IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1.1 Administration v8.0 (C9060-518)

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What is the purpose of the command, SET REPLSERVER REMSERV1?

  • A. to start replication to REMSERV1
  • B. to set up target server, REMSERV1
  • C. to set the replication rule for REMSERV1
  • D. to set up source server, REMSERV1

Answer : B

How can slow database backups that occur because of TCP/IP loopback problems be resolved?

  • A. update the server to use TCPv6 for all FULL database backups
  • B. configure the server to use shared memory for database backups
  • C. change the type of database backup run daily to incremental
  • D. create a database snapshot

Answer : B

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What is the maximum number of parallel streams that an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
(TSM) Database backup can produce?

  • A. 12
  • B. 8
  • C. 10
  • D. 4

Answer : D


NUMStreams -
Specifies the number of parallel data movement streams to use when you back up the database. The minimum value is 1, and the maximum value is 4. Increasing the value causes a corresponding increase in the number of database backup sessions to be used and the number of drives to be used for the device class. If you specify a NUMSTREAMS value in theBACKUP DB command, it overrides any value that is set in the SET
DBRECOVERY command. Otherwise, the value that is set in the SET DBRECOVERY command is used. The NUMSTREAMS value is used for all types of database backups.
If a value is specified that is greater than the number of drives available for the device class, only the number of available drives are used. The available drives are those defined to the device class by the MOUNTLIMIT parameter or by the number of online drives for the specified device class. The session is displayed in the QUERY SESSION output.
If you increase the number of streams, more volumes are used from the corresponding device class for this operation. Using more volumes might improve the speed of the database backups, but at the cost of more volumes that are not fully used.
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When is a Backup / Archive client considered at-risk in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
(TSM) Operations Center?

  • A. the Backup / Archive client has exceeded its backup capacity limit
  • B. a problem has occurred during its most recent Backup / Archive client backup
  • C. the TSM Backup / Archive client code is no longer supported
  • D. the Backup / Archive client has detected invalid TSM Database entries

Answer : A

Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) component needs to be installed and configured to use the TSM client management services?

  • A. the TSM Admin CMDline
  • B. the TSM Scheduler Service
  • C. the TSM Operations Center
  • D. the TSM Client API

Answer : C

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In which order is the include/exclude list of a dsm.opt file processed?

  • A. bottom to the top
  • B. encrypted directories first
  • C. deduplicated directories first
  • D. top to bottom

Answer : A

Reference: https://www- xcl.html

Which object must be defined for node replication?

  • A. deduplication plan
  • B. rules
  • C. server group
  • D. server group communication

Answer : B

What are the structures from largest to smallest that controls IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
(TSM) policy definitions?

  • A. A policy set contains policy domains, management classes and copy groups.
  • B. An active policy set contains policy domains, management classes and copy groups.
  • C. A policy domain contains copy groups and management classes.
  • D. A policy domain contains policy sets, management classes, and copy groups.

Answer : D

How can a new client node, NEWNODE, be included as part of the node replication strategy?

  • A. run MOVE NODE to Source server using MOVE NODE NEWNODE password mode=repl
  • B. add the new node to the Target server using REGISTER NODE NEWNODE password replstate=enabled
  • C. add the new node to the Source server using REGISTER NODE NEWNODE password replstate=enabled
  • D. move Node to Target Server using Import Node NEWNODE

Answer : B

Which option controls the number of threads for the expire inventory process?

  • A. maxproc
  • B. resourceutilization
  • C. resource
  • D. thread

Answer : C

Reference:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Stor age%20Manager/page/Can%20multiple%20EXPIRE%20INVENTORY%20processes%20b e%20run%20in%20parallel

What are two ways to increase the amount of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server database disk space? (Select two.)


Answer : B,C

How does an administrator check on the status of node replication?

  • A. use query replication command on the target server(s)
  • B. use query replication command on the source server
  • C. from the Replication tab in Operations Center
  • D. use the query replserver command on either target or source server

Answer : D

Which IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Client component can be configured to allow the
TSM Administrator to run backups and restores remotely without data owner interaction?

  • A. OnDemand Client
  • B. Remote Control
  • C. Client Acceptor Daemon
  • D. Remote Scheduler

Answer : A

A server has shut down and the last transaction was rolled back, and was not committed.
The database has 60% free space. What might be the problem?

  • A. The archive log is full.
  • B. The storage pool is fool.
  • C. The activity log is full.
  • D. There were too many sessions at one time.

Answer : D

Which three client categories are displayed in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1.1
Operations Center? (Select three.)

  • A. Applications
  • B. LAN Free client
  • C. Systems
  • D. Databases
  • E. Mail
  • F. Virtual Machines

Answer : A,C,D

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