Avaya CallPilot Implementation v1.0 (7303)

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A customer who uses Microsoft Outlook as their Email application is installing Avaya CallPilot RIs. 5.0 Desktop Messaging. Which message delivery options, provided by the "Deliver-to" feature, controls where new Avaya CallPilot messages are viewed in the Microsoft Outlook user interface?

  • A. the default Email Inbox or the Sent items folder
  • B. the default Email Inbox or a separate Avaya CallPilot Inbox
  • C. the default Draft items folder or a personal folder created by the user
  • D. the Outlook Voice Messages Inbox or a separate Avaya CallPilot Inbox

Answer : B

A company has recently decided to implement their speech activated messaging. They purchased a keycode for four speech activated messaging channels on their existing system. How many Multimedia Processing Units (MPUs) must be available to enable all four channels?

  • A. 4 MPUs
  • B. 8 MPUs
  • C. 12 MPUs
  • D. 16 MPUs

Answer : D

The customer has installed Application Builder on a client PC, but is unable to establish a connection the Avaya CallPilot server. Which two are possible causes of the problem? (Choose two.)

  • A. SSL is not configured correctly.
  • B. FTP is not supported on the platform.
  • C. There is not 20-30 Mbytes of free space on the PC.
  • D. The IP address and Host Name are not defined correctly.

Answer : BD

A customer wants to implement My callPilot web messaging but is reluctant to purchase an additional Web server. Where can My CallPilot be installed?

  • A. on the Avaya CallPilot server only
  • B. on the administrator's client PC
  • C. on a standalone Web server only
  • D. on the Avaya CallPilot server or on a standalone Web server

Answer : D

At a customer site with a Communication Server (CS) 1000 system, a technician is configuring the CS1000 to support the installation of an Avaya CallPilot RIs. 5.0 system. When defining the Avaya CallPilot service in the customer data block in overlay 15, which two options must be enabled?

  • A. Call Park Allowed (CPA) and Message Register (MGCR)
  • B. Call Park Allowed (CPA) and Message Center Included (MCI)
  • C. Maximum number of agents (MAXP) and Message Register (MGCR)
  • D. Number of call registers (NCR) and Message Center Included (MCI)

Answer : B

A customer site has a Communication Server (CS) 1000 system and a newly installed Avaya CallPilot RIs. 5.0 on a 600r server. A technician is tasked with installing the Avaya CallPilot Reporter application. Avaya CallPilot Reporter is installed as an option when which Avaya CallPilot web application is installed?

  • A. My CallPilot
  • B. Avaya CallPilot Manager
  • C. Avaya CallPilot Application Builder
  • D. Avaya CallPilot Unified Messaging

Answer : B

A technician is preparing to set up and install an Avaya CallPilot Rls. 5.0 system. With respect to power considerations, which two rules apply? (Choose two.)

  • A. The power can originate from any service panel.
  • B. All power for the Avaya CallPilot must originate from the same service panel.
  • C. The electrical service panel must not be used for lights or motors.
  • D. The electrical service panel can be used for any electrical device.

Answer : BC

A field mutineer working on an Avaya CallPilot system at a customer site needs to uninstall Performs Enhancement Packages (PEPs) on the Avaya CallPilot server. How would the field engineer view all installed PEPs and remove a specific PEP?

  • A. Through the DMI Viewer, select Show Suites, select Read, and click on Remove.
  • B. Through the DMI Viewer, click on Show Suites, select the PEP and click on Uninstall.
  • C. Through the DMI Viewer, click on show PEPs, select the PEP and click on Remove.
  • D. Under Add/Remove Programs, click on view PEPs, select the PEP, and click on Uninstall.

Answer : C

The Avaya CallPilot server has been connected to a PBX. The server should have several peripheral devices connected to it. These devices must all be connected to the same ground. What are two of these devices? (Choose two.)

  • A. Modem
  • B. MGate card
  • C. server display monitor
  • D. Avaya CallPilot Manager standalone Web server

Answer : AC

With Maintenance Diagnostics enabled, which hardware problem does it automatically help identity when system and services are starting? (Choose three.)

  • A. DSP
  • B. TimeSwitch
  • C. SCSI Terminator
  • D. Telephony Board
  • E. Multimedia Channels

Answer : ADE

A company has decided to install an Avaya CallPilot RIs. 5.0 system to supply them with multimedia messaging applications at their offices in London. A technician has successfully installed and configured both the Avaya CallPilot and Communication Server1000E systems. Which ICON description is correct?

  • A. Avaya CallPilot server is in full operation.
  • B. Avaya CallPilot server is starting up.
  • C. Calls are being processed but some accompanying services are not functioning.
  • D. Status information about the Avaya CallPilot server is currently unavailable.

Answer : A

At a customer site with a Communication Server (CS) 1000 system and an existing 201i server running Avaya CallPilot RIs. 2.02. A technician is preparing to upgrade the server to RIs. 5.0. What is the minimum hard disk drive requirement to support the upgrade on this server?

  • A. One 20 GD hard drive
  • B. One 70 GB hard drive
  • C. Two 20 GB hard drives
  • D. Two 36 GB hard drives

Answer : A

Avaya CallPilot users are reporting problems with desktop messaging. In an effort to discover the problem, the system administrator disabled the Internet
Message Access Protocol (IMAP) service. Which statement describes the impact to desktop messaging?

  • A. It stops Email by Phone from functioning.
  • B. It prevents users from logging into their Avaya CallPilot mailboxes from their desktop messaging client.
  • C. It is required so that IP addressing can be used in place of Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).
  • D. It allows users to access a third-party Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) address book.

Answer : A

An Avaya CallPilot system administrator is preparing to install Application Builder. Which two places is the Application Builder installation software located?
(Choose two.)

  • A. on the Avaya CallPilot Server
  • B. on the Avaya CallPilot image DVD
  • C. on the Avaya CallPilot Applications CD
  • D. in the Enterprise Solutions PEP Library (ESPL)

Answer : CD

The Avaya CallPitol server being set up needs to be configured for the customer's network. These settings are accessed using the Avaya CallPilot Manager Home
Page. Which feature is used for these settings?

  • A. Avaya CallPilot Manager
  • B. Configuration Wizard
  • C. Local Site Information
  • D. HyperTerminal console

Answer : B

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