IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5 Service Request Management Implementation v6.0 (C2010-656)

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In IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5, which statement is true about deleting a service group?

  • A. All related tickets must be deleted before a service group can be deleted.
  • B. All relatedwork orders must be deleted before a service group can be deleted.
  • C. The services in that group must be deleted before a service group can be deleted.
  • D. A service group can be deleted without deleting all the related records and the services in thatgroup.

Answer : C

Which two criteria can be applied in the Response Plan application? (Choose two.)

  • A. Assign Labor
  • B. Apply Solution
  • C. Apply Security
  • D. Assign Vendor
  • E. Assign Material

Answer : B,D

Service Desk analystsare trying to use communication templates through the Select Action menu in the Service Request application, but they are not visible in the list. What could be done to fix this issue?

  • A. Change the status to Approved for each communication template.
  • B. Enable the flag Comm log Entry for each communication template.
  • C. Set the field Accessible From as ALL or APPS for each communication template.
  • D. Associate each communication template to Service Request in the Use With section.

Answer : C

Which two record types can be found when a user performs a search in the Self Service
Global Search application? (Choose two.)

  • A. Offering
  • B. Incident
  • C. Problem
  • D. Work Order
  • E. Service Request

Answer : A,E

A Response Plan can be applied by which object?

  • A. Action
  • B. Quick Insert
  • C. Price Schedule
  • D. Service Level Agreement

Answer : A

In IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5, which two calendar types are available to be used with Service Level Agreements in the Service Level Agreement application? (Choose two.)

  • A. Time Calendar
  • B. Custom Calendar
  • C. Frequency Calendar
  • D. Applies To Calendar
  • E. Calculation Calendar

Answer : D,E

Notifications can be sent to users to inform them of catalog requests status onlywhen which configuration has been completed?

  • A. The e-mail feature turned on in IBM WebSphere or Oracle WebLogic
  • B. A mail server on the same system as IBM SmartCloud Control Desk
  • C. A valid host name or IP address in the system property
  • D. A valid DNS server host name or IP address in the file

Answer : C

The Internal Priority of a problem is determined by which two fields? (Choose two.)

  • A. Impact
  • B. Urgency
  • C. Target Finish Date
  • D. Affected By Person
  • E. Service Level Agreement

Answer : A,B

When creating two new offerings, what must be done so that both offerings will be displayed in the same folder of the offering tree in the Self Service Center?

  • A. assign the same workflow to bothofferings
  • B. assign the same offering type to both offerings
  • C. assign the same classification to both offerings
  • D. assign the same service group to both offerings

Answer : C

An IT support specialist is creating a new solution record soit is published and available from the Self Service Center application. He entered information into the Symptom, Cause, and Resolution sections and saved the record. The solution describes resolving an issue with the e-mail server, so in the keywords section he is adding the word: e-mail.
Now he wants to check if the solution is available from the Self Service Center application so he searches using the email keyword but his solution is not listed on the results list. He checked the solution record againand it is in ACTIVE status and the Self Service Access option is checked.
Why is the solution not appearing in the results list?

  • A. The Expiration Date field is empty
  • B. The Lucene engine did not index this record.
  • C. A classification was not assigned tothe solution.
  • D. The specification list on the Specifications tab is empty.

Answer : B

Which statement is true regarding organization and site on a job plan?

  • A. both organization and site are optional
  • B. both organization and site aremandatory
  • C. organization is optional, site is mandatory
  • D. organization is mandatory, site is optional

Answer : A

Which statement is true about cart templates in IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5?

  • A. They group customers.
  • B. They group work orders.
  • C. They group offerings that are commonly ordered.
  • D. They group shopping carts that are commonly submitted.

Answer : C

Which application grants users access to a specific catalog?

  • A. Offerings application
  • B. Catalogs application
  • C. Security Groups application
  • D. Catalog Offerings application

Answer : C

There is an option to request a new service in the standard Self Service Center. What must be modified in order to change the contents of its description?

  • A. the configuration file of the Self Service Center
  • B. the description in the Application Designer application
  • C. the Java Bean class for the Self Service Center application
  • D. the MAXMESSAGES table from the Database Configuration application

Answer : D

Which language can be used in the Automation Scripts application?

  • A. XML
  • B. Java
  • C. HTML
  • D. Jython

Answer : D

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