SAP Certified Application Associate - Logistics Execution and Warehouse Management with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 v6.0 (C_TSCM66_66)

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You want to view a list of outbound deliveries which has not been completed. Which warehouse activity monitor object will be used to display this report?

  • A. Open posting change notices
  • B. Unconfirmed transfer orders
  • C. Open deliveries
  • D. Open transfer requirements

Answer : C

Which organizational units represent the spatial conditions within the warehouse? (Choose two)

  • A. Storage location
  • B. Company code
  • C. Plant
  • D. Storage type
  • E. Warehouse number

Answer : A,E

Your organization is producing goods which fall under the category of dangerous goods.
What are the prerequisites for dangerous goods checks in the delivery document? (Choose six)

  • A. Route
  • B. Plant
  • C. Ship-to-party
  • D. Delivery type
  • E. The dangerous goods check has to be activated
  • F. Sold-to-party
  • G. Shipping point
  • H. Sales organization

Answer : A,C,D,E,G,H

Which of the following option has the highest priority in delivery plant determination for a
Sales order?

  • A. Material master
  • B. Ship to party’s customer master
  • C. Customer – Material information record
  • D. Manual entry of plant in sales order

Answer : C

You have been asked to explain the highest organizational unit in Warehouse Management system. What is it?

  • A. Sales order
  • B. Outbound delivery
  • C. Customer master
  • D. Item category

Answer : D

Your organization is using next empty bin strategy for putaway. What is its features?
(Choose two)

  • A. A capacity check in the storage type has to be activated
  • B. The system generates the indexes of empty storage bins when it is created, or updated when there is a putaway or stock removal
  • C. It is suitable for high rack and shelf storage
  • D. The new empty storage bin for each storage unit type that is to be put away has to be specified manually

Answer : B,C

What is the reason for stock split in Transfer orders for material quantities to put away?

  • A. Different special stock types are involved
  • B. Palletization data for material to putaway
  • C. Different storage location are involved
  • D. All the above

Answer : B

You have discovered that the outbound delivery which has been billed has been prepared incorrectly. Now you want to rectify the same, so what are the options available? (Choose two)

  • A. We first have to cancel the outbound delivery, then we can cancel the billing document
  • B. If the goods issue posting has been canceled, the system copies the quantities and values. The values are reversed on the original goods issue valuation of the material
  • C. If the goods issue posting has been canceled, the system copies the quantities and values. The values are reversed on the current valuation of the material
  • D. We first have to cancel the billing document, then only we can cancel or modify the outbound delivery

Answer : B,D

Which of the following setting is correct in reference to Outbound Delivery without order reference? (Choose two)

  • A. As soon as we enter the item in the above order type, the system uses the item category determination to determine the schedule lines
  • B. We must manually define the delivery type while creating delivery for the Outbound delivery without order reference
  • C. The delivery type is automatically proposed when we create delivery for Outbound delivery without order reference
  • D. The default billing type for billing for this order type is defined in the Customizing

Answer : B,D

What are the options available for assigning packaging materials to the materials to be packed in packing transaction? (Choose three)

  • A. New package for each partial quantity of the material to be packed
  • B. Packaging the smallest possible quantity of the material to be packed
  • C. Packaging the largest possible quantity of the material to be packed
  • D. Packaging the total quantity of the material to be packed

Answer : A,C,D

What influences the immediate creation of transfer orders in the background when goods are received?

  • A. WM requirement type
  • B. WM movement type
  • C. IM/WM interface table
  • D. IM movement type

Answer : C

Which of the following data can be maintained in the Warehouse Management Views of
Material Master? (Choose three)

  • A. Warehouse number for a material
  • B. Palletization data for a material
  • C. Batch details for the material
  • D. Storage bin details for a material

Answer : A,B,D

What Customizing allows you to have materials with stock category "Q" directed to dedicated quality bins?

  • A. Storage bin type search
  • B. Storage section search
  • C. Batch search procedure
  • D. Storage type search

Answer : D

We are using precise scheduling to process the orders. Which of the following statements not correct? (Choose two)

  • A. In precise scheduling, the system uses days, hours, and minutes, but only displays the resulting date
  • B. The system performs precise scheduling if we have maintained the working hours of the shipping point
  • C. Precise scheduling uses the factory calendar of the shipping point to determine the transportation planning lead time
  • D. Precise scheduling uses the factory calendar of the route to determine the transit time
  • E. In precise scheduling, the system calculates and displays the results of scheduling down to the minute

Answer : A,C

Which of the following stock removal strategies not part of the basic functions in SAP
(Choose two)

  • A. First in first out (F)
  • B. Last in first out (L)
  • C. Next bin
  • D. Partial pallet quantity (A)
  • E. Shelf life expiration date (H)
  • F. Stringent FIFO (***)
  • G. Open storage
  • H. Large/small quantities (M)
  • I. Fixed bin (P)

Answer : C,G

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