Fundamentals of Applying Tivoli Network and Service Assurance Solutions V1 v6.0 (C2010-576)

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A customer has requested that a document be produced detailing the potential topology/technology issues with the proposed Tivoli deployment. Assuming all the relevant customer contacts are in place, which two types of information should be collected from the customer regarding their current topology?

  • A. a list of all users accessing the devices
  • B. a listing of all the DNS servers in the network
  • C. a listing of all the IP addresses for the devices to be managed
  • D. all relevant vendor documentation for the devices to be managed
  • E. a listing of all the elements to be managed (routers, interfaces, vendor, type model, operating system)

Answer : A,E

Which software package provides additional rules for the SNMP and Syslog probes?

  • A. NL
  • B. NcKL
  • C. Probe Library
  • D. Default Rules

Answer : B

With respect to IBM Tivoli Netcool Configuration Manager, how is a policy best described?

  • A. A policy is a user defined template used to alter the state of a device to ensure it meets specific compliance criteria.
  • B. A policy ensures only certain groups are given view. add. modify, and delete rights to specific commands within a configuration.
  • C. A policy is vendor specific implementation of a rule that uses definitions to determine the compliance or non-compliance of a device's state.
  • D. A policy is a vendor neutral concept that attempts to determine the compliance of a device's state using vendor specific rules and definitions.

Answer : A

What is the difference between Tivoli Common Reporting/Cognos (TCR/Cognos) reports and DataView reports in the IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager Wireline Component product?

  • A. TCR/Cognos reports are static; DataView reports are dynamic.
  • B. TCR/Cognos reports are dynamic; DataView reports are static.
  • C. TCR/Cognos reports use only raw data: DataView reports use raw and aggregated data.
  • D. TCR/Cognos reports use raw and aggregated data: DataView reports use only raw data.

Answer : C

A customer has requested an opinion survey of quantitative results after a two week Proof of Concept.

  • A. The report creator is confusing.
  • B. The new system is much more stable.
  • C. The new graphics are much easier to see.
  • D. The problem was resolved two minutes faster today.
  • E. 10 additional trouble tickets were worked in one day.

Answer : B,D

Which hardware resource is typically most important when planning to install an IBM Tivoli
Netcool Configuration Manager worker server in a virtualized environment?

  • A. CPU speed
  • B. distributed storage
  • C. total physical disk space
  • D. bandwidth of network connections

Answer : A

Which application component can detect the alarm flood and report it early to avoid IBM
Tivoli Netool/OMNIbus outages?

  • A. nci_flood
  • B. ncp_flood
  • C. probe rules
  • D. probe properties

Answer : C

The solution design document should include a design decisions section. Which three topics should be covered in this section?

  • A. design options
  • B. licensing costs
  • C. network topology
  • D. technical contact list
  • E. software part numbers
  • F. plan for physical architecture

Answer : C,D,F

What is one of the key factors for data retention when working with a customer to help build a historical data collection policy?

  • A. How to manage the size of the archive.
  • B. What the key stakeholder will use the data for.
  • C. What type of media is used at the offline backup location.
  • D. How the data will be displayed to the Chief Information Officer of the company.

Answer : C

Which three areas are verified when using the IBM Prerequisite Scanner?

  • A. the required licenses are available
  • B. the operating system is supported
  • C. the correct Java environment is available
  • D. the required third-party packages are installed
  • E. the host computer has sufficient disk space, CPU. and memory to install the product
  • F. there are sufficient resources left on the server to run the solution with the already deployed software without performance degradation

Answer : B,E,F

A service provider has a requirement to be non-disruptive during configuration changes.
They are considering implementing SmartModel.
What would be two reasons for choosing this option?

  • A. It allows faster configuration of a device.
  • B. It allows a configuration rollback without a reset or reboot of the system.
  • C. It optimizes the device configuration and provides better performance on the device.
  • D. It allows users to test a command set in Report Only mode against devices without implementing them to ensure that the outcome is as intended.
  • E. It automatically adjusts the performance settings on the device based on the configuration changes and reduces the risk of failure or performance decline.

Answer : A,B

A customer has requested that a document be produced outlining various backup proposals for the proposed IBM Tivoli Network and Service Assurance solution. Which three activities should be undertaken to provide the information required for the report?

  • A. Determine the customer's existing database vendor.
  • B. Assess the customer's current and future backup policy(s).
  • C. Evaluate the data importance from the customer's regulatory perspective.
  • D. Evaluate the number of end users that require access to the backup data.
  • E. Discuss with the customer which data can be discarded during any system outage.
  • F. Evaluate the customer's data retention infrastructure to make recommendations for any future expansion.

Answer : C,D,F

A customer has an older series of Juniper routers installed at each of their branch offices.
Which resource would best assist in determining if the router can be monitored?

  • A. IEEE standards guidelines
  • B. SNMP command reference
  • C. the Juniper product website
  • D. the warranty information for the routers

Answer : C

What is the IBM Tivoli Netcool Service Extension (NSE) service used for?

  • A. The NSE is used to include network provisioning as part of cloud service delivery.
  • B. The NSE is an API that allows the creation and configuration of network manager domains.
  • C. The NSE is used by IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager to create composite sub- elements to represent combined service metrics.
  • D. The NSE is the Open Services Lifecycle Interface of IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus and provides a structured open interface to extract event data out of the ObjectServer.

Answer : C

The client requests a statement of support and specific mention of items outside the IBM scope of support. Which three data items must be gathered to create the statement of support?

  • A. location of server rooms
  • B. list of network connectivity
  • C. age of oldest network component
  • D. list of network and server hardware
  • E. list of operating systems approved/preferred by client
  • F. number of concurrent Network Operations Center users

Answer : D,E,F

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