Fundamentals of Applying Maximo Asset Management Solutions V3 v6.0 (C2010-651)

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How can changes be made to a previously approved purchase contract?

  • A. copy the contract
  • B. undo the contract
  • C. revise the contract
  • D. complete thecontract

Answer : C

Which add-on to IBM Maximo Asset Management allows customers to visually organize work and forecasted PM5 in a Gantt chart viewtaking into consideration work constraints and dependencies, and automatically applying a critical path method which users can manage?

  • A. IBM Maximo Scheduler
  • B. IBM Maximo Calibration
  • C. IBM Maximo Microsoft Project Adapter
  • D. IBM Maximo Linear Asset Management

Answer : A

The Assets application is configured so that under certainconditions, for example if the
Asset status is Decommissioned, the Spare Parts tab will not be visible. What is needed to complete the task of hiding the Spare Parts tab?

  • A. Use the Person Groups application to enable a related signature option.
  • B. Use the Conditional Expression Manager application to create this condition.
  • C. All of the stated configuration changes can be done using the Application Designer.
  • D. This is no longer a configuration task but a customization effort and the Automation Scriptingapplication must be used.

Answer : B

Preventive maintenance taskscan be created for which three types of records in IBM
Maximo Asset Management? (Choose three.)

  • A. Tool
  • B. Item
  • C. Route
  • D. Asset
  • E. Location
  • F. Work Order

Answer : C,D,E

What is a factor when determining the number of concurrent users for sizing an environment?

  • A. the number of BIRT/Cognos reports to be viewed
  • B. the users to be supported for logging in concurrently
  • C. the number of licenses purchased in the sales contract
  • D. the time before thesystem logs users out based on inactivity

Answer : B

Which industry solution based on IBM Maximo Asset Management provides the ability to record and manage smart meters?

  • A. IBM Maximo for Utilities
  • B. IBM Maximo for Government
  • C. IBM Maximo for Oil and Gas
  • D. IBM Maximo for Transportation

Answer : A

Which feature/function enables a customer to create a library of recurring work that contains all the tasks that various departments would need to perform?

  • A. Routes
  • B. Job Plans
  • C. Work Plan
  • D. Safety Plans

Answer : B

In which application are new assettypes created?

  • A. Assets
  • B. Domains
  • C. Specifications
  • D. Classifications

Answer : B

A customer has indicated that anybody in the company is able to complete apaper-based requisition but there are problems with these requisitions going missing from the supervisors desk. Which function can be used in IBM Maximo Asset Management to electronically submit requisitions in a wizard-like fashion without a lot of usertraining?

  • A. Purchase Orders
  • B. Desktop Requisitions
  • C. Purchase Requisitions
  • D. Request for Quotations

Answer : B

A customer requirement is to have a script execute at the time when the user clicks the
Save button. Which launch point would be recommended to the user to create?

  • A. Action launch point
  • B. Object launch point
  • C. Attribute launch point
  • D. Custom Condition launch point

Answer : B

When creating a new PM, where are detailed task steps defined?

A. on the route -

B. in a job plan -

C. in the PMplans -

D. on the master PM -

Answer : B Topic 2, Volume B

A trucking company employs a small IT shop but is heavily information-driven. The IBM
Maximo Asset Management (Maximo) implementation will drivethe business using a help desk (opening work orders) and a repair facility among the functions to be delivered.
These facts have been gathered using interviews from the customer sponsor:
-> There will be 20 (maximum) help desk operators with an open Maximo application screen at all times.
-> The company has IBM WebSphere applications driving their commerce systems today.
-> There will be 70 (maximum) mechanics reviewing any given asset record at one time, all using an Internet Explorer browser.
-> There are 6,200 employees at the company.
-> There will be 10 (maximum) finance department members who will print an estimated 20,000 pages of BIRT reports each month.
-> There will be 2,000 integration transactions per hour.
When working to produce an architecture for the trucking company, which two factors should be taken into consideration for sizing the environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. total number of employees
  • B. J2EE specifications for memory for the JVM5
  • C. Types of integration transaction to be processed
  • D. Volume of integration to be processed
  • E. Number of customizations to Maximo business objects.

Answer : B,D

What two key business benefits does the PM function provide for the client? (Choose two.)

  • A. The abilityto forecast a PM schedule
  • B. The ability to discover meters necessary for triggering the PM work
  • C. The ability to associate a job plan that is Draft status to the PM schedule
  • D. The ability to automatically create a work order when the PM schedule is due
  • E. The ability to automatically generate a master PM schedule from the work order

Answer : A,D

Which definition best describes the functional purpose of a PM?

  • A. A forecast of work
  • B. The detailed actuals
  • C. Predicts an asset failure
  • D. A template for a work order

Answer : D

Which type of contract represents an agreement to spend a predetermined amount with a vendor over a period of time?

  • A. Price Contract
  • B. Blanket Contract
  • C. Warranty Contract
  • D. Labor Rate Contract

Answer : B

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