IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1 v7.0 (C2010-574)

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The Inspector offers the possibility to view the data and visual appearance for a givenelement. What are two values for the Shape Type property? (Choose two.)

  • A. Tube
  • B. Cube
  • C. Circle
  • D. Diamond
  • E. Triangle UP

Answer : D,E

What is required when creating an auto-population rule?

  • A. Enter a restriction filter
  • B. Enter adisplay name expression
  • C. Add settings for parent templates
  • D. Enter an instance name expression

Answer : D

When an LDAP type is not listed, how else can WebSphere connect to it?

  • A. Enable Single Sign-On
  • B. Select Microsoft AD 2003
  • C. Select a standalone LDAP repository
  • D. Select federated repositories and edit the custom LDAP directory type

Answer : D

Which IBM Tivoli Monitoring component must be configured in order to collect IBM Tivoli
Business Service Manager historical data?

  • A. Warehouse Proxy agent
  • B. Tivoli Enterprise Portal server
  • C. Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring server
  • D. Warehouse Summarization and Pruning agent

Answer : A

What is available when using the Classic page layout?

  • A. Skins
  • B. Wires
  • C. Widgets
  • D. Transparency and Overlap

Answer : B

Where are the Logging and Trace levels changed within IBM Tivoli Business Service
Manager V6.1 (TBSM)?

  • A. TBSM Service Configuration Page > (Troubleshooting) navigation menu
  • B. WebSphere Administrative Console > (Troubleshooting) navigation menu
  • C. WebSphere Administrative Console > (Configuration Problems) navigation menu
  • D. once logged into TBSM, select Troubleshooting from the Navigation Menu > Logs and Trace

Answer : B


How can the IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager Data Server be stopped to initialize a change to an XML file1?
A. <TBSMHOME>/bin/ stop
B. <TIPHOME>/bin/ server1-profileName TIPProfile -user tipadmin-password
C. <TIPHOME>/bin/ server1-profileName TBSMProfile-user tipadmin- password 'pass'
D. <TIPHOME>/bin/ server1-profileName TBSMProfile-user tipadmin- password 'pass' and<TIPHOME>/bin/ server1-profileName TIPProfile-user tipadmin -password 'pass'

Answer: C -

On which IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager (TBSM) setver(s) is the RAD shell tool available?

  • A. Data Server only
  • B. Dashboard Server only
  • C. Both Data Server and Dashboard Server
  • D. Any TBSM servers thathave the RAD shell tool installed

Answer : A

Where is a Data Source within IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1 (TBSM) configured?

  • A. Service Configuration Page Service Navigation portlet Data (drop-down menu)
  • B. Service Administration Page Service Editor portlet Data (drop-down menu)
  • C. Service Administration Page Service Navigation portlet Data Fetcher (drop-down menu)
  • D. Service Configuration Page Service Editor portlet Data Fetcher (drop-down menu)

Answer : C


What has to be done to a new custom canvas view before adding visual elements to it?

A. assign a template to it -

B. add the data source to it -

C. give it a name and save it -
D. set permissions for users and groups and save it

Answer: C -

Which trace level allows all messages that have already been sent to the RAD_server.log to also appear in the trace.log file?

  • A. Fine
  • B. Error
  • C. Finest
  • D. Warning

Answer : A

What is the name of the primary IBM Tivoli BusinessService Manager V6.1 IBM DB2 database?

  • A. RAD
  • B. Main
  • C. TBSM
  • D. TBSM_Work

Answer : C

Which two methods verify that the IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager (TBSM) agent is successfully connected to the IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) Server?(Choose two.)

  • A. use the TBSM service tree
  • B. use the ITM Enterprise Portal Console
  • C. use the command cinfo or kincinfo
  • D. use the command itmcmd list systems
  • E. use rad radshell to start the rad shell and then enter tbsm_agent

Answer : B,D


What are the two maintenance types that can be scheduled for a service? (Choose two.)

A. Daily -

B. Weekly -

C. Monthly -

D. Absolute -

E. Recurring -

Answer: D, E -

In which environment is a stand-alone system recommended to be installed?

  • A. fail-over
  • B. production
  • C. development
  • D. pre-production

Answer : C

When creating an auto-population rule what is the purpose of the Restriction Filter?

  • A. It triggers a state change for auto-created service instances
  • B. It applies additional conditions for auto-creating service instances.
  • C. It applies additional data sources for auto-creating service instances.
  • D. It triggers the auto-population rule for auto-creating service instances.

Answer : B

What are twopossible results returned from the IBM Prerequisite Scanner? (Choose two.)

  • A. Fail
  • B. Pass
  • C. Unknown
  • D. Not Found
  • E. Library Missing

Answer : A,B

Which two items are required when installing an IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager
V6.1Dashboard Server? (Choose two.)

  • A. Netcool/OMNIbus hostname
  • B. Tivoli Data Warehouse schema
  • C. Data Server communication port
  • D. Event Integration Facility Probe port
  • E. IBM Tivoli Integrated Portal hostname

Answer : A,C

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