SAP Certified Application Associate - Management Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 v6.0 (C_TFIN22_67)

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Which of the following do you define in a library of the Report Painter?

  • A. Report groups and reports.
  • B. Formats and format figures.
  • C. Predefined columns and rows.
  • D. Characteristics and key figures.

Answer : D

You use real-time reconciliation between Controlling (CO) and Financial Accounting (FI) within New General Ledger Accounting.
You therefore want to receive a reconciliation posting in FI when you allocate an internal activity between cost centers assigned to different profit centers. How do you fulfill this requirement?
There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Select profit center as a characteristic for real-time reconciliation.
  • B. Define a general ledger reconciliation account for direct activity allocation.
  • C. Execute the periodic transfer to Profit Center Accounting.
  • D. Carry out a reconciliation run for activity types in the new general ledger.

Answer : A,B

When creating an internal order, which data is derived from the order type?
There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Settlement rule
  • B. Settlement profile
  • C. Commitment profile
  • D. Model or reference order default entries

Answer : B,D

Excluding the Continuous improvement phase, how many phases are there in the
Accelerated SAP roadmap?
Please choose the correct answer.

  • A. 4
  • B. 3
  • C. 5
  • D. 6

Answer : C

How is the preliminary costing of a production order calculated?
Please choose the correct answer.

  • A. The quantity structure in the production order is valuated by the costing variant settings
  • B. The costs are determined by the cost estimate of a reference order.
  • C. The actual quantities are valuated with plan values.
  • D. The standard price cost estimate of the material master record is adjusted to the order quantity.

Answer : A

What does the SAP Web AS provide?

  • A. Real-time data exchange with all SAP systems.
  • B. Master data harmonization cross SAP NetWeaver.
  • C. J2EE and ABAP in a single environment.
  • D. Storage of all transactional documents in one single database.

Answer : C

The system does not allow you to create a primary cost element.
What do you check first?

  • A. Whether the P/L account exists
  • B. Whether the cost element category is valid
  • C. Whether the balance sheet account exists
  • D. Whether the 6/L account currency is the same as the controlling area currency

Answer : A

You would like to use product cost controlling by sales orders in a make-to-order (MTO) production with sales order stock. How should you configure the system?
Please choose the correct answer.

  • A. Account assignment category: E Special stock: E
  • B. Account assignment category: M Special stock: E
  • C. Consumption posting indicator: Blank Special stock: E
  • D. Consumption posting indicator: E Special stock: Blank

Answer : A

You are creating an FI posting in classic GL with assignment to a CO object?
Please choose the correct answer.

  • A. The posting cannot be saved.
  • B. The posting will be assigned to the dummy profit center.
  • C. The posting will only be posted to the original assigned CO object.
  • D. The posting will be assigned to the top node of the profit center standard hierarchy.

Answer : B

Overhead Cost Controlling component enables you to plan, allocate, control, and monitor overhead costs. Which of the following fall under Overhead Cost Controlling?
There are 4 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Cost Element Accounting
  • B. Cost Center Accounting
  • C. Internal Orders
  • D. Activity Based Costing
  • E. Plant based Costing

Answer : A,B,C,D

Which object has to be used to avoid a change of the reconciliation account in the customer's master data?

  • A. The field status of the customer account group
  • B. The field status group of the reconciliation account.
  • C. The field status of the activity
  • D. The field status of the posting key.

Answer : C

Which of the following statement are correct?
Please choose the correct answer.

  • A. Cost element category controls FI posting only
  • B. Cost element is a must for all GL accounts
  • C. All Profit and Loss general ledger accounts except tax accounts should be cost element.
  • D. All cost elements are linked to Activity type

Answer : C

Which of the following SAP Life-Cycle Data Management functions provides the integration of external files into SAP ERP?

  • A. Variant Configuration Management
  • B. Engineering Change Management
  • C. Document Management
  • D. Product Structure Browser

Answer : C

You have completed the basic configuration of SAP Solution Manager and defined the solution landscape. Which of the following scenarios will work without further configuration steps? (Choose two)

  • A. Business Process and Interface Monitoring
  • B. Early Watch Alert
  • C. Change Request Management
  • D. Maintenance Optimizer

Answer : B,D

A certain cost element has conflicting cost center assignments in the Default Account
Assignment field (cost element master data) and in the Automatic Account Assignment table (IMG). What happens when a document is posted with this cost element?

  • A. The Automatic Account Assignment (IMG) has a higher priority.
  • B. An error message is displayed.
  • C. The system prompts you in a dialog box.
  • D. The Default Account Assignment (cost element master data) has a higher priority.

Answer : A

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