IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine V7.5 Implementation v7.2 (C2010-571)

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How is an e-mail listener definition enabled to poll a specified e-mail account?

  • A. Check the Active check box
  • B. Use the Activate/Deactivate Listener Select Action menu item
  • C. Change status to Active using the Status Change icon on the toolbar
  • D. Change status to Active using the status Change Status in the Select Action menu

Answer : B

Which statement is true about asynchronous data validation?

  • A. Data in a field is immediately validated when a user moves off of the field.
  • B. Background validation is required to be active when a screen reader is being used.
  • C. To be used, asynchronous data validation must be enabled for all fields of anapplication.
  • D. To enable asynchronous data validation for all applications, add the statement ASYNCHRONOUS = Y to the PRESENTATIONXML file.

Answer : A

By default, at which database level are the domains created?

  • A. Set
  • B. Site
  • C. System
  • D. Organization

Answer : C

Which two statements are true about Interactions? (Choose two.)

  • A. Interactions can be created and configured in the Create Interaction application.
  • B. Interactions can be reviewed, modified, and deleted in the Interactions application.
  • C. Interactions can be created and configured in the Web Services Library application.
  • D. Interactions can be used to create and deploy Web services for inbound integrations.
  • E. Interactions can be created, configured, modified, and deleted in the Interactions application.

Answer : A,B

How are Tivoli process automation engine (Tpae) languages installed?
A. Selectlanguages during the Tpae installation
B. Select languages during the maximo.ear build
C. Select languages during the maximo.ear deployment
D. Select languages during the Tpae language pack installation

Answer : A Topic 2, Volume B

Which statement is true about Start Centers?

  • A. Each security group can have an unlimited number of available Start Center templates associated with it.
  • B. When there is more than one Start Center page available to a user, the system displays tabs for each page.
  • C. The security privilege to add / modify Start Center templates is related to a User record and controlled through the Enable Start Center Maintenance check box.
  • D. Start Centers can be designated as Dependent (the information from multiple State Centers is combined)or Independent, (meaning each template is displayed separately).

Answer : B

How can the work being done by a Java Virtual Machine be viewed?

  • A. generate a GO dump
  • B. generate a heap dump
  • C. generate a thread dump
  • D. generate a process dump

Answer : C

Which two statements are true about Integration Framework? (Choose two.)

  • A. It supports direct database inserts on core objects.
  • B. It supports direct external system database inserts.
  • C. It supports using IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler to import external data.
  • D. It supports different data formats including interfaces tables, flat files, and XML files.
  • E. It supports multiple communication modes including Web services, HTTP post, and Java Message Service messaging.

Answer : D,E

If a user wants to create aMigration Manager package that will either add or change the data in a destination environment, the Migration Manager package processing action must be set to what?

  • A. Add
  • B. Modify
  • C. Change
  • D. Add Change

Answer : D

When creating limits and tolerances for a security group, which value option can be restricted in the default interlace?

  • A. labor expenditure limit
  • B. materials requisition limit
  • C. budget limits (by organization)
  • D. number of members of a security group

Answer : B

Which statement defines a table domain?

  • A. It is a simple list ofvalues that use one of the table data types.
  • B. It is a dynamic set of values based on the values of another object.
  • C. It is a list of numeric values retrieved by multiple tables that are defined when a range is specified.
  • D. It is a special type of tabledomain in which the system brings back another value (or values) from the specified record.

Answer : B

Where are attached documents properties defined?

  • A. file
  • B. file
  • C. Organizations application
  • D. System Properties application

Answer : D

A company is about to implement an inbound Integration based on Web services. Which
Iwo system properties must be configured before deploying a Web service? (Choose two,)

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.
  • E.

Answer : B,E

How can a Java Virtual Machine’s memory usage be monitored?

  • A. generate GO dumps
  • B. generate heap dumps
  • C. generate thread dumps
  • D. generate Java core dumps

Answer : B

What are the three key steps required to make a report available to be run by a user?

  • A. Register the report, import thereport, activate the report
  • B. Create the report, import the report, enable report security
  • C. Register the report, import the report, enable report security
  • D. Create the report, approve the report, enable report security

Answer : C

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