IBM Cognos ICM Essentials v6.0 (C2020-004)

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When using the Standard Build Framework, which two factors should you consider when defining the list of Common Components for a model? (Choose two.)

  • A. payout components
  • B. inbound feeds
  • C. compensation plans
  • D. tier measures

Answer : A,D

When applying the Standard Build Framework, which two principles do you follow?
(Choose two.)

  • A. You must hard-code the AttributeID when building static data stores and reports.
  • B. When joining AttributeIDs, you should base restrictions and joins on the four attribute columns.
  • C. Outbound ports with the same partitions should be combined into one port with an AttributeID partition
  • D. Every custom table in the model should have a pick list to the CompPlan table.

Answer : B,C

Which two statements apply to Data tables? (Choose two.)

  • A. Data tables must contain a date-type column.
  • B. Datatables must have a primary-key that consists of only one column.
  • C. Data tables can auto-populate pick-listed columns.
  • D. Data tables can be locked on two date columns.

Answer : A,C

Which two statements regarding Portal Access Web tabs are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. The first tab listed in Portal Access is the first tab that will be displayed on the Web client.
  • B. You can have a Web tab and asub-tab for a single Web tab object.
  • C. You can change the location and order of Web tabs after they have been created.
  • D. Users that have access to Web tab groups also have access to sub-tabs.

Answer : A,C

Which two tasks can you configure to be executed by the Scheduler module? (Choose two.)

  • A. Create new user
  • B. External T001s
  • C. Saved imports
  • D. Table deletion

Answer : B,C

You are having trouble helping the client to set up LDAP integration with the Admin client.
Before engaging the clients LDAP expert and IBM Cognos ICM Support, what information must you provide? (Choose two.)

  • A. ICM Windows Service configuration file
  • B. error message
  • C. file
  • D. Varicent.log file

Answer : A,B

Which table typeis built by joining one or more tables and calculations together?

  • A. Data
  • B. Hierarchy
  • C. Custom
  • D. View

Answer : D

When joining two data sources in a Data Store, what should you select to ensure that all records of the first data source will return, even if the join does not find matching records in the second data source?

  • A. Anchor source rows
  • B. Right outer join
  • C. Full outer join
  • D. Include empty partitions

Answer : A


In a Presenter Data Grid, how would you set the alignment of a particular column to be right-aligned while keeping all other columns left-aligned?
A. Right-click on the column and select Alignment>Right.
B. Select the column, then select the right-align icon.
C. Set Conditional Formatting for the column with a condition such as 1=1
D. Set Advanced Formatting options for each column separately.

Answer: C -

You want to restrict a developers access to modify table data in the QA environment. What should the QA administrator do?

  • A. Disable the developer’s Web access.
  • B. Remove the developer from the Payee table.
  • C. Limit the developer’s role to view data.
  • D. Remove the developer from all the Portal Access Groups.

Answer : C

Once a non-accumulating calculation is locked, which two aspects of the calculation can be changed? (Choose two.)

  • A. Sources
  • B. Partitions
  • C. Formula
  • D. Calendar

Answer : A,C

What are two purposes of using components in Composer? (Choose two.)

  • A. for aesthetics
  • B. for granular application ofsecurity
  • C. for organization
  • D. for troubleshooting purposes

Answer : B,C

What are twobenefits of using the Attributes Approach? (Choose two.)

  • A. It provides clarity of the calculation results.
  • B. It supports standardized crediting logic.
  • C. It supports standardized component logic.
  • D. It supports a standard Data table definition.

Answer : A,C

In Presenter, which two types of Transformations can you create? (Choose two.)

  • A. Aggregate
  • B. Subtotal
  • C. Summed
  • D. Transpose

Answer : A,D

What are two ways to execute Scheduler processes? (Choose two.)

  • A. manually through the Admin client
  • B. automatically through the Web client
  • C. manually using the database server
  • D. automatically at apredefined time

Answer : A,D

Which table property can be changed after it is saved?

  • A. name
  • B. description
  • C. primary key
  • D. type

Answer : B

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