Adopting The Cisco Business Architecture Approach v1.0 (810-440)

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What characteristic is unique to Cisco's intercloud solution?

  • A. broad partner network
  • B. includes public cloud
  • C. advanced security features
  • D. runs standard applications

Answer : A

Which three additional costs may arise from a subscription model and should be factored into the total cost of ownership of IT as a Service? (Choose three.)

  • A. Cost of accounting and tracking
  • B. Software asset and management
  • C. Cost of Hardware and Software
  • D. Auditing and control
  • E. Chargeback and Show back
  • F. It varies, depending on the technology solution or service

Answer : ABD

Which option has a major influence on how fast an enterprise can move toward a stronger use of digital business capability?

  • A. skills to manage risks related to use of emerging technologies
  • B. globalization of the sales force
  • C. new product launches that require IT capacity
  • D. competition in the industry due to end of regulations

Answer : A

When making good use of best practices or scenarios during the selling process, what is the most effective way to present these?

  • A. Use cases relevant to the customer
  • B. Business cases used previously
  • C. Customer briefing documents
  • D. Customer benefits statements

Answer : A

Which framework can give the best insight and visual flow into how a customer's functions work together, to go from parts inventory through shipped product?

  • A. business model canvas
  • B. porters value chain
  • C. critical success factor
  • D. organization chart

Answer : B

Drag and drop the components of a business case for change into the suggested order for presentation.
Select and Place:

Answer :

Which two options are reasons why effective communications is key to success? (Choose two.)

  • A. It allows effective interaction between stakeholders.
  • B. Can help mitigate the intrinsic risks within negotiation.
  • C. It allows other strengths to create maximum impact.
  • D. Can help lessen the impact of business weakness.

Answer : AD

Which consumption model provides the organization with an agreed-upon number of authorized users?

  • A. Per-seat licensing
  • B. Concurrent-use licensing
  • C. Volume licensing
  • D. Pay As You Go

Answer : A

There are approximately nineteen industry verticals. Which five are relevant to Cisco? (Choose five.)

  • A. Connected Learning
  • B. Connected Buildings
  • C. Connected Public Safety
  • D. Health Care
  • E. Disaster Management
  • F. Connected City
  • G. Connected Utilities
  • H. Connected Factory

Answer : CDFGH

Drag and drop the financial benefits on the left to the direct and indirect spaces on the right.
Select and Place:

Answer :

Drag and drop the type of sale model on the left to the business driver on the right.
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Answer :

Stakeholder audiences cover a range of customers, sales professionals, and others. Which three key position groups make up important stakeholders? (Choose three.)

  • A. Executives
  • B. Influencers
  • C. Employees
  • D. Decision makers
  • E. Suppliers

Answer : ACE

Which two classes of solutions enable business outcomes for the Energy/Utilities industry? (Choose two.)

  • A. Advanced Routing
  • B. Data Center and Virtualization
  • C. Multilayer Switching
  • D. Internet of Everything
  • E. Remote Expert
  • F. Service Provider Network Infrastructure

Answer : BD

When return on investment is expressed in a business outcomes story, which set of factors should be included?

  • A. financial benefits, overall business impact, length of time to realize benefits
  • B. cost savings vs. today, speed to market, time to implement
  • C. financial benefits, speed to market, competitor revenue displaced
  • D. cost savings, length of time to implement, number of Cisco offerings

Answer : A

How does understanding the customer's business model holistically address the customer's business challenge?

  • A. Segmented solutions designed for their specific outcomes makes it easier for them to be more relevant to their company's business challenges.
  • B. Customers define how they want to measure success, and we work with them to turn this into metrics and a plan to achieve results.
  • C. As your conversations become more focused on their business challenges and value, customers will see you as a problem solver and not just a sales person.
  • D. With the comprehensive solution addressing their whole infrastructure, it is easier for customers to see value and progress, see gaps and what is next, and manage their IT investments.

Answer : C

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