IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2, Specialist v4.0 (C2070-981)

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What are two different logging levels that can be set using the IBM Content Search
Services command-line configuration tool? (choose two.)

  • A. Fatal
  • B. Finer
  • C. Trace
  • D. Debug
  • E. Warning

Answer : B,E

Which two attributes can a file storage area have? (choose Two.)

  • A. Can be a raw file system.
  • B. Can be a Unix file system.
  • C. Can be a Windows NTFS volume.
  • D. Can be an encrypted NTFS volume.
  • E. Only a one-to-one relationship with a Content Engine server.

Answer : B,C

Which user account is used by the Content Engine to establish a connection with the application server, access the application server's Java Naming and Directory Interface
(JNDI) tree, look up the data sources for accessing the GCD, and start up Content Engine's background tasks?

  • A. GCD administrator account (gcd_admin).
  • B. Content Engine bootstrap account (ce_bootstrap_admin).
  • C. Content Engine operating system user account (ce_os_user).
  • D. Application server administrative console user (appserver_console_user).

Answer : B

Which Content Engine table is used to query audit records?

  • A. Event table.
  • B. Event Class Definition table.
  • C. Audit Configuration Event table.
  • D. Audit Processing Bookmark table.

Answer : A

For a current production environment of Content Engine 4.5.1 and Process Engine 4.5.1 and a staged upgrade for only the Process Engine to 5.1 (Content Engine remains at
4.5.1), which of the following P8 clients will have to be installed as part of the upgrade process?

  • A. Content Engine Client 5.1
  • B. Process Engine Client 5.1
  • C. Content Engine Client 4.5.1
  • D. Process Engine Client 4.5.1

Answer : B

Which two of the following resource statuses can an offline storage area have?

  • A. Full
  • B. Locked
  • C. Standby
  • D. Disabled
  • E. Reserved

Answer : A,C

Which two statements describe content encryption? (choose two.)

  • A. Content is decrypted at the client.
  • B. Content is decrypted by the Content Engine.
  • C. Content encryption pertains only to the storage area.
  • D. Content encryption is system wide and pertains to all storage areas.
  • E. Content encryption applies to file stores, fixed files stores, and database stores.

Answer : B,C

When using Deployment Manager, after preparing P8 assets for deployment in the source environment, you need to create which one of the following?

  • A. A set of source object bundles.
  • B. A deploy dataset of exported objects.
  • C. A set of custom property conversion maps.
  • D. An export manifest of property information in the target system.

Answer : B

A company plans to implement the out-of-the-box workflows provided with IBM FileNet
Content Manager. The system administrator needs to configure this functionality In order to accomplish this, a workflow system needs to be configured.
Which of the following is a characteristic of a workflow system?

  • A. A workflow system is a collection of isolated regions.
  • B. A workflow system is another name for an isolated region.
  • C. A workflow system is edited using Process Task Manager.
  • D. A workflow system is created using Process Configuration Console.

Answer : A

A company is building a solution and wants to restrict the choices for a field to choices defined by the design of the application.
Which data type can be used when creating a choice list?

  • A. Float
  • B. Integer
  • C. Boolean
  • D. DateTime

Answer : B

When you delete a storage area, which of the following two conditions apply? (choose two.)

  • A. All storage policies using the storage area are also removed.
  • B. The storage area is no longer available to the Content Engine.
  • C. The directories and files for the storage area are automatically deleted.
  • D. The storage area can only be deleted once no classes list this in their storage policy.
  • E. Document classes that do not have an alternate storage area are automatically deleted.

Answer : B,D

A Content Platform Engine is reporting authentication errors in the trace logs.
What should the system administrator first be concerned with?

  • A. Single Sign On (SSO)
  • B. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
  • C. Web Service Extensible Authentication Framework
  • D. The Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)

Answer : D

How can you optimize performance for large content uploads and downloads in a Content
Engine (CE) server farm?

  • A. Take advantage of file store replication.
  • B. Increase the size of your upload and download directories.
  • C. Specifying a server affinity setting in the CE client application.
  • D. Adjust your load balancer to use all the CE servers in the Farm.

Answer : C

What middleware software needs to be installed prior to using the Composite Platform
Installation Tool?

  • A. Database
  • B. Content Engine
  • C. Application Server
  • D. It requires no middleware software

Answer : D

FileNet Process Engine allows you to tie XML web services interfaces into end-to-end processes, which can include and combine internal (front and back office) and external
(partner or customer) processes. What is this known as?

  • A. Rules Integration
  • B. Process Simulation
  • C. Component Integrator
  • D. Process Orchestration

Answer : D

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