IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.3 Administration v8.0 (C2010-510)

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What is the default Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server log path in a Linux/UNIX installation?

  • A. /opt/I BM/ITM/Iogs
  • B. /opt/IBM/ITM/itmLogs
  • C. /opt/IBM/ITM/ITMinstall_dir
  • D. /opt/IBM/ITM/<architecture>/ins/bin

Answer : C

In the Situation Editor window, what is the meaning of the grey icon near the
NT_BP_Evt_Source_Critical situation?

  • A. The situation has not yet started.
  • B. The situation has not been distributed.
  • C. The situation has not yet saved in the Situation Editor.
  • D. The NT application support files were not seeded to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server.

Answer : A

Which option is appropriate to remove offline agents that appear in an IBM Tivoli
Monitoring environment?

  • A. tacmdcleanMS
  • B. tacmd clear TEMS All
  • C. tacmdclearOFFLlNE All
  • D. tacmdcleanAgents=offline

Answer : D

What is the result of the command tacmdbulkExportSit -t NT -f?

  • A. A list of files is produced containing all the existing NT situations.
  • B. A report is produced containing statistical data on all the active NT situations.
  • C. All the existing NT situations are copied to the backup Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server.
  • D. All the running NT situation are exported to the mirror Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server.

Answer : D

Reference:http://www- ef10.htm%23bulkexpsit

When editing an existing Navigator item, what is the indication of a successful update in the
Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP)?

  • A. The TEP restarts automatically.
  • B. A pop-up message says the change was successful.
  • C. The Custom Navigator view updates immediately and show the changes.
  • D. The Custom Navigator view shows a Navigator Updates Pending message in the TEP.

Answer : C

When writing custom queries to display monitoring data, where are the attribute values from managed systems retrieved?

  • A. from the Tivoli Data Warehouse
  • B. from the Tivoli Automation Server
  • C. from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
  • D. from the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server

Answer : D

In views that display monitored data, attribute values from managed systems are retrieved by queries to the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server. You can edit the queries that are used in the predefined workspaces for your monitoring products, or create new queries to populate new views. In addition, you can retrieve data from any JDBC- or ODBC-compliant database to display in a chart or table by writing an SQL SELECT statement.

How can a clear alert be sent indicating that a custom workflow has been reset to normal?

  • A. At the end of the workflow, the clear alert will be sent.
  • B. At the end of the report, put in a choice that sends the clear alert.
  • C. At the end of the workflow, put in a wait until false that the situation has cleared.
  • D. At the end of the workflow, put in a choice and have an action to send an SNMP trap.

Answer : B

When configuring historical data collection on a new IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.3 installation, what must be done to collect data starting from the Open the History Collection
Configuration screen?

  • A. Select the system to collect data on
  • B. Select the metric to start collecting history on
  • C. Select a Monitored Application type and click New
  • D. Define the filter to select the proper systems to collect data on

Answer : D

Which statement describes a pure situation?

  • A. A situation that has an interval defined for evaluation.
  • B. A situation that monitors an invalid user logon attempt.
  • C. A situation that monitors only one disk free space attribute.
  • D. A situation that becomes false when the condition that caused the event has changed.

Answer : D

When accessing the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server (TEPS). a message appears that the query exceeds the limit of 200 managed systems. How can this be avoided?

  • A. Increase the TEPS database lock size limit.
  • B. Change a TEPS environment variable to increase the limit.
  • C. Increase the number of dashboard data provider connections.
  • D. Change the query to accept more than 200 managed systems.

Answer : A

What are two items in the General Activity tab of the Workflow Editor?

  • A. Define Value
  • B. Make a Choice
  • C. Generate Report
  • D. Ask Operator Question
  • E. Evaluate a Situation Now

Answer : B,E

Reference:http://www- wkflow

What does the cinfo -c <productCode> command do in an IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.3
UNIX/Linux environment?

  • A. It lists configured instances.
  • B. It shows running processes.
  • C. It displays an inventory of installed products.
  • D. It displays configuration prompts and configuration values.

Answer : C

Which IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.3 component provides the core presentation layer for retrieval manipulation, analysis, and pre-formatting of data?

  • A. Tivoli Performance Analyzer
  • B. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
  • C. Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server
  • D. IBM Dashboard Application Services Hub

Answer : C

Reference:http://www- view_components.htm

Which two processes correspond to the Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server component?

  • A. cms.exe
  • B. ksy610.exe
  • C. kntmain.exe
  • D. kdsmain.exe
  • E. KtwServices.exe

Answer : A,E


What must be created in the Tivoli Data Warehouse to use Tivoli Common Reporting?

  • A. The Data Model
  • B. The Object tables
  • C. The Service Agent tables
  • D. The Time Dimension table

Answer : D

96b3-8fc700f3a364/resource/WhitePaperTCR.pdf?lang=en(page 8 and 9)

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