AccessData Certified Examiner v3.0 (A30-327)

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You have processed a case in FTK using all the default options. The investigator supplies you with a list of 400 names in an electronic format. What is the quickest way to search unallocated space for all of these names?

  • A. build a dtSearch string with all 400 names
  • B. create a Regular Expression with all the names
  • C. make an imported text file of the names in Live Search
  • D. use an imported text file containing the names in Indexed Search

Answer : D

Which pattern does the following regular expression recover?
(\d{4}[\- ]){3}\d{4}

  • A. 000-000-0000
  • B. ddd-4-3-dddd-4-3
  • C. 000-00000-000-ABC
  • D. 0000-0000-0000-0000

Answer : D

You examine evidence and flag several graphic images found in different folders. You now want to bookmark these items into a single bookmark. Which tab in FTK do you use to view only the flagged thumbnails?

  • A. Explore tab
  • B. Graphics tab
  • C. Overview tab
  • D. Bookmark tab

Answer : C

Click the Exhibit button.
What change do you make to the file filter shown in the exhibit in order to show only graphics with a logical size between 500 kilobytes and 10 megabytes?

  • A. You change all file status items to a red circle.
  • B. You change all file status items to a yellow triangle.
  • C. You make no change. The filter is correct as shown.
  • D. You change Graphics in the File Type column to a yellow triangle.

Answer : D

FTK uses Data Carving to find which three file types? (Choose three.)

  • A. JPEG files
  • B. Yahoo! Chat Archives
  • C. WPD (Word Perfect Documents)
  • D. Enhanced Windows Meta Files (EMF)
  • E. OLE Archive Files (Office Documents)

Answer : A,D,E

You are asked to process a case using FTK and to produce a report that only includes selected graphics. What allows you to display only flagged graphics?

  • A. List by File Path
  • B. List File Properties
  • C. Graphic Thumbnails
  • D. Supplementary Files

Answer : C

Which two options are available in the FTK Report Wizard? (Choose two.)

  • A. List by File Path
  • B. List File Properties
  • C. Include HTML File Listing
  • D. Include PRTK Output List

Answer : A,B

Using the FTK Report Wizard, which two options are available in the List by File Path window? (Choose two.)

  • A. List File Properties
  • B. Export to the Report
  • C. Apply a Filter to the List
  • D. Include Registry Viewer Reports

Answer : B,C

Using the FTK Report Wizard, which two options are available in the Bookmarks - A window? (Choose two.)

  • A. Apply a filter to the list
  • B. Group all filenames at end of report
  • C. Yes, include all graphics in the case
  • D. No, do not include a bookmark section
  • E. Export full-size graphics and link them to the thumbnails

Answer : D,E

In Registry Viewer, which steps initiate the Hex Interpreter?

  • A. highlight the data and select the Hex Value Interpreter tab
  • B. highlight the data, right-click on the highlighted data and select the Show Hex Interpreter Window
  • C. select the Hex Value Interpreter tab, highlight the data, right-click on the data to initiate the Hex Interpreter
  • D. right-click on the data area and select the Show Hex Interpreter Window and highlight the data you want to interpret

Answer : B

Which data in the Registry can the Registry Viewer translate for the user? (Choose three.)

  • A. calculate MD5 hashes of individual keys
  • B. translate the MRUs in chronological order
  • C. present data stored in null terminated keys
  • D. present the date and time of each typed URL
  • E. View Protected Storage System Provider (PSSP) data

Answer : B,C,E

What are two functions of the Summary Report in Registry Viewer? (Choose two.)

  • A. adds individual key values
  • B. is a template for other registry files
  • C. displays investigator keyword search results
  • D. permits searching of registry values based on key headers

Answer : A,B

When using Registry Viewer to view a key with 20 values, what option can be used to display only 5 of the 20 values in a report?

  • A. Report
  • B. Special Reports
  • C. Summary Report
  • D. Add to Report With Children

Answer : C

You view a registry file in Registry Viewer. You want to create a report, which includes items that you have marked "Add to Report." Which Registry Viewer option accomplishes this task?

  • A. Common Areas
  • B. Generate Report
  • C. Define Summary Report
  • D. Manage Summary Reports

Answer : B

Which Registry Viewer function would allow you to automatically document multiple unknown user names?

  • A. Add to Report
  • B. Export User List
  • C. Add to Report with Children
  • D. Summary Report with Wildcard

Answer : D

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Total 60 questions