SAP Certified Associate - Business Process Integration with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP6 v7.0 (C_TERP10_66)

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In Project System, what represents a model of a project and includes assigned project activities in hierarchical form?

  • A. Activities
  • B. Work breakdown structure
  • C. Project definition
  • D. Network

Answer : B

Which functions can you carry out on network activities? (Choose two)

  • A. Assign material components
  • B. Post revenues
  • C. Post costs
  • D. Assign available funds
  • E. Perform results analysis

Answer : A,C

Which transactions post actual costs to a project in Project System? (Choose two)

  • A. Incoming orders
  • B. Internal activity allocations
  • C. Goods receipts
  • D. Material reservations

Answer : B,C

You have assigned a budget to WBS elements within your project.
Which function can you use to ensure that the system automatically checks for a budget overrun?

  • A. Results analysis
  • B. Project settlement
  • C. Cost forecast
  • D. Availability control

Answer : D

Which of the following defines the various steps and work involved in a project?

  • A. Billing elements
  • B. Activities
  • C. Work breakdown structures
  • D. Operative indicators

Answer : B

Which of the following actions can post actual costs to a WBS element? (Choose two)

A. Entering a confirmation -
B. Performing an internal activity allocation

C. Posting a goods issue -

D. Creating a purchase order -

Answer : B,C Topic 10, Purchase to Pay

Which field in the purchase order determines that a material will be consumed?

  • A. Material group
  • B. Order price unit
  • C. Account assignment category
  • D. Delivery date

Answer : C

When posting a goods receipt for a purchase order, how is the goods receipt process integrated with other SAP ERP applications?

  • A. A material document is always created.
  • B. An open item is always created on the vendor account.
  • C. An accounting document is always created.
  • D. A transfer requirement for Warehouse Management is always created.

Answer : A

Which of the following is stored in a purchasing information record?

  • A. Planned delivery time
  • B. Purchasing value key
  • C. Vendor address
  • D. Reconciliation account

Answer : A

Which of the following organizational assignments can you make in the purchase-to-pay business process? (Choose two)

  • A. You can assign a purchasing organization to multiple plants.
  • B. You can assign a purchasing group to multiple company codes.
  • C. You can assign a plant to multiple company codes.
  • D. You can assign multiple purchasing organizations to one company code.

Answer : A,D

Your organization creates purchase orders for consumable materials and has activated commitments management.
What is created when a purchase order for consumable materials is saved?

  • A. A commitment in Controlling (CO)
  • B. A financial accounting document
  • C. A commitment in Financial Accounting (FI)
  • D. A requirement coverage in material requirements planning

Answer : A

Which of the following organizational levels are required to successfully post a goods receipt for stock materials procured by a purchase order? (Choose three)

  • A. Purchasing group
  • B. Storage location
  • C. Company code
  • D. Plant
  • E. Controlling area

Answer : B,C,D

What master data is required to create a purchase order?

  • A. Vendor
  • B. Storage location
  • C. Purchasing info record
  • D. Account assignment category

Answer : A

Where can you maintain pricing condition records for purchasing? (Choose two)

A. In outline agreements -

B. In purchasing info records -

C. In delivery schedules -

D. In vendor master records -

Answer : A,B Topic 11, SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver and SAP Business Warehouse

InfoCubes are stored as structures in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW).
Which of the following statements regarding an InfoCube is correct?

  • A. An InfoCube only contains key figures.
  • B. An InfoCube is used as an transfer structure.
  • C. An InfoCube contains key figures and a link to the characteristics.
  • D. An InfoCube is used to resolve and consolidate datasets.

Answer : C

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Total 80 questions