Mastering The Cisco Business Architecture Discipline v1.0 (840-450)

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What are the four roles of enterprise architectures?

  • A. technology, information, applications, business strategy
  • B. architecture, applications, technology, compliance
  • C. security, technology, business, strategy
  • D. risk, technology, business strategy, information

Answer : A

Which tool should contain a consideration of the technology investment for a project?

  • A. business capabilities
  • B. business motivation model
  • C. business priorities
  • D. business proposal

Answer : D

Which two real world examples for an external business influence are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. A bank has decided to invest in a new business solution for retail banking.
  • B. A state health department has mandated the use of closed-loop medication administration to all state hospitals.
  • C. A manufacturer is streamlining current manual processes in the warehouse for automation purposes.
  • D. The CMO has indicated they should develop new business capabilities for their Business Delivery Services department.
  • E. A bricks and mortar retailer is introducing their online retail capability to compete with online rivals.

Answer : DE

You are contacting a stakeholder who has a high level of power but has little interest or support for the project.
Which type of engagement is recommended?

  • A. Persuade the stakeholder.
  • B. Show consideration to the stakeholder.
  • C. Engage and consult the stakeholder regularly.
  • D. Meet the needs of the stakeholder.

Answer : D

What is the goal of job mapping?

  • A. to define the stated job requirements
  • B. to evaluate the existing skills and competencies of employees against the stated job requirements
  • C. to create a mind map of processes that are used within a job
  • D. to break down a required task into a series of discrete process steps

Answer : B

What are two real-world examples of business motivation model elements? (Choose two.)

  • A. a company mission statement or company vision statement
  • B. a security policy that is introduced by a state healthcare department to serve as a guideline to all state hospitals
  • C. a request for information to collect written information about supplier capabilities
  • D. a return on investment calculation to determine the investment cost of a program of work
  • E. a new business solution that is implemented for teachers in a university

Answer : AB

What is an outcome of opportunity validation?

  • A. the value proposition
  • B. the cost structure
  • C. the appropriate personnel to involve
  • D. customer knowledge of the business

Answer : C

An engagement at the business solutions maturity level addresses which customer question?

  • A. How do I measure the business impact of technology investments?
  • B. How do I transform my business capabilities?
  • C. How do I facilitate innovation as a service by fast-tracking technology enablement?
  • D. What are the benefits of a multidomain data center and collaboration architecture?

Answer : B

When you define the target state of a business, a SWOT analysis helps you to identify which two types of opportunities? (Choose two.)

  • A. business innovation
  • B. business priorities
  • C. business drivers
  • D. business disruption
  • E. business Influencer

Answer : BC

An engagement at the technology architecture maturity level addresses which customer question?

  • A. How do I find and purchase the right group of products through enterprise networking?
  • B. How do I facilitate as a service by fast-tracking technology enablement?
  • C. What are the benefits of a multidomain architecture, such as an enterprise network plus collaboration?
  • D. How do I measure the business impact of technology investments?

Answer : B

Which of these can be mapped after business solutions and business capabilities are aligned?

  • A. target state architecture
  • B. business roadmaps
  • C. business outcomes
  • D. current state architecture

Answer : A

Which tool focuses on enabling customers to spend the least amount of time to reach their goal?

  • A. lean consumption model
  • B. lean service management
  • C. culture map
  • D. customer journey map

Answer : D

Which first step to create a customer journey map is viable?

  • A. Present an architecture of another similar customer.
  • B. Create a story board.
  • C. Evaluate all your steakholders"™ motives.
  • D. Create a workflow of tasks and business procedures.

Answer : B

In which quadrant of a stakeholder analysis grid do you place a customer enterprise architect who is not responsible for business solution selection but is responsible for business solution implementation?

  • A. internal influencer
  • B. key player
  • C. show consideration
  • D. least important

Answer : B

You are creating a target state business model. Which statement about linkages between building blocks in the business model canvas is true?

  • A. Building blocks on the bottom of the business model canvas affect other blocks on the bottom only
  • B. Building blocks on the right side of the business model canvas affect other building blocks on the right side only.
  • C. Building blocks in the business model canvas affect other building blocks in any permutation.
  • D. The relationships between building blocks on the business model canvas are fixed.

Answer : D

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Total 65 questions