Avaya Equinox Solution with Avaya Aura Collaboration Applications Support Exam v1.0 (7241X)

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Refer to the exhibit. When an Administrator logged in to their Avaya Multimedia Messaging Server they noticed that the Multimedia Messaging Services are

What is the CLI command the Administrator can use to check the status of AMM services?

  • A. svc mss status
  • B. perflogviewer.sh
  • C. statusrm.sh
  • D. statusaem.sh

Answer : D

Reference https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101041355

Which three steps are recommended for collecting and downloading the logs from AAWG, AMM, AADS servers? (Choose three.)

  • A. Logs Management-> Log Level -> Adjust Service Logging Level -> Current Logging Level
  • B. Logs Management -> Logs -> Adjust Service Logging Level -> Current Logging Level
  • C. Logs Management-> Log Level -> Collect Log Pack
  • D. Logs Management-> Log Level -> Download Logs
  • E. Logs Management-> Log Level -> Collect Logs

Answer : BDE

Reference -

Which log is the most relevant log file recommended for troubleshooting the AAWG issues?

  • A. AAWG.log
  • B. CSASService.log
  • C. CSA.log
  • D. CAS_log.log

Answer : D

Which monitoring option is a real-time tool available in Avaya Aura® Media Server (AAMS) while troubleshooting the issue?

  • A. Monitoring -> Real-time viewer
  • B. Monitoring -> Active Sessions
  • C. Monitoring -> Real-time Tracing
  • D. Monitoring -> Capture Traces

Answer : B

Reference https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100178657

Which command can be used on the Communication Manager to perform a real-time trace on the station?

  • A. list trace terminal <extension number>
  • B. list trace tac <extension number>
  • C. list trace station <extension number>
  • D. list trace extension <extension number>

Answer : C

Reference -

A customer is trying to analyze the log files from Avaya Aura® Web Gateway. They have logged in to the AAWG server via SSH and they do not remember the location of the AAWG log files. What is the CLI shortcut command/script to run on the Web Gateway to locate the AAWG log files?

  • A. cdto log
  • B. cdto logs
  • C. cd logs
  • D. cd2 logs

Answer : D

Which logging level on AAWG, AMM, and AADS Servers is not recommended to run on the system for long time periods, as it adversely affects system performance and should not be used for diagnostic purposes?

  • B. FINE
  • D. INFO

Answer : D

Which three tracing options are available on traceSBC tool? (Choose three.)

  • B. TLS Handshake
  • C. SDP
  • E. SRTP

Answer : ACD

To perform Avaya Multimedia Messaging (AMM) administration, which URL do you use in a web browser?

  • A. https://<AMM FQDN>:8080/em
  • B. https://<AMM IP address>/emlogin
  • C. https://<AMM FQDN>/admin
  • D. https://<AMM FQDN>:8445/admin

Answer : D

Reference https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101041355

Refer to the exhibit. A customer logs into the Equinox Management Server and Equinox Video Media Server shows "amber" status under All Devices as shown below.

What can be the problem with the Equinox Video Media Server?

  • A. Equinox Video Media Server is In-Service but has some alarms
  • B. Equinox Video Media Server is Out of Service and not reachable
  • C. Equinox Video Media Server is In-Service but currently unresponsive
  • D. Equinox Video Media Server is in blocked state by Administrator

Answer : C

Which CLI shortcut command for Avaya Aura Device Service will create an archive "archive_file.tar.gz" with each of the log files to a count 2 under the current working directory?

  • A. app collectLogs.sh ""n 2 archive_file.tar.gz
  • B. app collectlogs.sh ""n 2 archive_file
  • C. app collectLogs.sh ""n 2 archive_file
  • D. app collectLogs.sh 2 ""n archive_file.tar.gz

Answer : A

Reference -

Which log is the most relevant log file recommended for troubleshooting the AMM issues?

  • A. AMM_log.log
  • B. AMMSService.log
  • C. amm.log
  • D. AMM.log

Answer : D

Reference https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/101004890

Refer to the exhibit. What is the significance of the Text box area highlighted with the red box on the Avaya Multimedia Server WebGUI?

  • A. It will not display any information related to the Server Alarms or Errors
  • B. It will display information regarding Multimedia Messaging Services
  • C. It will display details of any Alarms or Errors if present on the Server
  • D. It will display information related to currently logged in Web users

Answer : B

Which URL is correct URL through which user configuration parameters for Avaya Multimedia Messaging can be verified?

  • A. https://<amm-ip>:8443/aem/resources
  • B. https://<amm-ip>:8434/aem/resources
  • C. https://<amm-ip>:8443/amm/resources
  • D. http://<amm-ip>:8443/amwg/resources

Answer : A

Reference -

Which AAWG Test Application URL can be used while troubleshooting the Avaya Equinox Solution?

  • A. http://<aawg-ip>:8443/devclient/Testapp/index.html
  • B. https://<aawg-ip>:8444/devclient/Testapp/index.html
  • C. http://<aawg-ip>:8433/devclient/testApp/index.html
  • D. https://<aawg-ip>:8443/devclient/testapp/index.html

Answer : D

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