected to distributed CA eHealth systems.
  • D. A maximum of 10 Remote Pollers are supported in any CA eHealth system.

Answer : A

To install CA eHealth, you need to upgrade your version of Oracle. However, you soon realize that the upgrade is taking much longer than expected. You do not have any evidence of any specific problem. What should you do?

  • A. Start again with a clean image.
  • B. Check that you are a member of the ORA_DBA group.
  • C. Kill the installation process and check that your machine has the recommended 4 GB of RAM.
  • D. Wait and do nothing, because the Oracle installation might run for some time without any obvious actions.

Answer : D

Which tool enables you to edit Discover Policies?

  • A. Motif
  • B. WorldView
  • C. Capabilities Wizard
  • D. One Click for eHealth

Answer : D

In which log file can you review and reconcile polling error messages?

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.

Answer : C

You physically disconnect a switch from the network. However, Live Exceptions does not indicate that the device is unavailable. Why?

  • A. Live Exceptions is misconfigured.
  • B. Live Exceptions must first poll the device and confirm its unavailability.
  • C. Live Exceptions does not provide availability alarms for network elements such as switches.
  • D. Live Exceptions will not show an availability alarm for the device until it becomes available again.

Answer : D

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