IBM Digital Experience 8.5 Fundamentals v6.0 (C9520-427)

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When using WebDAV with web content, which statement is true regarding locked item support?

  • A. WebDAV doesn’t support locking an item.
  • B. Locking one file causes locking of the other associated files at the same time.
  • C. If you lock an item, its metadata and it access control settings are not locked.
  • D. Locking an item through WebDAV will not lock the item in IBM Web Content Manager and the JCR database.

Answer : B

Reference: http://www-
(locked item support)

When using IBM Web Content Manager Workflow, what can Bob use in cases where approval from multiple users is required before the document can move to the next stage?

  • A. Joint Approval
  • B. Split Approval
  • C. Linked Approval
  • D. Compound Approval

Answer : A

Reference: https://www- approval.dita

Which is a logical grouping of one or more nodes?

  • A. a cell
  • B. a server
  • C. a cluster
  • D. a node group

Answer : A

Reference: https://www- aghubs/ node_agent.html

In IBM Forms Experience Builder, which tab shows a list of all applications that are created by other users to which you have access?

  • A. the Use tab
  • B. the View tab
  • C. the Manage tab
  • D. the Response tab

Answer : A

Reference: https://www-

Which portlet would an administrator use to add a targeted view of user profile and network information to an IBM WebSphere portal application?

  • A. IBM connections Network Profile portlet
  • B. IBM connections Profiles summary portlet
  • C. IBM WebSphere Portal Network Profile portlet
  • D. IBM WebSphere Portal Profiles summary portlet

Answer : D

Sarah is having problems with syndication and items are not being sent.
What can she use to view the items being prepared for syndication?

  • A. JCR Tracing
  • B. site manager log
  • C. WCM support tools portlet to view the event log
  • D. audit log in the IBM Integrated Solution Console

Answer : C

What type of integration does IBM WebSphere Portal support with IBM Sametime?

  • A. Gateway
  • B. Male and Telephony
  • C. Awareness and Chat
  • D. Meetings and Administration

Answer : C

(page 23, IBM sametime onwards)

Bob is developing a SOAP services-based IBM Web Experienced Factory project.
Which file does Bob need to modify to change the login authentication mechanism from

FORM to -

  • A. web.xml
  • B. portlet.xml
  • C. ibm-web-ext.xml
  • D. projectDeploy.xml

Answer : B

What is the minimum amount of memory recommended to run IBM Forms designer 8.x?

  • A. 1GB RAM
  • B. 3 GB RAM
  • C. 2GB RAM
  • D. 500 MB RAM

Answer : C


How is the URLCmpnt tag used in WCM?

  • A. to render plug-ins
  • B. to generate a URL to a site area or content item
  • C. to define the information returned by a search query
  • D. to reference an element within a presentation template or element design

Answer : B

Reference: https://www-

Which statement is true about the content provider profile in a web application bridge?

  • A. The host server must support HTTPS.
  • B. Only one profile must be created for a host.
  • C. An anonymous HTTP proxy is not supported.
  • D. The host server must be accessible through an HTTP proxy that requires authentication.

Answer : B

Which view displays selected builder inputs and their current settings for a generated element that is selected in the Application Tree or in the Design Panel?

  • A. Debugger view
  • B. Problems view
  • C. Properties view
  • D. Applied Profiles view

Answer : C

Reference: wrapper.htm

Which configurations does the Unified Task List portlet use? (choose two.)

  • A. dynamic portlet pages
  • B. dynamic CSS generation
  • C. dynamic JavaScript cross-scripting
  • D. cross-scripting to communicate with other task-processing portlets
  • E. cross-page wiring or external URLs to communicate with other task processing portlets

Answer : A,E

Reference: http://www- ns+Cat alog+for+V7#action=openDocument&res_title=Unified_Task_List&content=pdcontent

What is the limitation of IBM WebSphere Portal versions that are installed on one server?

  • A. server
  • B. network
  • C. profile settings
  • D. WebSphere cell

Answer : C

Which options does IBM WebSphere Portal come in? (Choose two.)

  • A. Solo
  • B. Single
  • C. Enable
  • D. Express
  • E. Experience

Answer : D,E

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