SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP BusinessObjects Access Control 10.0 v6.0 (C_GRCAC_10)

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Which Access Control master data is shared with Process Control and Risk Management?

  • A. Access risk master data
  • B. Organizational master data
  • C. Business process master data
  • D. Subprocess master data

Answer : B

Which of the following objects can you maintain in the "Maintain Paths" work area of MSMP workflow configuration? (Choose three)

  • A. Paths
  • B. Path versions
  • C. Rules for path mappings
  • D. Stage notification settings
  • E. Stages

Answer : A,D,E

For what purpose can you use the Display Revw Screen setting in MSMP Stage Details?

  • A. To view the rule result
  • B. To view the stage configuration
  • C. To view the initiator rule
  • D. To view the access request

Answer : D

How do you enable the Access Control audit trail function for access rules?

  • A. Activate the relevant configuration parameter using the Customizing Edit Project (SPRO) transaction.
  • B. Activate the table logging parameter using the Profile Parameter Maintenance (RZ11) transaction.
  • C. Activate table logging using the Table History (SCU3) transaction.
  • D. Activate the security audit log using the Security Audit Configuration (SM19) transaction.

Answer : A

Which process steps should you perform when you define a workflow-related MSMP rule?
(Choose two)

  • A. Save a bottom expression.
  • B. Select a result data object.
  • C. Select result parameters.
  • D. Save condition parameters.

Answer : B,D

Which of the following jobs do you have to schedule to collect Firefighter session information?


Answer : C

You define a background job using transaction SM36. Which of the following options are start conditions you can use to schedule the background job to run periodically? (Choose two)

  • A. Step
  • B. Class
  • C. Date/Time
  • D. Immediate

Answer : C,D

Which transaction do you use to access the general Customizing activities for Access

  • A. MSMP Workflow Configuration (GRFNMW_CONFIGURE)
  • B. Customizing – Edit Project (SPRO)
  • C. Launchpad Customizing (LPD_CUST)
  • D. Call View Maintenance (SM30)

Answer : B

What is a mandatory prerequisite for creating business roles in Business Role

  • A. A condition group must be created.
  • B. A role methodology must exist.
  • C. A workflow approval must be configured.
  • D. A role naming convention must be defined.

Answer : B

Your customer wants a manager to fulfill both MSMP workflow agent purposes.
How do you configure this?

  • A. Maintain the manager agent twice, once for each purpose, using the same agent ID.
  • B. Maintain the manager agent once and assign both purposes to it without using an agent ID.
  • C. Maintain the manager agent twice, once for each purpose, using different agent IDs.
  • D. Maintain the manager agent once and assign both purposes to it using the same agent ID.

Answer : C

Which transaction can you use to customize notification templates?

  • A. Change Documentation (SII1)
  • B. SAP Documentation (SE61)
  • C. Message Maintenance (SE91)
  • D. Documentation Message Types (WE64)

Answer : B

What is the purpose of a mitigating control?

  • A. To control the access that is allowed to be assigned to a role
  • B. To determine which users are allowed to access the system
  • C. To assign a compensating control to a risk
  • D. To limit the access that is allowed to be assigned to a user

Answer : C

Which BRFplus object is used as a container for all other BRFplus objects?

  • A. Expression
  • B. Condition Group
  • C. Application
  • D. Function

Answer : C

Which of the following tasks must you perform if you want to enable a user to log on to a
Firefighter ID?

  • A. Schedule the Firefighter Workflow Sync job periodically.
  • B. Run the Firefighter Log Sync job.
  • C. Set up the Firefighter log configuration parameters.
  • D. Create a reason code.

Answer : D

Which of the following is a feature of centralized Emergency Access Management?

  • A. Reason codes are defined once and assigned per system.
  • B. The Firefighter is required to log on to each target system to perform Firefighter activities.
  • C. The Firefighter IDs are created centrally in Access Control.
  • D. Administration, reporting, and Firefighter logon are performed on target systems.

Answer : A

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Total 80 questions