IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer v9.1 v7.0 (C2090-305)

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What are two characteristics of data rules?

  • A. Each data rule has a defined state.
  • B. Data rules only produce exception data.
  • C. Data rule definitions are explicit to one data source.
  • D. You cannot transfer data rules to another environment.
  • E. Data rules can be tested interactively during data rule creation.

Answer : A,E

Reference: v8-7-User-guide(page 130)

You have been tasked with documenting all fields that contain personal information while performing profiling activities.
Which method would you use to accomplish this?

  • A. Select the 'Personal' status on the Domain & Completeness workspace.
  • B. Update the 'Priority' attribute for each data field containing personal information.
  • C. Update the 'Personal' attribute for each data field containing personal information.
  • D. Select the data class or sub-class indicating the type of information for each field containing personal information.

Answer : D

You are working with a System Administrator who must move an Information Analyzer project to a new Information Server environment using the command line tools. You need to ensure that the project is established with the same metadata and reports as in the original environment.
Which parameter must be included to successfully complete the export?

  • A. -includeCommonMetadata; -includeCommonReports; -includeAIIDataClasses
  • B. -includeAssignedAssets; -includeProjectReports; -includeAIIDataSources
  • C. -includeCommonMetadata; -includeReports; -includeAIIDataClasses
  • D. -includeProjectMetadata; -includelAReports; -includeDependentClasses

Answer : D

Which option could you use to limit which records in a table are available for Column

  • A. Set a record limit on the drill-down role.
  • B. Set a limit on array size when submitting the analysis job.
  • C. Use Analysis Settings to define a filter using a WHERE clause.
  • D. When registering the data source to the project only specify the rows you want available.

Answer : B

Which of the following will allow you to run a data rule without using the Information
Analyzer graphical user interface?

  • A. Tivoli
  • C. Federation Server
  • D. Information Services Director

Answer : B

You are searching for an employee named Kristie Jones who has accounts on various applications, in which she has used the first names Kristie, Kristin, and Kristen as her first name.
Which is the correct rule logic for addressing this problem?

  • A. name like ('KristieTKristinTKristen')[ ]'Jones'
  • B. name matches (,KristieTKristinTKristen,)[]'Jones,
  • C. name contains ('KristieTKristinTKristen'^rJones'
  • D. name matches_regex ('Kristie'l'KristinTKristen^j'Jones'

Answer : D

You suspect that data in a table contains inconsistent structure/formatting. Which
Information Analyzer Column Analysis screen would be used to determine this?

  • A. Layout
  • B. Format
  • C. Tokens
  • D. Structure

Answer : D

At which levels can Information Analyzer analysis settings be set?

  • A. Host Project, Table. Column
  • B. System, Host, Database, Table
  • C. System. Project. Table. Column
  • D. Project. Database. Column. Property

Answer : D

If there is a need to run data rules on a daily basis, which two options are valid?

  • A. Create a bundle and run lAJob command
  • B. Schedule lAJob runs using DataStage Director
  • C. Run lAJob command pointing to data rule executable
  • D. Run lABundle command pointing to all rules to be executed
  • E. Submit lAJob command on a daily basis from Information Server Operation console

Answer : C,E

What are two properties of global logical variables?

  • A. Cannot be changed once created
  • B. Can be reused by other rule definitions
  • C. Need rebinding when generating a data rule
  • D. Hold parameters which are valid system wide
  • E. Cannot be bound to a physical source column

Answer : B,D

Reference: v8-7-User-guide(page 156)

Which two steps are necessary to set up data rule monitoring?

  • A. Create Metric.
  • B. Create Data Rule Definition.
  • C. Create Data Source connection.
  • D. Create batch script to run data rule.
  • E. Create and configure dashboard environment to see run results.

Answer : A,C

When working with Information Analyzer reports, which two functions require use of the reporting functionality in the Information Server Web Console?

  • A. Add the report to Favorites.
  • B. Grant access to a report result.
  • C. Run reports without saving them
  • D. Create user-defined folders for reports.
  • E. Run reports created in the Web Console.

Answer : A,B

In which two screens can you see the output results of the data quality rules?

  • A. Data Studio
  • B. Project Dashboard
  • C. DataStage Director
  • D. Information Services Director
  • E. Information Analyzer My Home workspace

Answer : B,E

You are analyzing a known table with a five column primary key. You wish to confirm its uniqueness with minimal processing time.
Which steps should you take?

  • A. Select only the five columns and run Multi-column Primary Key Analysis with Multi- column option = Concatenate. Review Primary Key Analysis on the Multi-column tab.
  • B. Select only the five columns and run Multi-column Primary Key Analysis with Composite Key Maximum Columns = 5. Review Primary Key Analysis on the Multi-column tab.
  • C. Create a Virtual Column including only the five columns, select the Virtual Column and run Column Analysis. Review Primary Key Analysis for the Virtual Column on the Single column tab.
  • D. Create a Virtual Table including only the five columns, select the Virtual Table and run Multi-column Primary Key Analysis with Composite Key Maximum Columns = 1. Review Primary Key Analysis on the Multi-column tab.

Answer : C

A customer table contains a country code column representing the customer's country.
There is a corresponding lookup table that captures which country code represents each country (100=Germany, 101=France. 102=ltaly, and so on).
Which rule logic would address a requirement to find all French customers that have a phone number made up often digits?

  • A. countryname = 'France' AND phone matches_regexp ''
  • B. lookup(countryname) = 'France' AND phone matches_regexp ''
  • C. IF lookup(countryname) = 'France' THEN phone matches_format ''
  • D. IF lookup(country. countrycodes. countrynames) = 'France' THEN phone matches_format ''

Answer : D

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