SAP Certified Development Associate - ABAP with SAP NetWeaver 7.31 v6.0 (C_TAW12_731)

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Which data type is allowed for the reference field of the Currency field?

  • A. UNIT
  • B. CUKY
  • C. DEC
  • D. CURR

Answer : B

How can you declare an internal table using the transparent table A as its line type?

  • A. DATA gt_itab TYPE LINE OF a.
  • B. DATA gt_itab TYPE REF TO a.
  • C. DATA gt_itab TYPE TABLE OF a.
  • D. DATA gt_itab TYPE a.

Answer : C

Which SELECT statement will always bypass the SAP table buffers?


Answer : D

What is required to fully specify a Table Type in the ABAP Dictionary? (Choose three)

  • A. Access type
  • B. Table key
  • C. Table size
  • D. Line type
  • E. Header line

Answer : A,B,D

Which options do you have to read data from multiple tables while using a SELECT statement? (Choose three)

  • A. Nested select statements
  • B. Nested loop statements
  • C. Database views
  • D. Join statements
  • E. Pooled tables

Answer : A,C,D

How can you improve the performance when accessing a large data volume database table?

  • A. Apply the appropriate data class and size category.
  • B. Switch the database table to fully buffered.
  • C. Define appropriate indexes for the database table.
  • D. Change the table type in the dictionary

Answer : C

What do you need to have in your program to respond to the DOUBLE_CLICK event raised by an instance of the CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class? (Choose three)

  • A. A SET HANDLER statement to register the handler to the event
  • B. A method to read the registration table
  • C. A handler method for the event
  • D. A CATCH statement to capture the event
  • E. A handler class

Answer : A,C,E

You want to define two database tables with different structures. Both tables should contain the fields CHANGE_DATE and CHANGE_TIME.
How do you implement this in order to minimize the maintenance effort?

  • A. Define a structure with these two fields and include this structure in both database tables.
  • B. Define an append structure with these two fields and assign this append structure to both database tables.
  • C. Define the two fields in each database table separately.
  • D. Define the two fields in one database table and copy them to the other database table.

Answer : A

Which statement is used to generically define the data reference variable z1?

  • A. data z1 type any
  • B. data z1 type any table
  • C. data z1 type ref to PA0001
  • D. data z1 type ref to data

Answer : D

dbtab is a transparent table. What is declared by the following statement?
DATA myvar TYPE dbtab.

  • A. A structure variable
  • B. An elementary field
  • C. An internal table
  • D. A reference to an internal table

Answer : A

You defined data reference z1 generically.
Which statement would you use to access the content of the referenced variable?

  • A. Assign (z1) to <fs>
  • B. Assign z1 to <fs>
  • C. Assign z1->* to <fs>
  • D. Get reference of z1 into wa

Answer : C

You are using the new debugger and you want to change the content of an internal table.
Which actions are allowed? (Choose three)

  • A. Delete the entire contents of a table.
  • B. Change row content and press Save (<CTRL> + S).
  • C. Delete table from memory.
  • D. Delete the selected rows.
  • E. Change row content and press Enter (<ENTER>).

Answer : A,D,E

How do you embed a subscreen in a main screen?

  • A. Use SET SUBSCREEN in a PBO module of the main screen.
  • B. Use SET SUBSCREEN in the flow logic of the main screen.
  • C. Use CALL SUBSCREEN in the flow logic of the main screen.
  • D. Use CALL SUBSCREEN in a PBO module of the main screen.

Answer : C

For which of the following requirements can you implement a functional method? (Choose two)

  • A. A handler method for an event that has a returning parameter
  • B. A method to set an instance attribute with one importing parameter and no other parameters
  • C. A factory method that returns an object reference
  • D. A private static helper method that returns a single value as the result of an algorithm

Answer : C,D

In which modularization units can you use parameters? (Choose three)

  • A. Event blocks such as START-OF-SELECTION
  • B. Function modules
  • C. Subroutines
  • D. Dialog modules such as PBO modules
  • E. Methods

Answer : B,C,E

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Total 80 questions