Agile Scrum Foundation v6.0 (ASF)

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Suppose that you track the Sprint progress in a Burn-Down chart. You have added an extra line to show the planned progress. The line of the actual progress stays below the planning line.

What does this say about the progress?

  • A. You are ahead of schedule.
  • B. You are behind schedule.
  • C. You have not planned well.

Answer : A

Who is accountable for a task that is assigned to a single Team member?

  • A. The Product Owner
  • B. The Scrum Master
  • C. The Development Team
  • D. The single Team member

Answer : C

Product Backlog Items must be non-technical and independent.

Why should the Product Backlog Items be independent?

  • A. Because it must be possible to organize the items according to value.
  • B. Because there are themes that create a capability in the solution.
  • C. Because not more than 10% of the time is spent grooming the items.

Answer : A

In a Scrum project, a team member notices that not all Scrum processes are followed.

Who is responsible for ensuring that the Scrum Team follows the Scrum processes?

  • A. The Product Owner
  • B. The Scrum Master
  • C. The Development team

Answer : B

A project is so large, that it requires multiple Scrum Teams to work on it. The Scrum Teams will be working in 2 different locations.

Who would lead the Sprint Planning meetings?

  • A. One of the Scrum Teams should lead the Sprint Planning meeting.
  • B. The Scrum Manager should lead the Sprint Planning meeting.
  • C. Each Scrum Team should lead their own Sprint Planning meeting.

Answer : C

In a Daily Scrum, one of the Team members complains about frequent interruptions by non-Team members.

Which person should remove this impediment?

  • A. The Product Owner
  • B. The Scrum Master
  • C. The Development Team

Answer : B

All Scrum events are time-boxed events.

What is the advantage of time-boxing?

  • A. It ensures commitment of the Team.
  • B. It facilitates osmotic communication.
  • C. It maximizes productivity.

Answer : C

You want to convince a customer of the benefits of Scrum.

What is the key benefit of Scrum for the customer?

  • A. Scrum ensures that the customer receives value early in the project.
  • B. Scrum will give customers more control over day-to-day activities.
  • C. Scrum will help the Team accept changes into the project at no additional cost.

Answer : A

During the Daily Scrum three questions are answered.

Which question is one of these questions?

  • A. What has been accomplished since the last meeting?
  • B. Who should take on the next task?
  • C. Which requests of the customer did we receive?

Answer : A

When does Product Backlog refinement or grooming take place?

  • A. at the start of a Sprint
  • B. during the Sprint Review
  • C. during the Sprint Retrospective
  • D. throughout the Sprint

Answer : D

A Scrum Team is estimating User Stories. The Scrum Master suggests the Affinity Estimation technique.

What is the process of Affinity Estimation?

  • A. Compare the Story to reference Stories and then estimate it.
  • B. Estimate on your own, then discuss everyone else’s estimates.
  • C. Sort all Stories based on their relative effort required.

Answer : C

An often used best practice is to define User Stories according to the acronym ‘INVEST’. The ‘I’ of INVEST means Independent. Suppose that you have a User Story that is not Independent.

What is the consequence of having dependent User Stories?

  • A. You do not have enough knowledge to build the item.
  • B. You must work on the item together with another Scrum team.
  • C. You need more people to build the item.
  • D. You will not be able to order them based on their business values.

Answer : D

Your team uses a Kanban board to visualize the progress.

Why is visualizing the progress helpful?

  • A. It helps the Team to work together better.
  • B. Visualizing helps the Scrum Master delegate.
  • C. The board shows co-workers how busy the Team is.

Answer : B

For the Development Team and the Scrum Master, the Daily Scrum is mandatory. Other roles may only participate without speaking.

What is the most important reason that other roles are not allowed to speak?

  • A. Because it is not a status meeting for all stockholders.
  • B. Because other people speaking would let the meeting run late.
  • C. Because the meeting is just for updating the work done.

Answer : A

Sprint duration is usually fixed at one month or less.

Why is that?

  • A. Because customers cannot wait longer than a month.
  • B. Because it is difficult to focus on the same thing for longer.
  • C. Because this keeps the complexity and risk acceptable.

Answer : C

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Total 86 questions