IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 Implemenation v7.3 (C2010-570)

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How is a cron task instance run?

  • A. Define a schedule and set to Active
  • B. Set to Active and turn Admin mode on
  • C. Define a schedule and set the parameters
  • D. Turn Admin mode on and define a schedule

Answer : A

When defining new reports in the various IBM Maximo Asset Management applications, which statement is true about browser shortcuts created for those reports?

  • A. Shortcuts can becreated as hyperlinks
  • B. Shortcuts can be created for any report
  • C. Shortcuts can be created in the Application Designer
  • D. Shortcuts can be created for a report that has no parameters

Answer : D

Which three are valid Request for Quotation statuses? (Choose three.)

  • A. APPR
  • B. COMP
  • C. INPRG
  • D. DRAFT
  • E. READY
  • F. WAPPR

Answer : B,C,E

Which statement describes how an inventory backorder reservation type is set?

  • A. Run the reorderprocess and enable the Backorder check box
  • B. Enable Backorder as a reservation type with the Work Order - Materials sub-tab
  • C. Enable Disallow Negative Available Balance in Organizations > Inventory Options > Inventory Defaults
  • D. Select an item with a current balance less than the quantity ordered in the Work Order- Materials sub-tab

Answer : C

Which domain types can be added?

  • A. Synonym, Internal, ALN
  • B. Numeric, Crossover, Table
  • C. ALN, Crossover, Synonym
  • D. Synonym, Table, Crossover

Answer : B

When using the Asset Templates application to update existing assets, what preventsdata from being overwritten when applying the template?

  • A. Leave the fields blank
  • B. Modify the Site options
  • C. Modify the Organization options
  • D. Check the Update Existing fields checkbox

Answer : A

What does an active workflow process define?

  • A. The flow of work in Application Designer
  • B. The process to add an attribute to an application
  • C. The different work to be performed by the lead craft
  • D. The different paths that a record can take as it moves through a business process

Answer : D

Explanation: You use the Workflow Designer application to create, to view, to modify, and to delete workflow process records that reflect your business processes.
An active workflow process defines the different paths that a record can take as it moves through a business process. The workflow process also specifies the actions and notifications that can take place at different points in a process.

What are two ways an administrator can add an existing attribute to the Work Order
Tracking application? (Choose two.)

  • A. Conditional Ul application > select WOTRACK, select the new attribute, click the Show button
  • B. Database Configuration application > select WORKORDER object, select the new attribute, click the Show button
  • C. Application Designer application > under Select Action menu select the Add/Modify Attributes option, add the new attribute to the canvas
  • D. Application Designer application > select WOTRACK, drag and drop the appropriatecontrol to the canvas, configure the control properties to bind the new attribute
  • E. Application Designer application > select WOTRACK application, export the presentation XML file, make appropriate changes in the XML file, import the presentation XML file

Answer : D,E

Which statement describes the function of the Select Items for Return button?

  • A. toreturn excess inventory items to another storeroom bin
  • B. to return inventory items to a storeroom found in the workshop
  • C. to return issued but unused inventory items to another storeroom
  • D. to return issued but unused inventory items to the original storeroom

Answer : D

What is a Work Order?

  • A. Request for route stop
  • B. Request for inventory reorder
  • C. Request for work to be performed
  • D. Request for user accessto application

Answer : C

What is a valid report option in the Labor Reporting application for external contractors or internal employees?

A. Reporting labor by site -

B. Reporting labor by contract -
C. Reporting labor by work order
D. Reporting labor by organization

Answer : C Topic 2, Volume B

Which statement is true regarding job plan editing?

  • A. Job plans with a status of DRAFT or PNDREV may be edited.
  • B. Job plans can never be edited once they have been revised (revision number > 0).
  • C. To edit a job plan, use the select action command to Revise Job Plan. This action cancels the initial job plan, creating an editable copy in the REVISED status.
  • D. To designate a job plan for a different organization or site, use the select action command to Revise Job Plan and then change the organization or site identifier.

Answer : A

What is the initial default statuswhen creating a Request for Quotation?

  • A. INPRG
  • B. DRAFT
  • C. WAPPR

Answer : A

Which statement is true about a master preventive maintenance (PM) record?

  • A. A master PM record does not generate work orders.
  • B. Associated PM records cannot be created from master PM records.
  • C. A master PM record generates work orders like any other PM records.
  • D. Associations between existing PM records and a master PM record cannot be made

Answer : A

What task must be performed as part of initial data entry?

  • A. Create Tool
  • B. CreateCraft
  • C. Create Order
  • D. Create Organization

Answer : D

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