Avaya Pod Fx Integration Exam v1.0 (7593X)

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When a Layer-2 only networking topology is deployed, what is the behavior of the Pod?

  • A. It will support only a single management VLAN.
  • B. It will extend VLANs out to the Data Center routers which will provide Layer 3 routing.
  • C. It will support only a single application VLAN.
  • D. It will have 802.1Q tagging enabled on all ports of the VSP switches.

Answer : B

Which two are valid levels of VMware performance monitoring? (Choose two.)

  • A. Data Center (DC)
  • B. Host
  • C. Virtual Machine (VM)
  • D. Visualization Performance and Fault Manager (VPFM)

Answer : BC

Using VMware networking in Pod Fx, how are Virtual NICs mapped to physical NICs?

  • A. via the VNIC mapping tables
  • B. via DRS rules
  • C. via Virtual Switches and Port Groups
  • D. on a 1-to-1 basis

Answer : A

Refer to the exhibit.
Why is the usage measurement of CPU2 (in Purple) shown in the chart highlighted in the table?

  • A. because the CPU2 has been selected in the table under the chart
  • B. because the CPU2"™s usage closest to the average usage of all the CPUs
  • C. because the CPU2 has been highlighted with an active alarm
  • D. because the CPU2 has been nominated as the primary CPU in this Virtual Machine

Answer : A

For which type of customers would a Pod Fx Layer-2 only networking topology be deployed?

  • A. customers who are using L2 VSNs within their corporate network
  • B. customers who need to use Spanning Tree within their corporate network
  • C. customers who do not utilize routers in their network
  • D. customers who wish to retain existing VLANs subnets and IP addresses

Answer : B

Refer to the exhibit.
Alarms are being received by Visualization Performance and Fault Manager (VPFM), indicating that Port 27 on VSP 4850-1 is down.
Based on the contents of the Customer and Network Lifecycle Workbook in the exhibit, which equipment is connected to this port?

  • A. Server/ACR-1, Interface N0
  • B. Server/ACR-2, Interface N0
  • C. VSP4K1, Port 26
  • D. VSP4K1, Port 27

Answer : D

In a supported network configuration, what is the minimum number of network links required between Pod Fx and the Customer Network?

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 4
  • D. 8

Answer : B

When powering up the virtual machines, what is the first virtual machine that needs to be powered on?

  • A. vCenter Server
  • B. Communication Manager
  • C. System manager
  • D. WebLm

Answer : D

When installing a component from the delivery frame into the customer enclosure, how would the installer determine the specific physical placement of components?

  • A. by referring to the Customer and Network Lifecycle Workbook
  • B. by taking note of the physical placement of the components in the delivery frame
  • C. by installing the components from the bottom of the rack in the following sequence with no gaps in between: EMC DPE, DAE-1 & DAE-2, Compute Servers, brush filler panel, VSP-1 & VSP-2, G450
  • D. by knowing that the specific physical placement of the components does not matter as long as the connecting cables are of sufficient length

Answer : C

Which three tasks must be completed in preparation of a site for a Pod Fx installation? (Choose three.)

  • A. Determine a permanent location for the Pod.
  • B. Plan the path from the delivery location to the permanent site.
  • C. Enable SNMP management on the network devices that will be connected to the Pod.
  • D. Install power connections for the Pod.
  • E. Determine the list of Customer Administrators who will require login access to the Pod.

Answer : ABD

Which two are optional components for Pod Fx? (Choose two.)

  • A. Pod Orchestration Suite
  • B. VSP Network Switches
  • C. Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise
  • D. G450 Media Gateway

Answer : CD

Reference -
(page 2)

Which two statements regarding the EMC VNXe3200 storage array used in Pod Fx 3.0 are true? (Choose two.)

  • A. Pod Fx 4200 uses the array with 1 DPE and up to 5 DAEs.
  • B. Pod Fx 2400 uses the array with 1 DPE and up to 3 DAEs.
  • C. Pod Fx 4200 uses the array with 2 DPE and up to 5 DAEs.
  • D. Pod Fx 2400 uses the array with 1 DPE and up to 2 DAEs.

Answer : AD

Reference -
(page 13)

Which action is a security best practice for the Linux-based Management Server Console?

  • A. Change the default VNC password.
  • B. Disable VNC access.
  • C. Change the default FTP password.
  • D. Disable FTP access.

Answer : A

Which task is performed by the Pod Fx Implementation team?

  • A. Install POS applications.
  • B. Configure the Pod Visualization Manager (PVM) profile.
  • C. Install vCenter
  • D. Power on the POS applications.

Answer : A

What is the purpose of VMware vMotion as used in Avaya Pod Fx?

  • A. It creates a pool of virtual disk space that can be shared by multiple virtual machines.
  • B. It provides monitoring of operating system and hardware failures, and also restarts virtual machines on other hosts within the resource pool.
  • C. It dynamically allocates and balances computing capacity across the logical resource pools.
  • D. It enables an operational virtual machine to migrate from one ESXi host to another, which includes its running state and storage.

Answer : D

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