IBM Tivoli Support Provider Tools and Processes v5.0 (C2010-023)

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When searching knowledge entries on the IBM Support website, what does the Task

Based -
Navigator provide for search isolation?

  • A. search for only the maintenance download records
  • B. navigate through product planning records, to find all related install tips
  • C. search for documents with keywords, service task and operating system
  • D. it guides through the troubleshooting documents to collect the right diagnostic information

Answer : C

Prior toescalating an issue to IBM Tivoli Support, which action should the Level 2 support provider take?

  • A. Reboot the production server.
  • B. Verify Operating System is fully patched.
  • C. Delete current log file to allow new logs to be created.
  • D. Use debugging tools to capture detailed problem information.

Answer : D

At the end of each knowledge document on the IBM Support website is a survey known as
Document Level Feedback. In what way is this used?

  • A. They define how well the web interface is delivering the right information.
  • B. Comments are sent to the content creator to improve existing documents.
  • C. These are summarized for assessing the usability of the product interface.
  • D. Allows the individual to request additional information from theknowledge author.

Answer : B

Which three upload protocols are supported by the ECuRep Tool? (Choose three.)

  • A. SCP
  • B. TCP
  • C. e-mail
  • D. UUCP
  • E. HTTP and HTTPS
  • F. FTP and Secure FTP

Answer : C,E,F

Which statement bestdescribes the Test Fix Maintenance Delivery Vehicle?

  • A. Test fixes may only be released on one fixed date each quarter.
  • B. Test fixes include enhancements or new features for the product.
  • C. Test fixes are announced by IBM and can be downloaded on the IBMwebsite.
  • D. Test fixes may be file replacements without formal packaging or documentation.

Answer : D

What do Support Technical Exchange (STEs) webcasts provide?

  • A. only post deployment information
  • B. hints and tips which are seen in thefield
  • C. fee based education utilizing pre-recorded webcasts
  • D. pre-recorded webcasts which do not allow for Q A with subject matter experts

Answer : B

Which IBM website provides community-based resources, such as forums, blogs and wikisconcerning IBM products?

  • A. developerWorks
  • B. Information Center
  • C. Passport Advantage
  • D. Electronic Service Request

Answer : A

Which two security mechanisms are in place to ensure customer protection and safety when using Assist On-Site (AOS)? (Choose two.)

  • A. Data communication is encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption.
  • B. Access to an AOS session is granted using a random key unique to the session.
  • C. AOS protects the customers system by only allowing view access to the system.
  • D. AOS isinstalled on the customer's computer, allowing the customer to monitor attempts to access the system.
  • E. Each registered user receives an AOS account where they can control access to their systems.

Answer : A,B

What is the IBM Education Assistant tool?

  • A. a collection of multimedia educational modules
  • B. a online chat tool used to assist users with training questions
  • C. an online tool used to locate available IBM Training courses worldwide
  • D. a collection of sample tests which assistusers in preparing for IBM certifications

Answer : A

What three actions does ESR/SR allow a Support Provider to perform? (Choose three.)

  • A. to view closed PMRs online
  • B. to transfer ownership to IBM
  • C. to speak directly with IBM Level 2
  • D. to view all open PMRs for their End Users
  • E. to review their end user's entitlement online
  • F. to describe the end user's software problem and environment in their own words

Answer : A,D,F

Which two statements are true of Passport Advantage? (Choose two.)

  • A. Passport Advantage is only used to download Fix Packs.
  • B. The end customers Primary Contact must authorize any self-nomination for access to Passport Advantage.
  • C. The end customer is unable to download software until a BusinessPartner authorizes access to Passport Advantage.
  • D. Business Partners automatically receive access to Passport Advantage on behalf of their clients once software is purchased.
  • E. Business Partners may request access to Passport Advantage from their end customers, in order to download software on the clients behalf.

Answer : B,E

Which two statements are true pertaining End of Support? (Choose two.)

  • A. There are no follow-on products with the same product identifier.
  • B. This is the date at which IBM will no longer provide Technical (defect or non-defect) Support.
  • C. This is the date at which IBM will no longer provide product fixes but will provide phone support only.
  • D. This is the date at which IBM will no longer provide Level 3 support, butwill provide Level 1 and 2 support.
  • E. Follow-on products with the X.X.X.X.ext product identifier will receive product support after they have purchased it using their IBM representative.

Answer : A,B

Which two pieces of information must the Level 2 support provider include when opening a
PMR with IBM Tivoli Support? (Choose two.)

  • A. product license file
  • B. system shadow password file
  • C. relevant product configuration files
  • D. product entitlement contact number
  • E. log files from when theissue occurred

Answer : C,E

What is the IBM Tivoli Support response goal for severity 1 PMRs outside business hours?

  • A. within 1 hour
  • B. within 2 hours
  • C. within 30 minutes
  • D. within 90 minutes

Answer : B

What is arequirement for an end customer when a support provider wishes to escalate an issue to IBM Tivoli Support?

  • A. The end customer must open a PMR, since only the customer has access to IBM Tivoli Support.
  • B. The end customer must give IBM Support access to their systems, so IBM can upgrade their software.
  • C. There is no requirement of the customer, as the support provider will escalate the issue to IBM Tivoli Support.
  • D. The end customer must install the latest version and patches of the product before IBM Tivoli Support will accept a PMR.

Answer : C

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