IBM SmartCloud Control Desk V7.5.1 IT Asset Management Implementation v8.0 (C2010-505)

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Where are Collection Restrictions defined?

  • A. Storerooms
  • B. Data Restrictions
  • C. Attribute Restrictions
  • D. Limits and Tolerances

Answer : B


Which two default company type fields can be used when creating a company record?(Choose two)

  • A. Retail
  • B. Courier
  • C. Internal
  • D. External
  • E. Shipping

Answer : D,E

What must be done to an item on the POLine before a license can automatically be created from a purchase order?

  • A. It must be linked to a rotating asset.
  • B. It must be linked to a deployed software asset
  • C. It must be linked to a software product from the Software Catalog.
  • D. It must be linked to an existing license so that the capacity can be incremented.

Answer : C

What must be true in order to reconcile the balance of an item?

  • A. An open financial period exists.
  • B. A default bin is listed for the item.
  • C. An asset exists for the rotating item.
  • D. A default vendor is listed on the inventory record.

Answer : C

In which application is TAMITEXTSYS configured?

  • A. External Systems
  • B. Enterprise Adapter
  • C. Enterprise Services
  • D. Integration Framework

Answer : B

What is the maximum number of characters permitted for a Set Name in a default installation of IBM SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5.1?

  • A. 4
  • B. 8
  • C. 30
  • D. 255

Answer : D

Which statement is true about Deployed Assets?

  • A. They can be deleted using the Deployed Assets application.
  • B. They can be updated using the Deployed Assets application.
  • C. They can be created, deleted, and modified using Integration Composer.
  • D. They can be created, deleted, and modified using Deployed Assets applications

Answer : D

When choosing the option to e-mail a report, which two formats are available to the user?(Choose two)

  • A. XLS
  • B. PDF
  • C. CSV
  • D. BIRT
  • E. Cognos

Answer : A,B

Which three installed items are considered deployed IT asset data in an enterprise?

  • A. printer
  • B. camera
  • C. monitor
  • D. keyboard
  • E. computer
  • F. network device

Answer : A,D,F

Which two tasks are performed in the Receiving application?(Choose two)

  • A. return items to vendor
  • B. receive purchase order line items
  • C. receive purchase request line items
  • D. issue received items to the Incident application
  • E. issue received items to the Service Request application

Answer : B,E

A deployed asset can be promoted from which two applications?(Choose two)

  • A. Assets
  • B. Computers
  • C. Item Master
  • D. Network Device
  • E. Deployed Software

Answer : A,D

Creation of a General Ledger (GL) account begins with which action?

  • A. Company-Related Accounts
  • B. GL Component Maintenance
  • C. Add/Modify Account Structure
  • D. Organization Default Accounts

Answer : B

What must all condition enabled items have?

  • A. a lot number
  • B. an active status
  • C. a seeded value of 50
  • D. a condition rate of 100%

Answer : D


Which two pay rates can be specified when defining a craft record?(Choose two)

  • A. holiday rates
  • B. outside rates
  • C. contract rates
  • D. overtime rates
  • E. standard rates

Answer : B,E

Which information can be specified when entering disposal details for an asset?

  • A. Disposal Endorser, Data Disposed, Charge
  • B. Type of Disposal, Date of Decision, Assigned to
  • C. Type of Disposal, Date Disposed, Charge, Recipient, Assigned to
  • D. Disposal Request ID, Data Disposed, Charge, Recipient, Remarks

Answer : C

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Total 138 questions