Fundamentals of Applying IBM Security Systems Identity and Access Assurance v6.0 (C2150-201)

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A global health care organization is looking to streamline and extend its security framework. There are just few departments that use the identity and access management framework at this time. They have asked the security officer of those departments to summarize the findings that need to be considered when designing and deploying a security framework.
Which two features of the identity and access management solution should be considered in this situation? (Choose two.)

  • A. Support globalization of operations
  • B. Increased efficiency and reduced cost
  • C. Complicates end user experience due to multiple systems
  • D. Ease of administration at an increased cost to maintain the systems
  • E. Users have to remember multiple passwords to access various 1AM systems

Answer : A,D

A company is planning to design an identity and access management solution across multiple data centers which will automate the user life cycle management and streamline their access management process.
Which two key design principles should be factored in for designing a comprehensive identity and access management solution? (Choose two.)

  • A. Design for integrity
  • B. Design with single zone
  • C. Design for accountability
  • D. Design for single layer of defense
  • E. Design for single data center and then extend it

Answer : C,D

A customer wants to do a phased deployment of IBM Security Identity Manager setup starting with few platform and provisioning policies. Subsequent phases will increase complexity.
Which stage can be implemented without an external production system?

  • A. Pilot stage
  • B. UAT stage
  • C. Production stage
  • D. Development stage

Answer : A

A customer has a requirement which is currently unavailable in an out-of-the-box product.
Who would be able to assist in troubleshooting the customer when developing a custom solution?

  • A. IBM Sales
  • B. IBM Support
  • C. IBM LAB Services
  • D. Raise an enhancement request with IBM

Answer : C

Social media is an increasing threat to an organization's policies and network; company employees are the ones who are most likely to fall victim to social engineering based threats, and serve as entry points for Advanced Persistent Threats.
Which bundled product provides situational awareness and compliance support through security event correlation and analysis?

  • A. IBM QRadar SIEM
  • B. IBM QRadar Log Manager
  • C. IBM QRadar Risk Manager
  • D. IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager

Answer : B

The customer has an ongoing implementation of IBM Security Access Manager for
Enterprise Single Sign-On. The implementer needs to create, import, and view the access profiles that will be used and loaded.
Which component needs to be installed to help the administrator create, import, and view the access profiles?

  • A. ProfileWizard
  • B. AccessStudio
  • C. AccessWizard
  • D. AccessCreator

Answer : A

A company is in the process of extending the setup of its master-replica directory server environment to include more subtrees to meet the growing needs of the organization.
What can be used to add subtrees to the existing setup using web admin tool?

  • A. Directory Management > Manage Topology > Add Subtree
  • B. Directory Management > Manage Directory > Add Subtree
  • C. Replication Management > Manage Topology > Add Subtree
  • D. Replication Management > Manage Directory > Add Subtree

Answer : C

Which software component is relevant to an IBM Security Identity Manager deployment when considering a high-availability solution?

  • A. LDAP Database
  • B. Java Messaging service
  • C. Web Administration Tool (WAT)
  • D. Self-service user interface (SSUI)

Answer : B

A customer's IT infrastructure includes ten different directories, one for each country branch. The customer now needs a single directory for some centralized applications. The customer would like to make as few changes in the environment as possible.
Which product do you recommend?

  • A. IBM Security Identity Manager
  • B. IBM Security Directory Server
  • C. IBM Security Directory Integrator
  • D. IBM Security Access Manager for Web

Answer : C

In an existing IT environment, the customer has decided to use an SSL certificates for the secure communication among its components. One of the certificates that is used in the organization has been compromised which make it vulnerable to attack. The decision has been made to revoke to compromised certificate.
Which method does GSKit support to check whether the certificate is revoked?

  • A. JCEKS
  • C. Certificate Service Request
  • D. Online Certificate Status Protocol

Answer : D

A customer has a requirement for the recommended settings for the product in context of
Operating System, Network, LDAP services, and Database parameters.
Where can the recommended settings be found?

  • A. Product Release Notes
  • B. Product Configuration Guide
  • C. Product Problem Determination Guide
  • D. Product Performance and Tuning Guide

Answer : A

A company is using IBM Security Access Manager for Web solution for all applications.
What is the business advantage of this solution?

  • A. Identity management of different systems
  • B. Focus of all Web traffic through a single path
  • C. Compromise of the Internet-facing firewall results in limited security exposure.
  • D. Reduced cost by moving substantial amounts of Web infrastructure back into their internal networks

Answer : C

A company hosts a number of web applications which are protected using IBM Security
Access Manager. The company needs to step up authentication for some of the mission critical applications.
Which WebSEAL functionality is used to ask the user to perform additional login (re- authentication)?

  • A. Authorization Rules
  • B. Access control lists (ACL's)
  • C. Protected object policy (POP)
  • D. External authentication interface (EAI)

Answer : D

You are tasked to design a web Single Sign-On solution to significantly reduce help desk costs. Which product would meet this requirement?

  • A. IBM Security Identity Manager
  • B. IBM Security Directory Server
  • C. IBM Security Access Manager
  • D. IBM Security Directory Integrator

Answer : C

In the customer environment administrators often provision accounts without waiting for approval, which is against company policy.
What two solutions would you offer to detect this? (Choose two.)

  • A. IBM Security Identity Manager, using reconciliation
  • B. IBM Security Identity Manager, to expedite account approval
  • C. IBM Security Access Manager, to audit when these illicit accounts are used
  • D. I BM QRadar Log Manager, building on top of Account Management Auditing
  • E. IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-on,which captures accounts credentials

Answer : A,E

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