Avaya Pod Fx Solution Support Exam v1.0 (7693X)

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As an engineer working with the Pod Fx, you see that the backup plan in place for the virtual machines relies heavily on VMware snapshots.
Which statement describes Avaya"™s position on using VMware snapshots for a backup solution?

  • A. VMware snapshots should be stored on the Pod Fx they are backing up.
  • B. VMware snapshots should be stored off site to ensure business continuity.
  • C. VMware snapshots should never be used as a backup and recovery method.
  • D. VMware snapshots are the most robust backup solution for the Pod Fx.

Answer : C

Refer to the exhibit.
Using the example LifeCycle Management Workbook in the exhibit, which username is used to access the SM2 server?

  • A. Cust
  • B. Admin
  • C. Administrator
  • D. Training

Answer : A

When deploying the vCenter update, there are certain parameters that must be used.
Which IP address should be used for the Network 1 IP Address?

  • A. a temporary IP. from the Management subnet, not already in used
  • B. the Internet facing IP interface IP address and mask
  • C. the datacenter facing IP interface IP address and a 32-bit mask
  • D. the Localhost IP address for your datacenter subnet IP interface

Answer : C

Of the Pod Orchestration Suite (POS) products, which utility/tool is used to configure and manage the Layer 2 and Layer 3 network?

  • A. IPFM
  • B. VPFM
  • C. COM
  • D. vCenter

Answer : D

Which benefit does the available G450 Gateway provide to the Pod Fx solution?

  • A. SIP to SIP negotiation
  • B. SIP to POTS transition
  • C. SIP to IP transition
  • D. SIP to H.323 translation

Answer : D

Which three market segments are best suited for the Pod Fx 2400? (Choose three.)

  • A. Hosted
  • B. Commercial
  • C. Midmarket
  • D. Provider
  • E. Enterprise

Answer : BCE

Which equipment is standard in a new Pod Fx 4200 v3.0?

  • A. VSP 8284
  • B. VSP 7254
  • C. VSP 4850
  • D. VSP 7024

Answer : B

Reference -

What is the standard equipment in a new Pod Fx 2400 v3.0?

  • A. VSP 7254
  • B. VSP 4850
  • C. VSP 8284
  • D. VSP 7024

Answer : C

When discussing support options, what is the primary difference between Co-delivery and Direct Avaya support?

  • A. With Co-delivery, all the support functions are handled by Avaya Professional Services.
  • B. With both types, tier 1 and 2 support functions are handled in-house by trained engineers.
  • C. With Co-delivery, the sales partner will provide all tier 1 and 2 support functions.
  • D. With Direct Avaya support, the tier 1 and 2 support functions are handled by a sales partner.

Answer : D

Which two statements describe the goals of the Interim Containment action? (Choose two.)

  • A. It allows Partners to resolve the issue themselves without going to Avaya support.
  • B. It provides a temporary fix to prevent the issue from becoming more wide-spread.
  • C. It saves engineers from having to find a permanent solution.
  • D. It helps engineers develop a hypothesis for resolving the problem.

Answer : BD

Reference -

Which two items must be defined during D1 and D2 of the 8D Methodology? (Choose two.)

  • A. Define the problem.
  • B. Choose corrective actions.
  • C. Maintain containment.
  • D. Form team.

Answer : AD

What is the procedure for performing a device specific ping using PVM?

  • A. Right click on Device > Diagnostics.
  • B. Click on Administrator > Diagnostics.
  • C. Click on Device > Ping.
  • D. Click on Administrator > Diagnostics > Ping.

Answer : D

Reference -

Of all the tools that comprise the Pod Orchestration Suite, which tool provides a graphical representation of the Pod Fx and its individual components?

  • A. MSC
  • B. PUM
  • C. VPFM
  • D. PVM

Answer : C

Which three are functions of COM? (Choose three.)

  • A. Network Device Discovery
  • B. Off Box EDM Management Platform
  • C. Graphical Representation of Pod
  • D. Bulk Configuration Management
  • E. Topology based Configuration and Provisioning

Answer : BDE

Reference -

From the Administrator icon in PVM, you can launch the Diagnostics tool.
What does this Ping tool test?

  • A. compute servers
  • B. VSP switches
  • C. all Pod Fx devices
  • D. PDUs

Answer : A

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