Foundations of IBM Cloud Reference Architecture V5 v7.0 (C5050-287)

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Why is Continuous Feedback an essential capability in DevOps?

  • A. allows for rapid re-creation of defects in QA environments
  • B. provides metrics to stakeholders of the application being delivered, providing input for continuous improvement
  • C. allows users to provide app store ratings in applications
  • D. provides a method to collect large of test data from accrual user usage data

Answer : D

Which two actors are associated with the cloud service provider role?

  • A. cloud service developer
  • B. business manager
  • C. consumer end user
  • D. security and risk manager
  • E. service component developer

Answer : B,D

What is an example of an API business model category?

  • A. a free model
  • B. developers teach new market
  • C. enterprise integration
  • D. access throttling mode

Answer : A

Which two services are examples of Infra structure-a s-a-Servlce? (Select 2)

  • A. iBMSoftLayer
  • B. IBM Verse
  • C. Amazon EC@
  • D. ServiceNow
  • E.

Answer : A,D

What are two barriers to adopting cloud computing? (Select 2)

  • A. business agility
  • B. Capital cost
  • C. government compliance
  • D. data privacy
  • E. business model

Answer : C,D

What must a hardware platform typically support for a cloud infrastructure?

  • A. VMwareESX
  • B. high availability
  • C. disk mirroring
  • D. visualization

Answer : D

Which two statements describe architectural principles of the Representational State transfer (REST) protocol? (Select 2)

  • A. A REST API can use UDP for transport.
  • B. State can be maintained on the Client.
  • C. Recourses are identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier
  • D. OAUTH can be used to secure the message transport layer D e State can be maintained by third-party service.
  • E. State can be maintained by third-party service.

Answer : B,C

The term Recovery Time Objective refers lo which statement?

  • A. The point in time to which data must be recovered after a disaster
  • B. The duration of time within a business process must be restored after a disaster
  • C. The applications and locations for which data has to be restored after a disaster
  • D. The objective of business continuity to restore critical operations after a disaster

Answer : B

What is a common requirement for using a cloud for deploying data and analytics solution?

  • A. integrated service management capabilities.
  • B. Availability or offsite backup of deployed analytical models.
  • C. Ability to ingest data at the anticipated volume and velocity.
  • D. Support for multiply hypervisors.

Answer : A

What is the primary benefit for users of a Platform as a Service offering?

  • A. A user can spend more time developing their application.
  • B. A user accesses an application that is running in a shared environment and pays per use.
  • C. A user can easily access a virtual machine platform to develop their application.
  • D. A user can get better performance than using dedicated on premises hardware.

Answer : C

What are two popular open source automation tools?

  • A. Automatix
  • B. Puppet
  • C. Orchestrator
  • D. Chef
  • E. Kermit

Answer : B,D

Which statement is true about Software Denned Network (SDN)?

  • A. SDN are security standards that increase environment performance
  • B. SDN provides a breakdown, by time, of the quantity and distribution of the unbind transactions found within the audit log.
  • C. SDN disables group conflict resolution if the environment is configured for replication.
  • D. SDN decouples the network control and forwarding layer functions

Answer : D

What is a unique value proposition for IBM UrbanCode Deploy in a hybrid cloud environment?

  • A. it supports deployment to cloud platforms supporting OpenStack, CloudFoundry and Docker.
  • B. it turns on mobile devices.
  • C. n includes application analytics as a part of application deployment.
  • D. it supports performance and stress testing of cloud infrastructure.

Answer : A

In the scope of Internet of Things (IOT), which statement is true regarding edge services?

  • A. Edge services are components that sense or measure certain characteristics of the real world and transfers them into a digital representation.
  • B. Edge services allow provisioning decisions to be delayed until data volume, velocity and related processing requirements are better understood.
  • C. Edge services manage loT devices residing outside of the customers premises.
  • D. Edge services allow data to flow safety from the Internet into the data analytics processing system hosted on either the cloud provider or in the enterprise.

Answer : D

Which IBM offering can be used to create APIs?

  • A. IBM Data Power
  • B. IBM StrongLoop
  • C. IBM API Harmony
  • D. IBM Castlron

Answer : C

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