IBM Informix 12.10 System Administrator v6.0 (C2090-619)

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What does the following SQL administration command do? EXECUTE FUNCTION task("onmode", "wi", "/tmp/cfg_20130601");

  • A. Apply the new values for all configuration parameters in memory.
  • B. Reset the values for dynamically updatable configuration parameters to the default values and save them in onconfig.
  • C. Apply the new values for all dynamically updatable configuration parameters from the file "/tmp/cfg_20130601" in memory.
  • D. Apply the new values for all dynamically updatable configuration parameters from the file "/tmp/cfg_20130601" and save them in onconfig.

Answer : C

Which Informix utility is used to print information about runtime statistics for all threads in the server?

  • A. onstat -g sta
  • B. onstat -g act
  • C. onstat -g rea
  • D. onstat -g cpu

Answer : D

Several operating-system kernel configuration parameters can affect the use of shared memory by the database server. Which two kernel parameters may need to be configured?
(Choose two.)

  • A. Memory page size.
  • B. Total number of available semaphores.
  • C. Lower-boundary address for shared memory.
  • D. Total memory presented to the operating system.
  • E. Maximum operating-system shared-memory segment size.

Answer : C,E

Which two logging modes are compatible between two databases participating in a distributed query? (Choose two.)

  • A. ANSI and non-ANSI
  • B. Buffered and Unbuffered
  • C. Buffered and Non-logging
  • D. Non-logging and Unbuffered
  • E. Non-logging and Non-logging

Answer : B,E

Which statement accurately describes the mapped user functionality in Informix?

  • A. The DBSA can control the access to the database at the table level by creating different security labels for each user.
  • B. The DBSA can create different roles for each user in order to verify whether the user who is attempting an operation has the necessary privileges.
  • C. The DBSA can configure the server to allow database access by external users who do not have operating system accounts on the host computer.
  • D. The DBSA can grant access to the database server to users of the host computer operating system by implementing different authentication mechanisms for each user.

Answer : C

When configuring Informix server for DRDA connection, which statement is true?

  • A. The connection protocol must be drsoctcp.
  • B. The database server name for DRDA connection must correspond to the DBSERVERNAME onconfig parameter.
  • C. The database server name for DRDA connection must correspond to the DBSERVERALIASES onconfig parameter.
  • D. The database server name should correspond to either the DBSERVERNAME or the DBSERVERALIASES onconfig parameter.

Answer : C

Which two DataBlade extensions can be automatically registered? (Choose two.)

  • A. Web DataBlade
  • B. Spatial DataBlade
  • C. TimeSeries DataBlade
  • D. Excalibur Text DataBlade
  • E. High Performance Loader DataBlade

Answer : B,C

Which two parameters are mandatory when running "ifxclone"? (Choose two.)

  • A. Target server instance size.
  • B. Target server instance name.
  • C. Source server instance sqlhosts.
  • D. Target server configuration parameters.
  • E. Source server instance TCP/IP address.

Answer : B,E

Which statement is FALSE?

  • A. A new index can be created compressed.
  • B. Attached indexes cannot be compressed.
  • C. A compressed index can be uncompressed.
  • D. A compressed index cannot be uncompressed.

Answer : C

Which is NOT a valid index fragmentation strategy?

  • A. Fragment by Range
  • B. Partition by Expression
  • C. Fragment by Expression
  • D. Fragment by Round Robin

Answer : D

The DBA updated the uto_crsd?Scheduler task in the SYSADMIN database with the following SQL commands:The DBA updated the ?uto_crsd?Scheduler task in the
SYSADMIN database with the following SQL commands: UPDATE ph_task SET tk_enable
= ?WHERE tk_name = uto_crsd?UPDATE ph_task SET tk_enable = ??WHERE tk_name =
?uto_crsd? UPDATE ph_threshold SET value = ?WHERE name =
UTODEFRAG_ENABLED?UPDATE ph_threshold SET value = ??WHERE name =
?UTODEFRAG_ENABLED? UPDATE ph_threshold SET value = ?000?WHERE name =
UTOCOMPRESS_ROWS?UPDATE ph_threshold SET value = ?000?WHERE name =
?UTOCOMPRESS_ROWS? What will be the effect of auto_crsd database scheduler task on the tables?

  • A. Compress all tables with less than 5000 rows.
  • B. Compress and defragment tables with more than 5000 uncompressed rows.
  • C. Compress, repack and shrink tables with more than 5000 uncompressed rows.
  • D. Do not compress, repack, shrink and defragment any table with more than 5000 rows.

Answer : C

You need to create a new role for users on stores database. Which system catalog table can be checked to ensure the uniqueness of the new role name?

  • A. stores:sysusers
  • B. sysmaster:sysroles
  • C. sysuser:sysroleauth
  • D. sysmaster:sysusers

Answer : A

Which table attribute defines the percentage of changes (insert/update/delete) threshold to consider the statistics as stale?


Answer : D

Which statement is true about log salvaging?

  • A. ontape cannot perform salvage of logs.
  • B. Log salvaging cannot be avoided if onbar is used for restore.
  • C. Log salvaging is the act of restoring logical logs after physical restore, but before logical restore.
  • D. Log salvaging allows for recovery of data up to the last available and uncorrupted logical-log file and the last complete transaction.

Answer : D

The DBA has defined the following configuration parameters in the onconfig file:

What are the actual values for LMM START THRESHOLD and LMM STOP THRESHOLD computed internally by the database server?

  • D. LMM START THRESHOLD = 2% and LMM STOP THRESHOLD = 3% of physical memory in the system

Answer : B

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