IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1 Fundamentals v6.0 (C2010-509)

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What is meant by the archive option, RETVER=365?

  • A. Retain archive data for 365 days.
  • B. Retain 365 archive versions of this file.
  • C. Retain 365 backup versions of this file.
  • D. Migrate the file back to the customer's server after 365 days.

Answer : A

Explanation: You can control the period for which migration copies are stored in Tivoli
Storage Manager storage. If you accept the installed-default data management policy, migration copies can be deleted from Tivoli Storage Manager storage in one year.
RETVer determines the number of days to retain a migration copy.
When the retention period specified by RETVer ends, the Tivoli Storage Manager server marks the file for deletion.
Reference:IBM Tivoli Storage Manager HSM for Windows,,Configuring the retention period of migration copies

Which level of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager administrator authority includes the ability to restore node data from a remote system to a local system?

  • A. storage
  • B. system
  • C. operator
  • D. client access

Answer : C

Explanation: The Backup Operators group allows users to back up and restore files regardless of whether they have read or write access to the files. Since this group has a limited set of user rights, some functions are not available to members of the Backup
Operators group.

What controls the flow of data from a primary random disk storage pool to a sequential tape storage pool?

  • A. migration
  • B. expiration
  • C. motivation
  • D. integration

Answer : B

Explanation: The expiration process frees up storage pools space by marking files for deletion once they have reached a predefined retention period. It also frees the database of entries, which helps manage the size of the database.

If there is no icon to start the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Java GUI on a UNIX system, which step can be taken to start the GUI?

  • A. reboot the UNIX client
  • B. run the dsmj program
  • C. run the dsmc program
  • D. issue the restart tsm command

Answer : B

Explanation: The Tivoli Storage Manager GUI must be run from the X Window System. If you see the Tivoli Storage Manager icon on your desktop, Tivoli Storage Manager is already running. Double-click the icon to open the Tivoli Storage Manager window. If the
Tivoli Storage Manager icon does not appear on your desktop, you should start Tivoli
Storage Manager using the dsmj (starts the Java GUI) command.

Where can the operator immediately determine whether the backup has failed or succeeded?

  • A. the Admin Center
  • B. the Operations Center
  • C. the Tivoli Monitoring tool
  • D. the Tivoli Data Warehouse

Answer : B

Explanation: The Overview page of the Operations Center includes the section:

TSM Clients -
A client is considered to be at risk if a problem occurs during its most recent scheduled backup, or during a backup that starts within a specified time interval. The term backup also includes archive operations for Tivoli Storage Manager for Enterprise Resource
Planning clients.
Use the information that is shown in the TSM Clients section to check for failed or missed backups and to determine whether backup schedules are running as expected.

How can a virtual machine be protected using the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-
Archive client?

  • A. Install the Backup-Archive client on an ESX server.
  • B. Install the Backup-Archive client on a virtual center.
  • C. Install the Backup-Archive client directly in the virtual machine.
  • D. Only install the Backup-Archive client on the physical machine.

Answer : C

Explanation: Perform some file level restores of these backups using the Tivoli Storage
Manager |Backup-Archive Client running within the virtual machine.

What is the purpose of the command Query Actlog search=...?

  • A. It starts a backup using the console.
  • B. It searches for the active log directory.
  • C. It lists administrators with search capability.
  • D. It finds an entry in the activity log by entering text.

Answer : B

Explanation: Example:

Task -
Search the activity log for any message that contains the string "delete". The output includes only messages produced during the past hour.

Command -
query actlog search=delete

The IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1 backup/restore client is supported on which three operating systems?

  • A. AIX
  • B. IRIX
  • C. zOS
  • D. Linux
  • E. iSeries
  • F. Windows

Answer : A,D,F

What does the command query inclexcl show?

  • A. Details of which files are backed up.
  • B. The specific order in which files are backed up.
  • C. Which users have restore privileges for specific files.
  • D. The include/exclude statements in the order they will be processed.

Answer : D

Explanation: The query inclexcl command displays a list of include-exclude statements in the order in which they are processed during backup and archive operations. The list displays the type of option, the scope of the option (archive, all, etc.), and the name of the source file.

What is compatible with client-side deduplication?

  • A. SSL
  • B. NDMP
  • C. encryption
  • D. LAN-free backup

Answer : B

Explanation: When you configure client-side data deduplication, the following requirements must be met:
*The client and server must be at version 6.2.0 or later.
* (not D)Client-side deduplication cannot be used in combination with LAN-free backups.
* (not C)Files that are intended for deduplication must not be encrypted. Encrypted files and files from encrypted file systems cannot be deduplicated.

What does the preschedulecmd option accommodate?

  • A. It enables deduplication on the client.
  • B. It tests out a schedule prior to running.
  • C. It gives this schedule higher priority over other schedules.
  • D. It executes an operating system command before the scheduled action.

Answer : D

Explanation: The preschedulecmd option specifies a command that the client program processes before it runs a schedule. The client program waits for the command to complete before it starts the schedule.

Which two types of operations are available on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-
Archive GUI?

  • A. update policies
  • B. restore inactive files
  • C. backup selected files
  • D. update TSM client schedules
  • E. control migration and recall of files

Answer : C,D

Explanation: C:Use a selective backup when you want to back up specific files or directories regardless of whether a current copy of those files exists on the server
D:With client scheduling, you can perform the following tasks:
*Display information about available schedules.
*Display information about work that the schedule has completed.
*Modify scheduling options in the client options file (dsm.opt).
Reference:Storage Manager for Windows Backup-Archive Clients

IBM Tivoli Monitoring for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) includes which three components?

  • A. IBM DB2
  • B. TSM Proxy Agent
  • C. TSM Collection Agent
  • D. Tivoli Data Warehouse
  • E. TSM Enterprise Server
  • F. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server

Answer : D,E,F

Explanation: Tivoli Monitoringconsists of a number of components that accumulate and monitor historical data for reporting:
/IBM Tivoli Enterprise Portal
/IBM Tivoli Enterprise Management Server
/Tivoli Data Warehouse
IBM Tivoli Monitoringconsists of HubTivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server(hTEMS), Remote
TEMS (rTEMS),Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server(TEMS)and Tivoli Data Warehouse (DW).

What is the meaning of the RETONLY parameter?

  • A. The number of days to retain a backup version after that version becomes inactive.
  • B. The maximum number of backup versions to retain for files that are currently on the client file system.
  • C. The maximum number of backup versions to retain for files that have been deleted from the client file system.
  • D. The number of days to retain the last backup version of a file that has been deleted from the client file system.

Answer : D

Explanation: RETOnlydetermines the number of days to retain the last Exchange Server database backup version of a database that has been deleted from the Data Protection for
Exchange client system.

What is an incremental by date backup?

  • A. It backs up files that have have never been backed up before.
  • B. It backs up files that have been previously backed up using snapshot backup.
  • C. It backs up files with a modification date and time that is later than that of the last full incremental backup of the same files in that filespace.
  • D. It backs up files with a modification date and time that is the same as that of the last full incremental backup of the same files in that filespace

Answer : C

Explanation: The client backs up only those files whose modification date and time is later than the date and time of the last incremental backup of the file system on which the file resides. Files added by the client after the last incremental backup, but with a modification date earlier than the last incremental backup, are not backed up.

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