Managing and Maintaining IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 Environments v6.1 (C2040-926)

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Vanessa wishes to control id file downloads from theID vault by requiring authorization.
Which of the following would allow this action?

  • A. Set the download limit to 0 and raise it when necessary for users
  • B. Configure a DDM event to approve that notifies administrators of id file download attempts
  • C. Specify an administrator group in the ID vault profile to be notified of a download attempt
  • D. Configure the Administration Process to request specified administrator approval before allowing downloads

Answer : A

Isabelle, the Domino administrator, has not enabled DAOS functionality in her Domino server. When a large attached file is broadcast to thousands of users, which of the following also occurs?

  • A. A single message is sent through the server
  • B. Multiple unique messages of the same data is sent through the server
  • C. A separate copy of the message for each recipient is sentthrough the server
  • D. The attachment is stripped from the message and replaced with a pointer to a central message storage

Answer : C

Which of the following is thename of the process in which you periodically force the update of new public and private keys stored in server id files?

  • A. Key update
  • B. Key rollover
  • C. Applied keyfile
  • D. Forced recertification

Answer : B

Pablo wants to change the encryption settings of the user's id files. He has created the security settings document with the appropriate settings. When will the user's id files be updated with thenew encryption?

  • A. The encryption change will take effect immediately.
  • B. The encryption change will take effect the next time the user changes their password.
  • C. The encryption change will take effect the next time the client accesses the user's home mail server.
  • D. The encryption change will take effect the next time the client runs the dynamic client configuration.

Answer : B

A DDM Security probe generates an event when it finds which of the following?

  • A. An expired certifier for a person
  • B. A problematic database or server configuration
  • C. A monitored database has a local copy created by a user
  • D. An attempted database access by a person or server not authorized

Answer : B

The ID vault may be replicated to other Domino servers. You initiate the request to create a new vault replica utilizing the ID Vaults - Manage tool. When is the vault replica created?

  • A. Immediately
  • B. At the servers next scheduled replication
  • C. After the Administration Process request is approved
  • D. After the vault administrator approves the emailed vault creation request

Answer : A

Domino roaming for the Notes standard configuration clients in Domino 8.5 and higher offers theability to synchronize which of the following?

  • A. A notebook database and user ID file
  • B. The user ID file and local Eclipse XML configuration files
  • C. A feeds subscription database and an Eclipse plug-in data and preferences database
  • D. The Activities plug-in configuration and the integrated Sametime Connect configurations

Answer : C

You have set the below variable for your Domino Attachment and Object Service: Defer object deletion for 100 days Which of thefollowing results are obtained from this setting?

  • A. Objects in DAOS are deleted every 100 days
  • B. Objects in DAOS are only kept for 100 days until they are deleted
  • C. Objects in DAOS are only linked for 100 days to the original document
  • D. Objects in DAOS are kept 100 additional days after the last reference is removed

Answer : D

Joe has configured the fault analyzer task to run on the server.He finds that the task is running as intended but the collection database has grown extremely large. What can Joe do to reduce the size of the collection database?

  • A. Set maximum collection size for the collection database.
  • B. Turn off diagnostic collection for clients only.
  • C. Change "Remove diagnostic files after a specified number of days" to Yes.
  • D. Make a backup copy of the collection database before deleting it and then recreate the collection database.

Answer : C

By default, the TNEF Converter doesnot process which of the following messages at the server?

  • A. S/MIME signed
  • B. Return receipts
  • C. Ambiguous names in email
  • D. Delivery status notifications

Answer : A

After enabling DAOS for a mail database on your server which option should be run when compacting the database for DAOS to take effect?

  • A. -b
  • B. -c
  • C. -D

Answer : B

Which of the following protects user workstations against active content from unknown or suspect sources?

  • A. ACL
  • B. ECL
  • C. Passwords
  • D. Certificates

Answer : B

The Domino server running Lotus Traveler must have which of the followingaccess rights to the user mailfiles it will be serving to mobile devices?

A. Author with delete rights -

B. Editor with delete rights -

C. Designer with delete rights -

D. Manager with all rights -

Answer : D Topic 2, Volume B

Streaming cluster replication uses which of the following to move unread marks and folder additions to clustered servers?

  • A. In-memory information
  • B. Scheduled replication
  • C. A temporary index directory
  • D. A database titled clurep.nsf

Answer : A

Jerrod, a new Domino administrator, has been attempting to take corrective actions on some Domino Domain Monitoring events. However, the actions are not available. Which of the following rights are required?

  • A. Manager rights to DDM.nsf
  • B. Execute CA role in DDM.nsf
  • C. Editor access to Admin4.nsf
  • D. Corectiverole in Events4.nsf

Answer : B

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