IBM Case Foundation V5.2, Specialist v3.0 (C2070-982)

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The command widget is an important widget. Which two facts apply to this widget?
(Choose two)

  • A. The command widget handles data about cases and tasks
  • B. The command widget on a page can be associated with more than one solution
  • C. The command widget will be automatically configured after you place it on the page
  • D. The command widget is a hidden widget existing in all pages for an deployed solution
  • E. When creating a custom page, you only place the desired visible widgets in the page

Answer : A,D

You need to integrate your widgets with Case Manager widgets, but the format of the payloads are different. Depending upon the complexity of the mismatch in payloads, what might you use to wire your widgets to the Case Manager widgets?

  • A. Case Manager Toolbar Widget
  • B. Case Manager Command Widget
  • C. Mashup Center Data Editor Widget
  • D. Mashup Center JavaScript Adapter Widget

Answer : D

Which two are allowed under the IBM Case Manager license agreement? (Choose two)

  • A. Use of the Lotus Widget Factory
  • B. Use of IBM Lotus Sametime Connect Client
  • C. Unrestricted use of IBM FileNet Business Process Manager
  • D. Use of the Lotus Mashup Program to integrate custom widgets with Case Manager data sources
  • E. Use of the Lotus Data Feed Program to deliver feeds from any data source, including non ECM data sources.

Answer : C,D

IBMCase Manager 5.0is supported on the following directory servers? (Choose two)

  • A. Novell eDirectory
  • B. Oracle Directory Server
  • C. IBM Tivoli Directory Server
  • D. MS Active Directory Server
  • E. SUN Java Directory Server

Answer : C,D

To use IBM FileNet Case Monitor with a IBM Case Management application, what IBM on- add products do you need to install?

  • A. FileNet Case Analyzer
  • B. Cognos Real-time Monitoring
  • C. FileNet System Manager and FileNet Case Analyzer
  • D. FileNet Case Analyzer and Cognos Real-time Monitoring

Answer : D

A workflow system administrator can define special groups or users that restrict access to theProcess Administrator, Process Configuration Console and Process Designer applications via anaccess role. If these groups or users are defined for an access role, a user must log on to thecorresponding application as a member of that access role.
Which access role does a user need to be a member of to accessProcess Administrator from theAdmin page in Workplace or the Tools menu in Workplace XT?

  • A. PWDesigner
  • B. PWConfiguration
  • C. PWAdministration
  • D. Application Engine Administrator

Answer : C

When a solution is deployed for the first time in a development environment, three spaces -
Solution space, Case pages space and Step pages space are created in the mashup environment. Which two statements are correct? (Choose two)

  • A. Case workers process cases through Solution spaces
  • B. Everyone can change the security settings for these spaces
  • C. Case pages space and Step pages space are hidden spaces
  • D. Everyone can modify the three spaces by adding, deleting or changing the existing pages
  • E. You can add and register new pages in Solution space, Case pages space and Step pages space

Answer : A,C

When your solution is ready to be distributed, to which folder do you move your Solutions subfolder to in the design object store?

  • A. Solutions
  • B. Templates
  • C. Deployment
  • D. Environments

Answer : B

Which of the following is NOT available when using P8 eForms in Case Manager applications through the Case eForm Widget?

  • A. Signature Fields
  • B. Multiple tabbed-page view
  • C. Embedded scripts and calculations
  • D. Creation of high-resolution PDF copies

Answer : A

A case can be in one of the following states: New, Completed, Working, Initializing, and
Failed. What is the state of the case when Content Engine is setting the case properties during case creation?

  • A. New
  • B. Failed
  • C. Working
  • D. Initializing

Answer : D

Which of the following represents a case in Content Engine?

  • A. A folder object filed in a case type folder
  • B. A custom object filed in a case type folder
  • C. A folder object filed by year, month, date, time
  • D. A custom object filed by year, month, date, time

Answer : C

How can P8 eForms be used to extend Case Manager Capabilities? (Choose two)

  • A. To support the use of P8 forms for electronic signatures
  • B. To provide a way to interact with external systems via form fields
  • C. To provide a customized launch step processor for all optional case tasks
  • D. To provide a consistent way for all case workers to access case properties
  • E. To provide a customized user interface to case properties for specific task steps

Answer : B,E

What can IBM Content Analytics be used for? (Choose two)

  • A. Reporting on cases and tasks that are currently active
  • B. See which words and phrases occur frequently in many cases
  • C. Discover unexpected correlations between words and phrases
  • D. Get data on the average time to complete business tasks during a specific time interval
  • E. Review volume, find and eliminate bottlenecks and ensure that operations are working efficiently and effectively

Answer : B,C

How does IBM Case Manager provide a framework for handling business exceptions?

  • A. When designing a Task, you must use the P8 Process Designer to define any exception handling by customizing the malfunction submap of the process definition
  • B. Well defined process are expressed by process fragments defined for tasks within the case, and IBM Case Manager is used to define the set of tools used by case workers to manage exceptions
  • C. The structured part of the business process must be implemented using a BPM tool such as IBM BPM which will call IBM Case Manager services to provide case management capabilities for exception handling
  • D. When a process fragment requires exception handling by case workers, the Task raises an event that must be specified as a pre-condition into another task that will provide an explicit exception handling implementation

Answer : B

In Case Builder, how do you allow a case worker to be able to create a new task to handle an unexpected situation in the Case Client?

  • A. You need to create an optional task in Case Builder and define how the Task will start.
  • B. You need to create a required task in the Case Builder and define its precondition to specify it is to be ad-hoc.
  • C. You do not need to do anything specifically because IBM Case Manager handles ad-hoc Case Tasks as part of the base product.
  • D. You need to create an optional task in Case Builder and a new corresponding page to be used for steps in an ad-hoc task process.

Answer : A

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