Cisco Security Architecture for System Engineers v1.0 (700-765)

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Where do you start to achieve true network visibility?

  • A. OT
  • B. Branches
  • C. IT
  • D. Fabric Level

Answer : D

What are two capabilities of Cisco"™s NGFW Identity Based Policy Control feature? (Choose two.)

  • A. access to multiple data layers
  • B. threats stopped from getting in and spreading
  • C. see and share malware details
  • D. access to Trojan downloader

Answer : AB

What are three benefits that Cisco Umbrella brings to DNS-Layer Security? (Choose three.)

  • A. Reputation filtering
  • B. Malware scanning
  • C. Predictive intelligence
  • D. Breach mitigation
  • E. Off-network security
  • F. Recursive DNS

Answer : CEF

What is an attribute of Cisco Talos?

  • A. Blocks threats in real time
  • B. Real-time threat information
  • C. 3 party applications integrated through comprehensive APIs rd
  • D. Detection of threats communicated within 48 hours of occurrence

Answer : B

What does TrustSec assign to the user or device traffic at ingress that enforces the access policy based on the tag in the infrastructure?

  • A. VXLAN
  • B. Ingress VLAN
  • C. Security Group Tag
  • D. Access Control List

Answer : C

How does AnyConnect provide highly secure access for select enterprise mobile apps?

  • A. Per application VPN
  • B. Secure Layer 2 Network Access
  • C. Application Visibility & control
  • D. Identity Service Engine

Answer : A

What are the competing IT and Operation Technology (OT) priorities that make securing IoT difficult?

  • A. Innovation vs. manufacturing
  • B. Hackers vs. safety
  • C. Malfunctions vs. output
  • D. Security vs. availability

Answer : D

Which two features are part of Cisco Web security? (Choose two.)

  • A. user authentication
  • B. device profiling and onboarding
  • C. URL filtering & dynamic content analysis
  • D. intrusion prevention
  • E. user identity tracking

Answer : CD

Which two products are involved in discovering, classifying, and verifying profiles? (Choose two.)

  • A. Duo
  • B. Cisco Security Connector
  • C. Industrial Network Director
  • D. Identity Services Engine
  • E. Advanced Malware Protection

Answer : CD

What are two solutions for Cisco Cloud Security? (Choose two.)

  • A. cloud data security
  • B. intrusion prevention
  • C. advanced network security
  • D. cloud-delivered security
  • E. cloud security

Answer : AE

How does AMP"™s file reputation feature help customers?

  • A. It enables secure web browsing with cognitive threat analytics
  • B. It enables point in time detection through a one-to-one engine
  • C. It increases the accuracy of threat detection with Big Data analytics
  • D. It increases the protection to systems with exact fingerprinting

Answer : C

Which two attack vectors are protected by NGFW? (Choose two.)

  • A. Mobile
  • B. Data Center
  • C. Cloud
  • D. Web
  • E. Email

Answer : BC

What are three main solutions areas for Advanced Threat? (Choose three.)

  • A. NGFW
  • B. Network Analytics
  • C. Intrusion Analytics
  • D. Threat Analytics
  • E. Malware Protection
  • F. Threat Defense

Answer : BCD

What is a key feature of Application Visibility and Control?

  • A. Retrospective security
  • B. Control of protocol-hopping apps that evade traditional firewalls
  • C. Scalable policy inheritance
  • D. Automated remediation APIs

Answer : B

Which two security areas are part of Cisco"™s campus & branch solutions? (Choose two.)

  • A. Network Analytics
  • B. Behavioral Indication of Compromise
  • C. Remote Access VPN
  • D. File Retrospection and Trajectory
  • E. Mobile Access

Answer : AC

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