IBM Endpoint Manager V9.0 Fundamentals v7.0 (C2150-508)

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Which frequency period would potentially return the most number of results per endpoint?

  • A. Every report
  • B. Once per day
  • C. Every four hours
  • D. Every other hour

Answer : B

Which tab of the Take Action dialog box allows for notification to end users when an action is running-on targeted endpoints?

  • A. Offer
  • B. Messages
  • C. Pre-Action
  • D. Notification

Answer : B


A single endpoint is returning <error> for an analysis property. 425 other endpoints returned a numeric result for the same analysis property. The computer returning <error> for this property is returning meaningful results for other analyses. What may be the cause of the error result on one computer?

  • A. The endpoint is offline and shows as gray in the console.
  • B. The relevance did not have an error handling mechanism for the computer.
  • C. The endpoint has not received the analysis content and has not yet returned a result.
  • D. The endpoint returned a result of 0 which could not be interpreted by the IBM Endpoint Manager server.

Answer : A

How is a computer added to a manual group?

  • A. Use the Manual Group wizard.
  • B. Select the computer from the list view then right-click and select Add to Manual Group.
  • C. Settings in the IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) console that is specific for each operator.
  • D. As a computer is added to the IEM environment, it will be added to a manually created group.

Answer : B

0000-0000-000014745793 (See New Computer Group from List of Computers, 3rd point).

A retrieved property is configured to return data on every report. How often will each relevant endpoint return results for the property?

  • A. every hour
  • B. every heartbeat
  • C. whenever the client is restarted
  • D. whenever the value changes on the endpoint

Answer : D

What is an action state for a Fixlet and not a task?

  • A. Fixed
  • B. Waiting
  • C. Not Relevant
  • D. Pending Download

Answer : A

Which content domain contains content related to Antivirus. DLP. Device Management, and Self Network Quarantine?

  • A. Systems Lifecycle
  • B. Endpoint Protection
  • C. Security Configuration
  • D. Mobile Device Management

Answer : B

How is an automatic group defined?

  • A. A computer group whose members are set by membership relevance.
  • B. A computer group that can only be defined by IBM and is in an external site.
  • C. A computer group that contains actions for all IBM Endpoint Manager computers.
  • D. A computer group that is automatically generated when using the Windows Patch wizard.

Answer : A

An operator just received an analysis in .bes format and would like to test the content. How can the analysis be imported into the IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) console for testing?

  • A. Only Fixlets and tasks can be imported into I EM, not analyses.
  • B. In the I EM console select the Analyses node, right-click and select Import. The analysis will be activated automatically when it is imported.
  • C. Double-click the .bes file, select the appropriate Site and Domain, and click OK to save. The analysis will be activated automatically when it is imported.
  • D. In the I EM console, All Content Domain, Fixlets and Tasks node: right-click the .bes files to import. The analysis will be activated automatically when it is imported.

Answer : B

A user has recently deployed an action to a group of endpoints that she currently manages.
All of these machines are reporting Locked in their Last Reported Status of the action.
What does this mean?

  • A. No one is currently logged into the computer
  • B. The action constraints have been locked by another operator.
  • C. The endpoint manager client is locked and cannot run the action.
  • D. The user no longer has the right to manage this group of machines.

Answer : B

What are the three valid action states?

  • A. Error
  • B. Open
  • C. Closed
  • D. Expired
  • E. Running
  • F. Stopped

Answer : A,B,D

How is a default action turned into a policy within the Execution tab of the Take Action dialog?

  • A. remove all constraints
  • B. configure and enable all constraints
  • C. check the On failure, retry check box
  • D. the action name must be prefixed with Policy:

Answer : C

Which statement is true regarding a Fixlet?

  • A. A Fixlet is a template that does not have success criteria.
  • B. A Fixlet is a template that contains the binaries for patching an endpoint.
  • C. A Fixlet is a template containing only an action script that can make a change to an endpoint or its client settings.
  • D. A Fixlet is a template containing applicability relevance and an action script used to correct issues on an endpoint such as installing a patch.

Answer : C

How is a manual group defined?

  • A. A Fixlet group that is created by an operator.
  • B. A computer group whose members are static.
  • C. A Fixlet group that can only contain Windows patches.
  • D. A computer group that can only be used to deploy Windows patches.

Answer : B

Which three conditions must be met for an endpoint to return results for an analysis?

  • A. The analysis must be activated.
  • B. The applicability relevance must evaluate to True.
  • C. A master operator must first activate the analysis.
  • D. The endpoint must be in the domain containing the analysis.
  • E. The endpoint must be subscribed to the site containing the analysis.
  • F. The analysis property definitions must be the same as the applicability relevance.

Answer : A,D,F

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