IBM InfoSphere Optim for Distributed Systems v9.1 v7.0 (C2090-461)

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A customer requires the archival and archival browsing of data residing in Teradata. what component(s) is NOT required?

  • A. Teradata Client Libraries.
  • B. IBM DB2 Federation Server.
  • C. Optim on a distributed platform.
  • D. Optim Connect Server and Optim Connect Studio.

Answer : A

The Optim directory is NOT supported on which database?

  • A. Oracle
  • B. Teradata
  • C. DB2 LUW
  • D. Microsoft SQL Server

Answer : B

Which statement regarding the Optim Designer Column Map Editor perspective is true?

  • A. One can apply a filter to only show certain columns by name or a part of the name.
  • B. All policy providers are chosen from a wizard that shows all the options available with each function.
  • C. Typing "TRANS COL" over the column name is appropriate and will successfully convert the column value.
  • D. Once a policy provider is applied to a column, you need to go to Optim Classic to adjust the syntax of that function.

Answer : D

Which two statements about Optim Relationships are true?

  • A. Corresponding columns must adhere to the specific column names.
  • B. Corresponding columns need not be identical, but must be compatible.
  • C. Can use an expression to evaluate or define the value for one of the two columns.
  • D. Expressions can include string literals, numeric constants. NULL, concatenation, and substrings.
  • E. At least one of a pair of corresponding columns must be specified by column name without any expression.

Answer : B,D

Which statement is FALSE, regarding the installation of Open Data Manager (ODM)?

  • A. It is supported on AIX
  • B. It is supported on Windows Server
  • C. It is supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • D. It is supported on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Answer : A

Which of the categories of Optim Lua functions are NOT supported in column map procedures?

  • A. string.dump()
  • B. Optim Lua database functions
  • C. Input and output facilities that are built into the Optim Lua I/O library
  • D. Input and output facilities that are built into the Optim Lua I/O library string.dump()

Answer : A

Optim Designer should be used for all of which processes?

  • A. Defining DBAIiases. Optim Data Sources and ODM Collections.
  • B. Viewing zOS job output, masking policies and relationship definitions.
  • C. Testing Optim Archive Access Definitions. Services and ODM Collections
  • D. Creating and testing TDM Access Definitions. Column Maps and Convert Services.

Answer : A

Which two are licensed for Optim Search Collection?

  • A. Database
  • B. Optim ODM data source
  • C. ODBC System or User DSN
  • D. Directory on local file system or SMB share
  • E. Original database from which data is archived

Answer : A,B

Considering best practices and Optim Column Maps, which statement is FALSE?

  • A. Column Maps are designed in Optim Classic and imported into Optim Designer.
  • B. Using Optim Designer to edit a column map is simple, but there is no "Edit Function" button.
  • C. One should maximize the Column Map Perspective to ensure that they are not ignoring information at the bottom.
  • D. When you choose a column with a function already applied, the "Apply Function" button is grayed but the "Clear Column Expression" button is enabled.

Answer : A

What is IBM Optim Manager?

  • A. A web application that you can use to configure, run, monitor, and manage services.
  • B. A web application that you can use to design, configure, run, monitor, and manage services.
  • C. A web application that you can use to install Optim and configure, run, monitor, and manage services.
  • D. A web application that you can use to install Optim and design, configure, run. monitor, and manage services.

Answer : A

Optim Masking On Demand requires valid license files to use this feature of the product. A license utility called ODPPLicp.exe is used to create the required license files. The following sample command will generate the required license key files for Masking on
Demand to function:

Whichlicense key files will be generated as a result of the sample command?


Answer : C

What type of install is NOT available for Optim?

  • A. Silent
  • B. Console
  • C. Linux RPM
  • D. Launchpad

Answer : C

A customer wants to mask a database without creating an extract file, this is often referred to as "dynamic" or "on the fly".
What method would allow the customer to accomplish this task?

  • A. Using Optim Designer.
  • B. Using Optim Distributed Lua scripting.
  • C. Using Optim column maps with column map exits.
  • D. Using custom written programs using Optim Data Privacy Providers (ODPP) or User Defined Functions (UDFs).

Answer : A

When using an ODPP function within an Optim Lua script, it is necessary to use which keyword as part of the calltoODPP?

  • A. optimodpp
  • B. optimmask
  • C. odppmask
  • D. maskodpp

Answer : B

Which statement describeswhat is occurring, why and how?

  • A. command file syntax, to execute legal hold, using prOcmnd /FMF
  • B. override file syntax, to process a compare, using prOcmnd /COMPARE
  • C. command file syntax, to execute an archive file split, using prOcmnd /FMF
  • D. command file syntax, to execute an archive file split, using prOcmnd /ARCMAINT

Answer : C

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