Acme Packet Certification Certification Exams Boot camp & Braindump v5.0 (AP0-001)

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You have changed a parameter in the realm-config element and have issued the done command. The change has now been committed to the __________ configuration.

  • A. saved
  • B. active
  • C. edited
  • D. running

Answer : C

__________ is the Net-Net 4000 internal SIP proxy, responsible for processing the SIP header addressing information and passing the signaling to the egress realm

  • A. Sipd
  • B. Mbcd
  • C. Algd
  • D. Sipp

Answer : A

What sip-config option will limit the number of routes that the Net-Net 4000 attempts after prioritizing all local policies for a new inbound SIP call?

  • A. max-routes
  • B. route-limit
  • C. next-hops
  • D. hop-limit

Answer : A

The __________ field allows you to set the health score at which a Net-Net 4000, if it the standby peer in a high availability (HA) scenario, will switchover to the active state without waiting for any configured timers to expire.

  • A. emergency-threshold
  • B. health-threshold
  • C. active-threshold
  • D. switchover-threshold

Answer : A

Which of the following is not a potential cause for a switchover in a high availability (HA) scenario?

  • A. The notify berpd force command was issued.
  • B. The standby Net-Net 4000 did not receive a heartbeat packet within the configured advertisement time.
  • C. A failure decremented the heath score below a configured threshold.
  • D. The CPU utilization exceeded 90%.

Answer : D

__________ is the percentage of a Net-Net 4000 peer advertisement time for the other peer in the high availability (HA) cluster to wait before considering the peer out of service.

  • A. 200%
  • B. percent-drift
  • C. 310%
  • D. standard-deviation-score

Answer : B

SIP is an Application layer control protocol that performs which two of the following functions?

  • A. Establishment, modification and termination of multimedia sessions.
  • B. Provides resource reservation for multimedia sessions.
  • C. Supports redirection services.
  • D. Describes the supported media attributes for the session.

Answer : A,C

An alarm is triggered in a high available (HA) pair when there is a condition or event within the __________.

  • A. software only
  • B. hardware only
  • C. software or hardware
  • D. ACLI

Answer : C

A __________ is a real-time interactive voice, video or multimedia communication that is established using IP signaling protocols such as SIP, H.323 or MGCP.

  • A. session agent
  • B. call content connection
  • C. steering agent
  • D. session

Answer : A

Berpd manages switchovers between the active and standby Net-Net 4000, and exchanges____________.

A. Media flows -

B. Signaling information -

C. Health state -

D. All of the above -

Answer : C Topic 1, B B

When installing a Net-Net Operating System named sd400p9.gz on your Net-Net 4000, you should FTP the OS to the Net-Net 4000 internal bootWhen installing a Net-Net Operating
System named sd400p9.gz on your Net-Net 4000, you should FTP the OS to the Net-Net
4000? internal boot flash memory and use which of the strings below in the file name field of the boot parameters?

  • A. sd400p9.gz
  • B. /tffs0/sd400p9.gz
  • C. /boot/sd400p9
  • D. /boot/sd400p9.gz

Answer : B

The boot parameters, passwords and licensing information are stored in __________.

  • A. SDRAM
  • B. NVRAM
  • C. Flash
  • D. CAM

Answer : B

__________ cookies are included by Sipd when it receives messages that are originally sourced from a device other then the configured External Proxy Address.

  • A. Call-Leg
  • B. Dialog
  • C. Session
  • D. SIP-NAT

Answer : D

You have copied a new Net-Net OS to the Net-Net 4000 and changed the boot parameters according to the display below. On reboot, the Net-Net 4000 is in a boot loop. training1# check-space-remaining boot boot:
0/29702144 bytes (0%) remaining
training1# configure terminal
training1(configure)# bootparam
'.' = clear field; '-' = go to previous field; q = quit
boot device : wancom0
processor number : 0
host name :
file name : /tffs0/sd200p23.gz /tffs0/sd400q10.gz inet on ethernet (e) : inet on backplane (b) : host inet (h) : gateway inet (g) : user (u) : anonymous ftp password (pw) (blank = use rsh) : anonymous flags (f) : 0x80008 target name (tn) : training1 startup script (s) : other (o) :
NOTE: These changed parameters will not go into effect until reboot. Also, be aware that some boot parameters may also be changed through PHY and Network Interface
training1(configure)# exit
training1# reboot force
Based on the information above, which three of the following scenarios could be the cause of the boot loop?

  • A. You did not copy the Net-Net OS file into the /boot directory.
  • B. The Net-Net OS file was truncated while being copied to the /boot directory due to lack of file space.
  • C. You mistyped the name of the Net-Net OS file in the file name property of the boot parameters.
  • D. The Net-Net 4000 was reset using the reboot force command without saving and activating the configuration changes first.

Answer : A,B,C

Which one of the following statements about SIP is FALSE?

  • A. The Via header field indicates the transport used for the transaction.
  • B. The Contact header field provides a SIP or SIPS URI that can be used to contact that specific instance of the UA for subsequent requests.
  • C. A SIP transaction consists of a single request and any responses to that request, which include zero or more provisional responses and one or more final responses.
  • D. A dialog is identified at each UA with a dialog ID, which consists of a Call-ID value, a Contact and a Request URI.

Answer : D

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Total 140 questions