Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure for Field Engineers Exam v8.0 (700-703)

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Which option describeswhat is included in theACIVXLAN header with which all tenanttraffic within the fabric is tagged?

  • A. Policy group (source group),forwardinggroup(tenant,VRF, bridge domain),destinationIP addressgroup, and source IPaddress group.
  • B. Policygroup (source group)forwarding group (tenant, VRF, bridge domain), load- balancing policy, andtelemetry policy.
  • C. Flow mapping of endpointgroupsto applications,Layers3 external identifiersand leaf associationof application profiles.
  • D. Destination IP address group source IP address group,forwardinggroup, load-balancing policy and telemetry policy.

Answer : B

All Tenant traffic within the Fabric is tagged with an ACI VXLAN (VXLAN) header which identifies the policy attributes of the application end point within the fabric
Policy Group (source group)
Forwarding Group (Tenant, VRF,
Bridge Domain)
Load Balancing Policy

Which aspect of an endpoint group contract is optional?

  • A. Action
  • B. Subject
  • C. filter
  • D. label

Answer : D

Explanation: Labels, which are used optionally to group objects such as subjects and
EPGs for the purpose of further defining policy enforcement
Reference: virtualization/application-centric-infrastructure/white-paper-c11-731310.html

Which option is used in ACI for peer communication and path recovery of virtual port channels?

  • A. ACI fabric
  • B. unicast VTEP
  • C. peer link
  • D. spine ports

Answer : A

To which layer of the OSI model would the ACI conceptsof policy, AEPand physical and

  • A. Physical
  • B. Data link
  • C. Network
  • D. Transport
  • E. Presentation
  • F. Application
  • G. session

Answer : B

Explanation: An override policy at AEP can be used to specify a different physical interface policy for a VMM domain. This policy is useful in scenarios where a hypervisor is connected to the leaf switch through an intermediate Layer 2 node, and a different policy is desired at the leaf switch and hypervisor physical ports. For example, you can configure
LACP between a leaf switch and a Layer 2 node. At the same time, you can disable LACP between the hypervisor and the Layer 2 switch by disabling LACP under the AEP override policy.

The layer 2 is Data link layer -
Reference: fundamentals/b_ACI-Fundamentals/b_ACI_Fundamentals_BigBook_chapter_0111.html

Which two statements describe how an attachable entity profile policy enables external connectivity? (Choosetwo.)

  • A. Associates internal VLAN pools to internal domains.
  • B. Associates external domains to attachment points.
  • C. Provides VLAN pool scope and maps external domains to leaf ports.
  • D. Provides VLAN mapping to physical spine ports.
  • E. Associates external VLAN pools to external VMM domains.

Answer : B,C

Reference: fundamentals/b_ACI-Fundamentals/b_ACI-

What is the maximum number of configurable vPC links in an ACI fabric?

  • A. 16
  • B. 8
  • C. 4
  • D. 2

Answer : A

Which REST operationsare supportedin the ACIfabric?

  • A. Post,Get,Delete
  • B. Filter, Post,Get
  • C. Label,Filter,Post
  • D. Get, Label, filter

Answer : A

The API supports HTTP POST, GET, and DELETE request methods
Reference: x/api/rest/b_APIC_RESTful_API_User_Guide/b_IFC_RESTful_API_User_Guide_chapter_

Where in the APIC GUI are device packages imported?

  • A. Fabric > Access Politic
  • B. VM Networking > Policies
  • C. L4-L7 Services > Inventory
  • D. L4-L7 Services>Packages

Answer : D

L7_Services_Deployment/guide/b_L4L7_Deploy_ver102x/b_L4L7_Deploy_ver102x_chapt er_01101.html

During ACIfabric initialization, both spine and leaf nodes request which configurations from the APIC cluster?

  • A. boot files and fabric name
  • B. tunnel endpoint addresses and boot files
  • C. tunnel endpoint addresses and fabric name
  • D. appliance vector and DCHP address

Answer : C

Which container is usedfor objects that require thesame policy treatment?

  • A. Contract
  • B. Tenant
  • C. Endpoint group
  • D. Layer 2 through layer 7 network polices of the application
  • E. Application network policy

Answer : C

Explanation: End-Point Group - (EPG) Container for objects requiring the same policy treatment, i.e. app tiers, or services

What is anapplicationnetworkprofileinapplication-centricinfrastructure?

  • A. UCSManagerConceptfor accelerated networkconfiguration.
  • B. Statefuldefinition of application requirements.
  • C. Stateless definition of application requirements.
  • D. Application network requirements dependent upon infrastructure.
  • E. Data-center-specific configuration of infrastructure.

Answer : C

Network profile: stateless definition of application requirements

Application tiers -

Connectivity policies -

Layer 4 7 services -

XML/JSON schema -
Defined-DC-ACI_Slovenija.pdfslide 25

Which bestpracticefor virtualmachinemanagementdomainsmust be usedin an ACI fabric?

  • A. Combine the endpoint groups that are associated with the VMM domains.
  • B. Combine the application network profiles that are used by both VMM domains.
  • C. Separate the VMM administration space across different leaf nodes.
  • D. Separatethe VLANnamespacewhen VMMdomainsshare a top-of-rack switch.

Answer : C

Which protocol is used by the ACI fabric to learn the location of ESX hosts?

  • A. Council of Oracles Protocol
  • B. Link Aggregation Control Protocol
  • C. Link Layer Discovery Protocol
  • D. Cisco Discovery Protocol

Answer : C

Discovery of Ports to Which VMware ESX Hosts Are Attached centric-infrastructure/white-paper-c11-731960.doc/_jcr_content/renditions/white-paper-c11-
In the example in the figure:
The AEP must be mapped to the ports.
The VMware ESX host discovers the neighbors through LLDP and communicates this information to VMware vCenter, which in turn provides it to Cisco APIC
Reference: virtualization/application-centric-infrastructure/white-paper-c11-731960.html

Which option describesthe ACI fabric information that is contained in the proxy station table?

  • A. Addressesof all hosts attached to the ACI fabric.
  • B. Addressesof all hosts attached directly to the leaf.
  • C. Globalcache of station endpoints.
  • D. Local cache of station endpoints.

Answer : A

Explanation: Proxy Station Table contains addresses of all hosts attached to the fabric
Reference: http://249459ec2cf8839ca4b8- s.pdf(See the table on the right on Page #25).

The ACI fabric provides decoupling of which aspects of the data center network?

  • A. Endpoint identity,IP addressing,and application profiles.
  • B. Endpoint identity,location,and associated policy.
  • C. Endpoint groups,location,and application profiles.
  • D. Endpoint groups,IP addressing,and associated policy.

Answer : B

Explanation: The ACI fabric decouples the endpoint identity and associated policy from the underlying forwarding graph
Reference: fundamentals/b_ACI-Fundamentals/b_ACI_Fundamentals_BigBook_chapter_0100.html

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